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These are movies that I have grown up with. That I have memories created around these with. I know and love these movies so well that sometimes I'll put them on as "background music" as I work around the house. These movies and characters are my buddies! lol
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This is a list of movies and TV shows (or episodes) that I would love to add to my own private theater library. Good list to look at for when Christmas and my Birthday comes around. *Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge* *Some of these movies and TV shows may not yet be available to buy yet!
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Classics. These are movies that EVERYONE has seen (if not, I pray for their souls) and either loved or hated. This list doesn't necessarily have movies I love myself but I can't deny that they have made (in my mind) an impact to people all over throughout the years.

I believe these movies will go down in Cinema History.

But then again I'm only 27...what do I know? ;-D
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This list of movies and TV shows are purely listed for their beautiful costumes, scenery, hair, make-up, and effects.
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There is no order of favorites in this list because each movie is special to me in different wonderful ways! Enjoy!
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These movies are ones I liked but left me wondering why they didn't make it better somehow in someway.
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Title speaks for it self I think...
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We'll see...
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Movies or shows I think I'll survive by waiting for it to be rentable. ;-)