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American Horror Story: Hotel features what went on in the shady Chateau Marmont. A hotel devious for all kinds of supernatural phenomenon. Obviously the already missed Lange isn't coming back but we've still got a whole cast to appreciate!
"If you must get into trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont"
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Operation Top Hat is in Session. Take a journey to the killing fields of Nevada where all types of experimentation are game. Whether you're a protester or an "out of this world" test subject, you will be silenced to keep Operation Top Hat in session.
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Elm Street has become abandoned with no more families to be haunted by the infamous Krueger. It's decomposing remains have been bulldozed away and transformed into an upscale suburban neighborhood. Three families that have recently moved into their gorgeous new homes are unaware they have a guest. A guest who should be unwelcome and be kept far away from their children.
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Of course, we all know who will be returning for #3. Yet there are still a few positions to fill for example, the Sinister Six have not been named yet. Hopefully the real cast will do a justice. P.S. MJ Watson will not be on this list because I don't think it's her time to show up in this series yet. I feel Betty Brant is more suited and will be a comfort to Peter.
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There are so many young actors and actresses on the rise. But which of them will make it out alive with a standing career? 12 actresses, 12 actors, who will win?
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I know Annie hasn't been released yet but already I see talent that could very well do a justice to this film. The current cast does look very promising. Enjoy!
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Okay, let me just say the cast of the Addams Family was just full of great energy. But let's say the directors went another way. Enjoy!
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First off, let me just say that Hathaway and Hudson really rocked their roles. It was a pretty good cast all and all. It takes a certain group of actors to give off that romantic comedy vibe. Enjoy, please comment and tell me what ya think :)
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Hitchcock was a pretty alright film, however, i felt it was missing that eerie feel that you usually get from a Hitchcock film. I also felt that they only scraped the surface of the chracters. They should've gone deeper with them, Vera Miles especially (Not that Jessica Timberlake didn't give a good performance). I felt these actors would've made the film an extra serious feel. The actual cast I must say did do an excellent job. Please comment and tell me what I should do for the next alternative casts.
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American Horror Story's season 4 is most likely going to be a carnival/circus theme. From what I've gathered, this may be what AHS season 4's cast will turn out to be.
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Names have been going around back and forth on who the next supreme witch on coven will be. Who do you think or want it to be?
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The cast was an okay one, I just felt it could've been a little more star studded. Enjoy!
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The first name list of ABC actresses that will be most memorable in hollywood.
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A 2006 gore train of a disturbing 'X-Mas' eve among a group of sorority girls. This re-casting is considered as more of a 'look-a-like' list.
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Another re-casting of an irreplacable cast! This one was really tricky! Please Comment & Enjoy!
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A Re-Casting of Ridley Scott's Prometheus. Just Clarify though, these re-castings aren't because I thought the cast did a bad job, I just do them for fun/"What If" Scenarios. Please Comment & Enjoy! P.S. The original cast was amazing! Noomi, Idris, Michael Fassbender & Charlize were irreplacable! Many of the re-casted actors were actually considered for the roles.
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Good god, a cast that needs to be re-casted. I feel particularly this cast would've done a much finer job. Please Comment & Enjoy!
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Alternative Casts involving having films re-casted in a "what could have been" type of way. Hopefully I cast them to where they that click to it. Please comment and tell me what you think!
I thought Lena Headey totally owned her part in this movie! She is an amazing actress
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An upcoming 2015 horror-flick that follows after the events of Frankenstein and Dracula. It surrounds the Brides in the shadows and their flaming revenge for the creators that made them into monsters.
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The Black Lagoon, is a soon to be film to be released in 2014 as a semi-sequel of the 1954 original The Creature From The Black Lagoon.
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A re-casting of the 1998 slasher flick Urban Legends, Enjoy and please comment! P.S. Sarah Michelle Gellar was actually considered for the role of Sasha but turned it down due to other filming
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A year or so after the fourth installment of the scream series. Two Girls and their younger brothers are murdered in a drive-in theater. This sparks a series of relations to the woodsboro murders bringing Dewey Riley, Gale Riley, and Judy Hicks on the Scene. Meanwhile, Sidney has taken Kirby Reed and her brother under foster care after Kirby's Parents died in a car crash on the way to the hospital back in 2011. Ghostface still lurks in the shadows, stalking his victims and killing them off one by one as the mystery begins to unfold of what kind of game he is playing. (Revised)
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What is a supposed List of the soon to be Bridesmaids 2 Cast A.K.A Housewives with some description. Hope it gets made!