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Disastrous!!!!, 26 September 2016

Finally, I've just saw Ghostbusters (2016) online and well, in the words of Bill Murray from "Scrooged":

"Oh my gosh! Does that suck."

Yep, I could've agree with you more!

This was disastrous, down right silly in certain scenes and most importantly, I didn't even laugh once! Even the cameos and the VFX from ILM didn't help at all.

What's really bad about it is that they had the entire 2 decades (from 1990s to 2000s) to get GB3 off the ground. All it ends up is all talk, script changes & which actor is on board.

For me, I'm one of the people who actually approved to reboot GB or even do a GB3 with using the characters from Extreme Ghostbusters. But it ended up in a different direction that none of us are happy about.

Casting was just plain wrong from day one. But to be honest, I never ever, ever, ever blame the actors or their performances. That goes to its writers and its director.

But "granted" Kate McKinnon is very attractive!!!

Between this & last year's Fantastic Four, we all saw this coming! from the casting to its direction of where its going. Now, us moviegoers are becoming very skeptic with film reboots. So now all eyes are on the upcoming Power Rangers film reboot.

One thing I've learned, PC or not, gender swap or not, when it comes to reboots both TV & film, either do it right & don't do it at all!

To every Ghostbusters fans out there who dodge this bullet in theaters, I applaud you!

Spend you time watching the original & its sequel and the animation itself.

And thank you Paul Feig for ruining a classic!!

Who you gonna call? Someone else!!

Ghostbusters (2016): 1 out of 10!

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Too campy, Too PC, Too awkward & Too jovial for me, 18 April 2016

Although (and granted) it was good attempt on bringing Supergirl to TV, the show itself is too campy, too PC, too awkward & too jovial for me. The cast did an amazing job. Hats off to Melissa Benoist & the rest of the cast for their performance but THIS Supergirl was more cheerful and more of a pacifist than the brash and defiant personality she has in the comics. Also they used the same plot device that was used in both Arrow & The Flash (2014)

For the rest of the cast,

Alex is (believe it or not), a scene stealer and more of a Supergirl than Supergirl herself. It's the 3rd TV adaptation to have an original character as a main character.

Winn (Toyman) is the 2nd character that is in actually (soon to be) a supervillain since Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost) in The Flash (2014)

Jimmy Olsen was.... So So. though i did like his Signal Watch.

Cat Grant.... This version, she has an ego the size of Apokolips. VERY COLD. I'm surprised Kara put up with her.

J'onn Jozz was the only reason this show is improving but slowly.

Lucy, Gen. Lane & Max Lord was also decent.

Good moments: Omegahedron, Martian Manhunter, The Flash (guest starring), the villains (Reactron, Silver Banshee, Livewire, etc.), The Superman alum: Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort (2 ex-Girls of Steel) and Dean Cain, decent fight sequences. Less on Superman.

The Flaws: Pointless speeches & life lessons, a "Team Supergirl" (ala Team Arrow & Team Flash), Supergirl working for the DEO, chessy dialogue, being PC, Vartox, Red Tornado, Maxima, Jemm & Indigo are the villains (in actually are the heroes), Supergirl being careless by revealing her identity, having her suit man made, Supergirl trying to be like her cousin.

All in all, this show was campy, jovial & fluffy for my taste. Even Mars' last survivor & the Scarlet Speedster couldn't save this show. However, IF they do get a season 2 (minus the flaws), it should be respecting the source material, make it relevant, twists, good fight sequences, dialogue. no plot devices & better character developments, the show would be a little better.

I gave Supergirl a 2 out of 10.

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Decent!, 28 March 2016

The episode was decent. The chemistry with Barry & Kara was fun & awkward at the same time. The villain team up, their...... Revenge Squad (based on the Superman Revenge Squad) was OK despite the fact That Cat Grant created 2 supervillains & not owning up to her mistakes. WHAT AN EGO! The problem thought-out this episode is continuity. The last Flash episode, "Trajectory" would have been a connection to this episode. the last five minutes would've shown Flash ran passed the Mach 3.3 mark & open a portal between alternate worlds (e.g. Supergirl universe).

Overall this episode was decent. It's NOT really worth the wait (besides Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice WAS worth the wait). But it's decent.

Because of The Flash guest starring, I gave this episode a: "4" out of 10.

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Spectacular & Historic, 13 May 2012

This film is not only spectacular but its an "historic" superhero feature film at its best. This is worth the wait. Hell, this was worth the wait 7 years ago when it was first developed. Do we really think this will be in development hell? This is The Avengers "EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES!" This is something what has NEVER been done before & Marvel has got there finger on the pulse. In 1998, a minor marvel character featuring a human/vampire hybrid made it way to the big screen. In 2000, a group of mutants evolved into the box office. In 2002, was the year of the Spider.

After Daredevil, Hulk (Ang Lee), The Punisher, Elektra, Man-Thing, Fantastic Four & Ghost Rider, Marvel Studios would start producing its own films and distribute them through Paramount Pictures & the funding will come from a seven-year, $525 million revolving credit facility with Merrill Lynch. The result led to the creation of the "Marvel Cinematic Universe". Sounds cool, right? It was. No, really, It F***in' was. Iron Man made its motion picture debut, The Hulk got rebooted, Thor & Captain America have "FINALLY" got the Big screen treatment. Then came a huge shift in the Marvel universe.... Marvel Entertainment is now owned by Mickey Mouse.

Amazing. Disney let go the Power Rangers franchise & bought Marvel.

But after everything from comics to TV & film Marvel has put out it comes to show just how far they come as a company & knowing the fact that the biggest supporters (including me) are the fans. That is why they CAN NOT Disappoint us. Yeah, we complain about story lines, costumes & special effects, But if they stay true to the comics, the films would have done its justice. But i know deep down, Marvel Studios will always put out films & stay close to the material. So, what i've said earlier, was it worth the wait? Yes. Yes it was "definitely" worth it.

Marvel Studios, the cast & crew of The Avengers did an amazing job & on the Marvel Cinematic Universe & i can't wait to see what comes next.

Now if DC & Warner Bros. step their game up, we would like to see the Justice League into the big screen.