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Maybe the weakest so far., 28 September 2013

Although just as engaging and entertaining as the rest of the series, this plot has far too many holes to meet the standard set in the first season. Holmes' conclusions are too fantastic; his methods are highly questionable; his assumptions often factually incorrect; and his last source of information is pure magic. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come... But since this episode appears to merely set up future intrigue with the introduction of new old characters and an open-ended investigation regarding a larger conspiracy, the weak plot is almost forgivable, provided these implied story lines are developed further. I give the writers an "E" for effort, but a "D" for creativity and quality.

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How the Gru(inch) Stole the Moon, 20 December 2010

Where have I seen this plot before, and why is Carell mimicking Lugosi? Oh, yeah... Flip the scared dog character to a vicious dog character, and replace him with a million yellow marshmallows, change Boris to Bela, add some competition (instead of a beloved holiday) to raise the drama, and VOILA! You've got a whole new original movie! (NOT) I don't mind a new take on an old story, but I really felt let-down after watching the trailers that seemed to suggest this was a new & unique story. And the bonus features also seem to break their arms patting themselves on the back for originality. The film IS entertaining & amusing, but you don't need me or anyone else to tell you what happens - you've seen it at least once a year for your whole life. Either the cartoon version with Karloff's voice, or the live-action version with Jim Carey. Both of which I found more entertaining that this one.

Just another in the series..., 3 June 2009

Is this comment a spoiler? Well, I'm not going to reveal the real killer, but then again: neither does this movie. Just like Pearl Harbor & Titanic, this movie has nothing to do with the famous historical event in its title - it only piggy-backs onto that fame to pawn off another mediocre love story to unsuspecting male moviegoers who are looking for a date-movie with a little entertainment value. Unfortunately, this one is too convoluted & unsatisfying to qualify for any value, and it's too gory to be a good date-movie. If you want a satisfying movie in this vein, try Lonely Hearts - it's not only historically-accurate; it's actually ABOUT a relationship, and has a real link to the true story, but I don't want to spoil it for you!

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Not the originals., 14 February 2009

Although this disk contains fifteen videos for several popular songs, the videos are NOT necessarily the popular versions seen on early MTV. Most notably: I Ran (Flock of Seagulls) doesn't contain a single frame showing Mike Score's famous hairdo. In a Big Country (Big Country) & Barbie Girl (Aqua) appear to be original, but Cars (Gary Numan) isn't. Other titles include All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie), Shout (Tears for Fears), Tubthumping (Chumbawumba), All Around the World (Lisa Stnasfield), Walking on the Sun (Smash Mouth), Promises Promises (Naked Eyes), One Thing Leads to Another (The Fixx), Everyday I Write the Book (Elvis Costello), Hold Me Now (The Thompson Twins), All My Life (K-ci & JoJo), and Closing Time (Semisonic). A montage of trademark early-MTV clips introduces the videos, and each is preceded by a brief excerpt from an interview, usually with the original band members.

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Obviously flawed, 27 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While much of the material presented MIGHT be accurate, and all of it is certainly interesting to consider, I couldn't help be distracted by the opening segment's blatant omission of details that are obviously IN the Bible.

Much ado is made of the "fact" that the Bible doesn't explain Cain's wife, but it DOES. Not only are Adam & Eve specifically described as the FIRST people (not the ONLY people) god makes; it specifically says that Cain joined another tribe (apparently a tribe of PEOPLE).

The program goes on to make several wild hypotheses about the possible source of Cain's wife (including incest) which are not only unnecessary, but totally lacking in any believable basis. The fact that several "experts" spend so much time trying to explain something that's already explained makes their later opinions that much LESS valid as the show progresses.

So as interesting as this program is (and it IS), such a glaring error at the beginning makes the entire thing appear to be pure fiction.

12:01 (1993) (TV)
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GroundWHAT Day???, 10 January 2007

Don't let the premise fool you into thinking this is a rehash of Bill Murray's movie - this is a GREAT little story unto itself. It's closer to Office Space & Back to the Future than to Groundhog Day.

With a well-constructed plot & engaging characters, you can ignore the obvious writing & cinematography constraints of working on a TV budget. Watch for the pearls: Jeremy Piven & Marin Landau will sneak through with their organic performances if you're not paying attention. But everyone from the office dominatrix to the wiry assassin are well-developed; I even felt like "Mom" was part of the cast! So what IS the story about? A hard-working downtrodden everyday guy with a little tardiness problem. On the day that he FINALLY works up enough nerve to talk to the office cutie that he's had a crush on for longer than his mother can stand, she gets killed. And he has to watch it happen. ...again. And if he doesn't figure out what to say & do, he'll have to keep watching it. But the key is to figure out who ELSE is watching her, and why his interest in her has caused our hero to wake up Tuesday after Tuesday after Tuesday...

12:01 is definitely worth watching again, and again, and again, and...

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2-DVD Set, 31 December 2006

Volume 1 covers his life before he became president. Volume 2 covers all his terms as president, the time between, and his life from presidency to death. The story is engaging, well-written, and seems to be very thorough. The narratives by Richard Dreyfuss are distracting, though, because his voice is so recognizable. Anyone not familiar with Dreyfuss won't suffer from that distraction. I was surprised to learn the background of the Panama Canal that had not been covered by other documentaries, as well as by the relationships to the tycoons of the era, the changes in law, politics, & society all due directly to Teddy's unique style of administration. It was also interesting to learn how he singlehandedly cleaned up corruption in the NYPD.

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Over-analysis, 17 July 2006

The analysis is over - enjoy the movie, and stop trying to read too much into it! Not only is this the first movie to combine live action with animation, AND the first with a black star who's actually played by a black person; he plays ALLLLL the leading roles: live & animated. Sings ALLLLL the songs, too. And it's great! It's disgusting that Disney itself is banning one of the best movies it ever released. Walt would NOT be happy.

Slavery? There are no slaves shown. The only "bad" people shown are 2 white boys, and they're not important characters. Are there poor people & well-off people shown? Yes, as in any movie. Is there racial diversity? Yes, at least one white sharecropper family is shown along with the black sharecroppers. Is it historically accurate? Certainly not close to 100%, but certainly moreso than Pearl Harbor or Titanic. But it's not supposed to be - it's an animated fantasy with some live action.

Get over the BS that Disney is using to justify denying us access to this classic, and don't let them sleep until they re-release it!

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Nuthin' I like better than a good 'MOM' joke., 9 July 2006

No one will ever say this was a "great film", but it's still got plenty of redeeming qualities that place it far above most of the tripe Hollywierd is pumping out these days. An endless stream of subtle but hilarious one-liners ("Man, I was just on the toilet thinking' about you. Ain't life a bitch?" and "I guess he shoulda froze." "Well, it's not like we didn't tell him."), scene setups that have been copied to death for their comic potential (like the drying-out scene), and the cliché but still fresh presentation of a classic buddy-movie. Even the annoying characters (like Mom) are somehow entertaining in their own way. It doesn't surprise me that this title is conspicuously absent from rental shelves, but I, for one, will be glad when it's finally available on DVD.

PS I still find myself quoting this movie at least once a week: "No, thanks. I'm on a low-mucous diet." :-D

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A unique murder-mystery in which no one is innocent., 16 August 2004

The surprisingly rich character development is only one of the aspects of this film that make it one of my favorites. I feel I know not only the main characters, but also the supporting cast and even the era in which it's set.

All of them are fully fleshed-out and important to the story.

True to Conan-Doyle's style, and contrary to some other comments here, there are no extra elements - everything shown is a clue, especially the opening sequence apparently showing a shotgun suicide, but with a hungry corpse... Even the background dialogue adds to the reality of the plot and hints at what's really happening.

Despite being a long movie with stylistic still sequences and deliberately slow action & dialogue, Electra Glide in Blue is nevertheless a classic whodunit as proven by its steadfast popularity.

Too bad the original DVDs are so rare & expensive...

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