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What people wanted to see ? A+ Actresses, 15 May 2016

Josh Hewitt says as the title of his review ''Better than the previous one''. And i definitely agree with him. I go watch that movie on a boring afternoon, in fact, my boss give me some time off, i had work too much. And to celebrate that, i go to the theatre watching Winter's War, the story of The Hunstman from Snow White story... it's a new tale, and not a fairytale this time. It is not really gory or violent but i was impress, the battle sequences were very well done, the comedy factor was also there but not too much and the dwarfs (we got two) were awesome and funny.

As for the acting, all of the cast do a good job... i read many things about this film. Like Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth receive the same amount of money. I'm mad at this because Charlize is in the film for not more than 15-20 minutes while Chris is always on screen physical like the 6'4, 220 pounds beast that he is. Jessica Chastain is the one that shines as she look innocent and not really the main character at first, but Emily Blunt is also another very good and interesting choice in the casting. She is always bringing her A game and she is phenomenal. Both beautiful and talented. It is my dream to see all theses actresses together. Emily Blunt looks so similar to Charlize, and is also tall.

I recommend the film to people who love adventure and fantasy films like Ladyhawke or Red Sonja. But don't take it too seriously and don't have high hopes, you won't be disappointed !

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Honest review... Martha to win Oscar in 2017 !, 28 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So far for the title, it's a joke. Martha (Diane Lane) and Bruce Wayne's mom in the film are both called Martha, and thoses who seen it, will understand my joke !

I put spoilers alert, but i don't say much, i am much more on the actors, the music and direction of the film.

Now, stop with the non-sense... why I enjoy this film ? When some internet geeks on YouTube tell you in a 45 minutes video not to like this film. Simple. DC is a universe I admire. There's tons of effort and good will in this film. I enjoy Nolan Films, but i'm much more of Tim Burton films and the Gotham TV Series to me respect a lot better the Dark Knight world than Chris Nolan. Who still did a terrific job, no doubts here.

Let's start like this... BEN AFFLECK... AFFLECKMANIA.... Simply ''BEN''. More than 75% of comments were negatives when they announce him as the new Bruce Wayne... who will have you prefer ? Daniel Craig... George Clooney back ? There can be other good candidates but to me Ben Affleck is more effective in the sense that he aged... he still looks good and he damn sure give the best performance yet as The Batman.

Henry Cavill, the Superman ! The most underrated actor to me, of all times. He is never giving up on the role and it pays now. He really is The Superman, Clark Kent as well. When i see him with his goofy glasses, i laugh for a while. He know what he had in front of him and he is not gonna lose it to someone else. I won't be surprised to see Cavill doing a lot of films and even more than ''The Icon'' Christopher (RIP) Reeves.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince,Wonder Woman does a good job with what she have on paper. She is not the center of the film but she is really important. And it will helps when she get her film. She reminds me of Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment, as sexy and as mysterious as she is. Don't get me wrong, i'm not telling you she is the new Meryl Streep but she is a good action actress and make believable the role she gets.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. At first i was not sure. He is one of my less favourite actor of the whole film. He end giving one of the best performances of all time, easily the #1 Lex Luthor... he is crazy, psychopath and he will go in a great direction with the next few films. Eisenberg is officially Luthor. I can compare it to Danny DeVito in Batman Returns. Very good performance and believable !

Supporting cast is A+... Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Amy Adams, Tao Okamoto, Holly Hunter. I have nothing to say about them, they are amazing every time they are on screen. Quick cameo by ''The Comedian'' Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Wayne's Father, i dig it !

Zack Snyder, your director... with the experience he got with Man of Steel and if you like it, you know what you're ready for. HE is very talented to tell a story. Many did not like his approach ? I like it. He don't waste time, sure when it's needed we see long dialogues, but I was never bored.

I think what many dislike of this film is the lack of comedy act. Here, you won't have 1 hour of comedy skit, 1 hour of war against robots and 30 minutes of romance... no it's a pure superhero against superhero hate with lots of flashback (that were needed) and cool villain.

THE CAMEOS... Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg... they all look good and will have their single movies as well if they don't screw up productions... the way Wonder Woman discovered them was fascinating. Like some detective film.

The Score... the very intelligent score by Hans Zimmer (Dark Knight Trilogy) and Junkie XL (Deadpool). i have been listening to the score before and after seeing the film, and it's even better after. My favourite themes are ''Is She with you'' aka Wonder Woman theme... ''This is my World'' that is also used a little bit in Man of Steel. ''Men are still good (Batman Suite)'' is also pretty good listening.

I saw the film in Ultra AVX D-Box 3D... yup it cost me over 20$ for the ticket. I would never never experience a film as complete as this one. The 3D is pretty cool, i'm not a fan of 3D films but in the first 10 minutes of the film, i already say to my friends ''Hey proper use of the3D, huh!'' which they respond ''F*** yeah !!!''

The running time of the film may seem to be long, 155 minutes, but i would have taken 180 anytime with that kind of directing.

Again, i speak 100% french, so sorry if you did not understand all of what i've said. I pro mess to be better when Justice League and Wonder Woman finally arrives in theatres ! :)

The Boy (2016/II)
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Watchable... but forgettable. watch Housebound instead., 28 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Many people have already spoken... and I had to watch the film before saying something... I saw Housebound during Christmas... i saw this tonight... my first thought.. Housebound except the character is a killer... with a doll mask... so how he can eat ? this movie is a little bit stupid... if you watch Housebound, the guy steal food and was about to survive and no one knows he was there... There's a great mystery with the doll sometimes but it sounds obvious where they are going since there's no ghost or doll that moves... To me The Boy is a disappointment, i like the main actress and that was about it... the scares are rare and not really effectives. i was bored a little, still the end is kinda cool... it seems like it's what people did not like, and it's what i like... wait for the DVD or blu-ray or better on TV for free because i'm glad i just spent 5 pennys to see this... at the regular price of 12,50$ i would have been rubbed.

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The best Hugh Grant film i've ever seen + not a happy ending., 9 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First i must say i am not the biggest fan of Hugh Grant acting. I find him good in Love, Actually... Nothing Hill and recently in The Man from U.N.C.L.E... what i have to say is that we finally have a serious actor here. An actor that seems to love what he is doing again. Like the old days when he start in the UKs.

This movie is all about art, literature but explain not in a boring way but in a smart and funny way. Our protagonist, Hugh Grant is a loner, alcoholic, he is divorced and has not spoke to his son since a year.

Here, he start by developing a romance with a young student about 20 years old (yeah he is really 50+) but really he don't look like a 50 years old man. I had to check here in IMDb because i was thinking he was like 43-44. So, his romance start and secretly, but soon many will knows and it won't help our ''anti-hero''.

He need that ''kick in the arse'' to get back on track on his life, and he start to enjoy what he is doing. I love where they go with that film and i also love the non-happy ending Hollywood like to give to us. Sure, it is more of an independent film but it is very professional and i'm impressed also by the acting of Marisa Tomei and J.K. Simmons. Recommended.

Krampus (2015/I)
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The film you did not know you need to see this year ! Krampus !, 12 December 2015

Listen, i don't know a lot about Michael Dougherty other than he made ''Trick R Treat'' a good fantasy-horror film divided in three stories, and it was done in a great way that it makes Tales from the Crypt look like something written by a child.

Here, 2015 surprise of the year to me with ''The Guest'' and ''The Gift'' this year, is ''Krampus''. I did not know that this movie will be that good. In fact, i go watch the movie in theatres with little to no excitement. I love Christmas and horror, but the mix of the two is very strange so i don't know. But at the end, i was... oh my god give us sequels Dougherty !!!!

Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner and the always great and underrated Conchata Ferrell (Two and a Half Men) stars in this horror-comedy-suspense-fantasy film you did not know you have to seen this year ! It's a tale about a boy who has a bad Christmas ends up accidentally summoning a Christmas demon to his family home. Like the IMDb short story says. But the fun start at the beginning with the Black Friday extravaganza and all theses over the top people that we do remember in our own family or neighbours... then you meet this family lead by Collette and Scott, two talented actors who make a good couple together. Colette is as usual very funny in her way and do all the things a ''perfect'' family will do to impress... and when that family comes, lead by David Koechner, the fun never stop... it looks like Home Alone, Christmas Vacation at parts and Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th at other times...

when i read the budget at around 15 Millions i could not believe... because there's ton of great effects and lots of imagination...

that movie is nearly perfect, there's a little part i was bored but it's about 5 minutes in the whole 100 minutes films. watch it ! You won't regret !

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I must say, i cried every minutes, it's fantastic !, 28 November 2015

Living this experience was fabulous. Every character of my favorite childhood show is back to life. It's like living your childhood for 90 minutes again.

Snoop(y) is as usual, the show stealer.. .Woodstock makes me laugh every time he appears and I should say he had a better role than the past movies.

Charlie Brown, how can you not like him. He makes a lot of mistakes and want to be the absolute best. In this movie, there's a new character, The Little Red-Haired Girl AKA Frieda, Charlie loved her but cannot even speak to her, and it's funny in every ways...

I waited 3 weeks before seeing this film in theaters, i should not have wait a minute. It's a perfect film for the whole family.

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Best use of a Kanye West song, and Michael Shannon best role yet ?, 23 November 2015

I saw this movie on a Sunday afternoon and I was happy to choose that film. It's a Christmas comedy that sounds like a film with all the cliché. But no ! Instead it turn out to be a very original Christmas over the top comedy film with three buddies who reunite during that time of the year to have fun, party and do all the funny thing during Christmas, new year's eve time.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie star in this film and it must be a first to me, i did not hate any of them. Levitt laugh of himself in the very first seconds as an elf in an hotel and he really got it. Seth Rogen maybe at his best in a while, because yeah he is the stoner but also at the edge of a new life... a daddy. But the funniest thing is that his wife give him a gift (and it's full drugs) haha. HE looks and act like he really did eat, smoke, etc.. theses things.

Anthony Mackie is good as usual but he may be the underrated one here as he really show his comedic skills without being too cocky even if his character his, he stay the most human most of the time.

BUT, what really impress me in that movie is thoses two things...

1- Michael Shannon, i thought it was a cameo but he end being in the film at least 25 minutes and stole every line of the film.

2- Kanye West song at the beginning in that toy store, imagine the movie BIG with Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia scene, it's that scene but with our three main characters, it really give a good tone to the film, awesome song !

Also, it's a huge homage to the Home Alone films. Which is something i really enjoy because it is made in a funny and not to overshadow the 1990 5 star classic film starring Joe Pesci, John Heard, Catherine O'Hara, Daniel Stern and Macaulay Culkin.

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Underrated, 18 November 2015

I saw many comments telling it is killing the DJ Scene... in fact it's not true. Not as much as films about hard rock star who only look like junkies who cannot play music without the help of poison (drugs, alcohol, smoke, etc...), in fact this film is good for that reason, It's real life. Just comes out with a good song, get to know the good people and your career start ! Also, in this film you see that theses DJ are the new rockstars, they can put on a lot of a show, and the good ones, know their music.

Zac Efron stars in this film with the criminally underrated Wes Bentley (American Beauty, American Horror Story). and they both make for a good pair. You also have the chick with the big boobs, i don't remember her name but i can tell you one thing. Max Joseph from the show Catfish direct a good movie that should be seen for what it is... a film about what the DJ scene is all about and how to become that ultimate star. Cool cameo by a few DJ like Nicky Romero and Alesso... i also suspect that the guy Wes Bentley represent is Deadmau5 who did not come with a good hit in over 10 years and still believe he is the big thing because he is on every big show, even if his performances are horrible to worse !

The Guest (2014/I)
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6.7/10 only ????, 18 November 2015

The Guest is one hell of a ride.

How to describe all of this ? Drama, Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller...

You cannot say it's either one of them, it's all of them at once.

Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey), Maïka Monroe (It Follow), Sheila Kelley (L.A. Law), the excellent and underrated Leland Orser (Taken trilogy) as the daddy all star in this amazing film directed by the talented Adam Wingard (You're Next).

The idea is as you read on this site: ''A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.'' But how all of this happen is just... wow too much amazing. You have to seen this to believe it ! I did not at first.

I have seen two underrated film this week, this and Heist starring Robert DeNiro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and i can tell you one thing, both are awesome in their own ways !

Heist (2015/III)
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Just plain dumb fun (and good acting), 18 November 2015

I read many reviewers or people in the board trying to say it's a bad film... ignore them. It's 95 minutes of pure dumb fun. But in a good and entertaining way. The acting from all the cast is good. Robert DeNiro screen time may not be as much as i would like to (i would say 15-20 minutes) but he is good every minutes of it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as your main actor is very good, he is not doing a bad job at all. This is by no mean a small budget, approx 22 millions. and they got a cool main villain in Dave Bautista (Batista to all of us WWE Wrestling Fans). To me, he is better as an actor than a wrestler and he found his niche. He is convincing and act crazy most of the time because his character goes from a guy wanting to do an heist to a guy that want them all to die. He is good in this.

Gina Carino is not my favorite, i loved her in Haywire but that's about it. Here, she is OK in her role, the fact is that the director seems to know how to put on a complete film even if it's not the most intelligent so far.

I have seen two underrated film this week, this and The Guest and i can tell you one thing, both are awesome in their own ways ! 9/10 may be too much but for an action thriller, it deserve that.

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