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"Continuum" (2012/I)
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Bad dialogue, predictable setup, 28 May 2012

This reminded me very much of the bad programming you see on stations like Syfy. The dialogue was awful, the acting is awful (although, to be fair, that's mostly the lead, Rachel Nichols) and the plot is awful.

As the story unfolded, I found myself more and more frustrated, largely because everything was so predictable or convenient. I'm sure the writers thought their ideas fit neatly together, but when looked at from the outside its just an unbelievable mess.

Then there's the lead, Rachel Nichols. I found her instantly off putting, to the point that I was actively rooting against her.

Don't waste your time with this mess, and take the other reviews with a grain of salt.

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Worst example of political pandering yet, 13 May 2012

In this episode, the writers lie about the origin of the tea party and its members, and carry water for Obama and the Democrats.

After watching, I was forced to once again wonder why the show spends so much time banging on one side of the political spectrum while totally ignoring things like the DEA cracking down on dispensaries.

Did they not do an entire episode on legalization?

So why aren't they calling their guy out on his lies? Why aren't they asking how the f*ck we ended up illegally selling guns to Mexican Cartel members, which were used to kill American citizens? Or murdering Citizens without trial, or why Gitmo is still open or, well you get the point.

Unless you like the taste of liberal taint, avoid the episode.