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"Time Eater", 22 January 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Soldier", a tattooed Nam vet and ex-cop (Lamas) gets on his Harley and goes after the psycho Hillbillies in the swamp who killed his parents and kidnapped his sister. This action movie with Gore and humor has a few things going for it. It has an aqua cycle, a killer in the bear suit and a scene where a woman swallowed a whole snake! With Josie Bell, Robert Scott, as a psycho hillbilly named Junior and Welcome Back Kotter's Ron Palillo as a gay arsonist and Rockability Legend Ronnie Hawkins as a friendly biker. The title is the name of the heroes Marine Squad. A sequel was filmed at the same time. All in all a very mediocre B movie with Lorenzo presences barely keeping it afloat. The opening song is quite good and very 80's like.

The Silly Willies, 8 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a weird film. Really more disgusting then scary. Case in point: a deep fried rat in a bucket of fried chicken!, a poodle put in a microwave by a demented old senile lady to "dry" him off! A poor old man scared to death in a amusement ride! Wow, so scary...NOT! Sean Astin with his brother and cousin take turns telling so-called scary stories, but they are anything but. The two main stories include a variety of stars.

Dana Ashbrook was wasted in his brief cameo a customer wanting a bucket of chicken. Bill Erwin, Kimmy Robertson and Doug Benson are also totally wasted in a brief mini-story about a old man scared to death in a poor man's Haunted Mansion amusement ride.

In story one, Kathleen Freeman did real good as a mean teacher, Ian Fried also did okay as a little boy being bullied and crying monster and no one believes him. of note: one of the bullies that tormented Ian, was none other than Jeremy Miller, 'Ben Seaver' of "Growing Pains" fame. James Karen had a nice part as the mysterious janitor with a very deadly secret. Clu Gulager was completely wasted as the principal of the school. I was really disappointed with that because when I saw his name and James Karen in the credits, I was expecting the funny chemistry they both had in the cult "Return of the Living Dead" film where they both had great parts. Here, even though they both were in Story One, did not have any scenes together.

In Story Two, Michael Bower was cast very well as the strange and weird over-weight boy no one likes. His parents were good also especially Mike Pniewski as his mean and tough dad. A interesting pair of cameos were done by none other than Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold, also of "Growing Pains" fame, in a nightmare scene that Michael has in which he is watching Kirk and Tracey on TV in their "Growing Pain" roles of 'Mike and Carol Seaver'! Story Two was a very weird and disturbing sequence that seem to go on for too long and with a very predictable (and unsatisfying) ending.

All in all a very disturbing and weird little film. Could have been way better but it was low-budget at it's best. Still, if you can "stomach" it, (there's even a very disgusting and disturbing scene where a asthma inhaler is full of worms! YUCK!) I recommend you at least watch it once. It's that weird and disturbing.

"I've Watched it a Thousand Times", 5 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently re-watched this classic on it's own. Because the 1st time I watched it was back-to-back with the original, "High Sierra". Big mistake. The original one with Bogart & Lupino is one of my all-time favorites and watching this remake right afterwards did not help me appreciate it the way it deserves to be.

This remake actually is good on it's own merit. The original will always be the "better" version for me but this remake is not bad at all. Let me break it down...

Palance's take on 'Mad' Dog Earle was very good. Palance is no Bogie, but he gave the role his own unique touch. And besides, who better than Palance, at the time, to take the role that Bogart made his own. With his sinister visage, Palance brought a different take on Mad Dog than Bogart's. I really got to see this second time around as I revisited this film.

Winters take on 'Marie' was not bad either. Lupino I believe did it better but Winters held her own. I especially liked her Samba dance moves. And her 'I wanna die' scene. She had okay chemistry with Palance. But I feel Bogart & Lupino had more.

Lori Nelson's take on 'Velma' was right on par with Joan Leslie's. And you can actually believe Palance falling for her rather than Winters 'Marie'

Lee Marvin's take on 'Babe' was not bad but Alan Curtis was better. Curtis had the handsome bad boy look and Marvin just looks bad and mean. Curtis you could believe got Lupino out of a club but Marvin taking Winters, nah.

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez plays 'Chico'. A very Mexican stereotype role. In the original, his was named 'Algernon' and it was played by Willie Best in a very black stereotypical role. I really dislike the scene where Lee Marvin's 'Babe' kicks 'Chico' and makes him fall and thinks it's funny. Gonzalez really has nothing to do but be a servant to Palance and his gang and not much else.

Lon Chaney Jr. as 'Big Mac'. Great casting. He did a great take on the role made famous by Donald McBride. It was so great to see Chaney and Palance together.

Earl Holliman as 'Red'. Not bad but Arthur Kennedy's was way better. Holliman played 'Red' like a good ole dumb country boy while Kennedy's was like a grown-up Dead End Kid, like a Billy Halop. But still it was nice to see Holliman and Marvin want-to-be gangsters.

Perry Lopez as 'Mendoza'. It was okay but Cornel Wilde's was way much better. The scene where Palance tells a "bedtime story" of what happens to guys who talk to much was handle way much better with Bogart and Wilde.

Howard St. John as 'Doc Banton' was very good. Actually just as good as Henry Hull's take on it. I especially like the way Howard looks at Palance when he talks about 'Velma'. Howard's look is priceless.

Ralph Moody as 'Pa'was really good also. Almost just as good as Henry Traver's take. I really liked his scenes with Palance talking about 'Velma'

James Millican as 'Jack Kranmer'. It was really good. Almost as slimy as Barton MacLane's 'Jake Kranmer'. But I prefer MacLane's.

Richard Davalos as 'Lon Preisser' was not that bad. You can see Nelson's 'Velma' falling for Davalos pretty boy. In the original, played by John Eldredge, the spelling was 'Lon Preiser'

In the part of 'Pard', the dog in this one was cute but Zero in the original was way, way much better.

Now as for the unbilled bit parts, these are the ones that stood out for me: Nick Adams as the 'Bellboy' who is so nervous he can't stop shaking the tray with cups on it was memorable. Paul Brinegar as the bus driver who says the funny line "Just like a woman, doesn't know whether she's coming or going." Mae Clarke as Mabel Baughman, really concerned about her daughter and who and what is Palance is all about. Hugh Sanders as her husband was somewhat wasted in a very small bit role. A very young Dennis Hopper has a funny scene as Winter's dance partner. Hopper is drunk and horny and is pushed down by an angry Palance as he gets to frisky and comfortable with Winters. Hopper would have a better and bigger role that same year along with Nick Adams , in the now famous cult film, "Rebel Without a Cause." Dub Taylor as 'ED' the gas station attendant talking briefly with Palance was a nice one. and a couple of Three Stooges foils were also on board. Big Mickey Simpson and Robert Williams. Williams had a more showy and longer role than Simpson's. All in all, a great film just for the cast alone. Don't miss it. Just don't see it back-to-back with the original.

Stripes (1981)
Was Almost Titled "Stoners"..., 26 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was originally conceived as a vehicle for Cheech & Chong. Even a nine-minute sequence was filmed in which "John and Russell" characters take LSD and accidentally end up on a mission to fight rebels in the Colombian jungle. Columbia Pictures thought it was the best scene in the film but Ivan Reitman deleted it because he felt that it did not fit the film's tone. Plus Murray & Ramis are no Cheech & Chong and the drug humor would have been more appropriate with Cheech & Chong. And according to the DVD special features, Ivan Reitman has also stated that the reason this fell through was because their manager insisted (without the pair's knowledge) on a 25% share of Reitman's next five films, which he wasn't willing to give up or do. The script was then rewritten for Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, and most of the "stoner" humor was shifted to the "Elmo" character played by Judge Reinhold.

Part of a mini-cycle of Hollywood movies made during the early 1980s centering around military cadet training. The pictures include: Private Benjamin (1980), Up the Academy (1980), Taps (1981), An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), The Lords of Discipline (1983), Heartbreak Ridge (1986) and Full Metal Jacket (1987), Biloxi Blues (1988)and Cadence (1990).

I truly believe this film influenced An Officer and a Gentleman in many respects. The story of two "loser" friends in basic training, the two woman they fall in love with, the rebel cadet versus the tough sergeant. All there. While Stripes is stupid/silly comedy, Officer is way more serious. And while Murray and Ramis are friends before they join, Gere and Keith becomes buddies once they meet inside. Soles and Young in Stripes are M.P's, Winger and Blount are local girls trying to snag an officer. Plus I also see Hollywood knew a good thing when they saw it because Stripes made unexpected millions , so Hollywood had Taylor Hackford make a real serious "Stripes" per say and make money. The gamble paid off big time as Officer and a Gentleman was the blockbuster that summer of 1982.

It also must of had a major influence at least in one scene to Stanley Kubrick as he used the same situation scene in the latrine in his own military film , Full Metal Jacket (1987) According to Ivan Reitman in the DVD Commentary, Columbia Pictures wanted to cut out the scene where Sgt. Hulka and John Winger have a confrontation in the latrine. They felt the scene was 'too serious'. But Reitman insisted that it be left in to truly establish Sgt. Hulka's strength and authority. Kubrick used that same situation but to a more deadlier effect.

I also want to say that what while it was great to see Murray and Ramis with director Reitman, pre-Ghostbusters, it would have been awesome to have had Dan Aykroyd in there also. He could have easily done the John Larroquette role or the John Diehl one. and to some extent the John Candy role. maybe Aykroyd was busy filming with Spielberg his Indiana Jones cameo, or just didn't ,understandably, want to play third banana to Murray and Ramis. Either way Larroquette, Diehl and especially Candy did a great job in their respective roles. I like that Candy even invoked Curly of the Three Stooges in the mud wrestling scene, doing the same mannerisms of Curly Howard when Curly would get upset and mad.

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"Robbery in Tijuana"!, 20 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is about the robbery of the most expensive horse in the world, 'Excalibur', at the famed hydro-dome in Tijuana, Mexico. A vicious and deadly Mob leader named "Santino" (Victor Junco), who controls all the bets legal & illegal, decides that he must have the prized horse at any cost.

He knows the only man capable of such a feat is his old war-nemesis, "Felipe Segura" (Mario Almada). A widowed veteran who now lives a good clean life with his son "Beto" (Paquito Cuevas) and his devoted singer/girlfriend "Sonia" (Rosenda Bernal) Santino knowing that Felipe would never would go for such a scheme, decides to kidnapped Felipe's son Beto and force Felipe to comply or Santino will kill his son otherwise. Felipe has no choice and decides to enlist his two old Korean war buddies, "Joe Pantana & LeMok" to help him to carry out Santino's plan to steal "Excalibur" in order to get his son back unharmed. Problem is his buddies are not doing well after all this time. One is a alcoholic and the other a drug addict. But Felipe can't think of anyone else to the job with.

The always great and reliable Mario Almada does a good job as he always does in these type of films. Rosenda Bernal is OK as his singer/girlfriend but all she has to do is sing a couple of songs and look pretty. She does kill one of Santino's main henchmen in one scene when she discovers that Santino has betrayed Felipe. Paquito Cuevas has nothing to do but be kidnapped and he only comes alive when he decides to escape and it has disastrous results.

Humberto Luna as Felipe's best friend "Raul" gets done in by Santino's main evil henchmen, Noé Murayama , because he will not give Murayama the whereabouts of Beto. They eventually do get it out of him but at a high price for Raul. He gets his leg shot up so bad he will never walk again. Luna is a very funny actor but here he is not able to show his comic abilities at all. He basically has a thankless part and is side-lined very quickly into the story. Murayama does once again a evil guy as best as he can. He was a truly great actor but was always given the bad guy parts. In almost every film I have seen of him, he is the evil bad guy. All he does here is tug at his beard and sneer, A waste as always of this great character actor.

Victor did much better as "Santino" the main bad guy and Mob leader. A perfect antagonist for Almada. With his rich, deep voice, he made Santino even more slimy and sneaky. A great role for a wonderful actor.

And last but not least I had to mention Toño Infante. Yes, he is related to one of Mexico's dear & beloved iconic idols, Pedro Infante! He is his nephew. And ironically he looks more like his uncle Pedro than Pedro's own son Pedro Infante Jr.! But here in this film Toño has a non-speaking role as one of Santino's henchmen that is led by Murayama. He has little to do but stand around and holds a gun and shoot a little and that's it. I take it, it was one of his early role because this was a wasteful and thankless role for someone with the Infante name. But I guess they all paid their dues in the beginning. Even the great Bernabé Melendrez has a little part as one of Santino's truck driver's. Melendrez would later be the star in his own straight-to-videos films later on playing basically what Almada was playing now.

Well not a bad film but not a great film either (Has a downer of a ending). It has just enough stars and future stars in it to give a look. It was done in 1980's so no CGI whatsoever. If you want to see a horse taken away by a helicopter, then this is the film for you. Plus at the end, you get to hear a complete rip-off or a variation (however you look at it) of the "Chariot's of Fire" theme as Excalibur runs free on the beach preceding the bloody massacre that just happened.

"Kidnapped USA", 8 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This pseudo-documentary style film failed to disguise the disjointedness of it's narrative. This case history of a crime begins in the great outdoors. It was filmed in Clorado Royal Gorge Park. A sick young boy with asthma runs away from camp after being scared by the nurse at the camp (a young Felicia Farr who made her feature debut with this film as Randy Farr) The boy is 'helped' by a strange man (Ralph Meeker) who then kidnaps him and proceeds to blackmail the boy's wealthy father.But then the the boy accidentally dies in a fall from a condemned forest lookout tower where the man had put him. It's a very disturbing scene as Meeker finds the dead boy and he remains ice cold and callously just throws the dead boy over a cliff of rocks below. And because the body id never found, Meeker can only be convicted on a extortion charge.

The story then shifts gears entirely turning to prison drama which was filmed at the Cascabel Island facility. The plot now focuses on four cutthroat convicts: Broderick Crawford, William Talman, Lon Chaney Jr., and a young, super ripped muscle bound Charles Bronson. With the "extortionist" now called the "Ice Man" because of his stone cold stare and demeanor, is thrown in with them. A breakout is planned, of course, with their target the hidden $200,000 ransom money Meeker hid away before being arrested. The escape is successful but their is a falling-out among them and two gang members are killed. A gun battle ensues with the remaining gang and one more is killed and the remaining are arrested once again.

All in all not a great film but what a great cast of convicts! Especially Bronson stood out. After his big breakout role opposite Alan Ladd in "Drum Beat" a year before, Bronson was relegated to the sort of supporting 'heavy' roles he had done so often before in this black-and-white supporting feature. As in "My Six Convicts", his tough physiognomy lends itself well to the inside of a prison. But director Howard W. Koch and scriptwriter John C. Higgins gave him the short end of the stick by killing Bronson off once the prison escape had been effected. His death is a grisly one also. Crawford orders Talman to use a blowtorch on Bronson's face and fingers to obliterate any means of identification in a effort to distract the police. All in all , I had never seen Bronson so 'cut' in muscularity. I bet that for the time , 1955, the was not a single body builder at that time with a ripped torso that Bronson presented in this film. Had he been competing , I bet he would have been winning like crazy. Bronson had muscles on top of muscles!

I was so glad to finally see this film. What a great and tremendous cast. The characters were depicted very brutal as to anesthetized all sympathy and their savagery is minutely explored by the director Koch, in a manner that leaves one shocked yet disinterested. The melodrama provides a fair amount of entertainment, plenty of violence is featured throughout in some rather chilling scenes but it fits the tough characters involved with which the story deals. Meeker did a great job as a cold-blooded crook nicknamed "The Iceman" by Crawford. Talman , Chaney and especially Bronson made great members of Crawford's gang.

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"Trick Movie or a Movie Treat", 1 November 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was really looking forward to seeing this based on the trailer I had seen a few days before Halloween. I even skipped watching my regular Halloween Marathon of watching the original John Carpenter's Halloweens with the late great Donald Pleasence as the formidable Dr. Loomis going after Michael Myers.

But when I finally saw this film I was very disappointed. Don't get wrong some scenes were dead on and the creepiness in some were right on but they went nowhere with it or it would just abruptly just end and go on to the next tale!? Like I said some Tales were good but others very bad and boring. I fell asleep halfway thru this thing so that tells me how bad it really was.

The 1st tale "Sweet Tooth" was not bad. Not good but not bad either. It had Greg Grunberg and Barbara Crampton in very small bit cameos as a couple who comes home and discover some dead kids in their living room. That's it! What a waste for these two actors. They were in what I call throwaway roles that any extra could have done. But the story of a Candy Demon was executed well. It was creepy and scary at the same time.

Instead of going all over the ten tales I will just say who I recognized and did not see at all. The late Ben Woolf had a good role as the kidnapped Rusty in "The Ransom of Rusty Rex". It was his final film appearance. he died in real life of a head injury obtained while jaywalking on a Hollywood, California street. He was struck in the head by the side mirror of a passing car. The two actors who 'kidnapped' him were Sam Witwer and Jose Pablo Cantillo. Witwer and Cantillo co-starred as a team in this picture. But years earlier they both guest starred, but not together, on "The Walking Dead". Witner had a very small bit part as a zombie in the tank in the Pilot of the show in the 1st season. Cantillo had a much larger role in the 3rd and 4th seasons of the show. as the Governor's main henchman. But once again were wasted I felt and it was Woolf who seemed to have more fun as some demon child who gets back at his surprised kidnappers.

Lin Shaye I did remember seeing and she was in one of the one tales I liked, " Grimm Grinning Ghost" and it has a a very effective jump scare at its culmination. Adrienne Barbeau's role in this film is a obvious nod to the same radio host D.J. role she played in the movie "The Fog"(1980). But I feel once again cheated because she was wasted big time. But it was nice to hear her and see a little of her. There was also Kristina Klebe from the new Rod Zombie's Halloween. And a original cast member from the original Nightmare on Elm Street films, Robert Rustler.All I can say about Rustler is wow I didn't even recognize him at 1st. He looks nothing like when I 1st remember him from the "Weird Science" film where he and Robert Downey Jr. are the bullies . Man how time ages you. I don't recall seeing directors John Landis or Joe Dante at all. Don't remember seeing Barry Bostwick at all. Unless he was the Devil/demon in the tale "The Night Billy Raised Hell". If that was him, he was hilarious and scary at the same time. I don't recall seeing Caroline Williams who I remember from the old Texas Chainsaw film part two. Adrianne Curry, who I remember from The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady, had a small bit as a carjacked victim but was wasted also. Plus two more actors I know John Savage and Lisa Marie, I don't even remember seeing them also. Must have been when I fell asleep. All in all not a film to see at the theaters but at home with friends and enjoy it that way. Otherwise beware....

Mr. Rock and Roll Detective, 24 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just recently revisited this film and one of the reasons I saw it was that I prior had recently read a comic book mini-series, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane." It was published a month before the actual film came out. Instead of an 'adaption' or even a series of "further adventures" of our hero, it was per say a "prequel"to the actual film. I enjoy that fact because the 1st time I saw this film, it made no sense to me but with the comic book mini-series, you could become familiar with the characters before watching the film. It also provided a great deal of background for the story: how the main characters met, how they all wound up in Los Angeles, and why they're all on the periphery of the record business.

Andrew Dice Clay was perfectly cast. His Fairlane is like a Elvis Presley/John Travolta's Sweathog Vinnie Barbarino/Rodney Dangerfield type guy all rolled in one. He even parodies Travolta's classic line from Saturday Night Fever, "My hair, my hair!" in one scene. He's obnoxious, crude, rude and vulgar but he gets the job done.

Wayne Newton as the main bad guy Julian Grendel was good casting. Newton has some of that same 'shark' smile that Jack Nicholson has as a evil type of guy. He plays it well and seems to have fun with part.

Priscilla Presley did good as an icy millionaire Colleen Sutton who hires Ford for a job. It was interesting casting here for me. Since in a way Clay was 'aping' and imitating to some extent the King himself, Elvis. And it was very interesting to me to see the scenes Priscilla had with Andrew as she looks at this actor "imitating ' her late husband.

Former Time member, Morris Day had a cool bit as Ford's friend but to bad he didn't get a chance to perform or sing a song. Lauren Holly was perfectly cast as Ford's 'assistant' and off/on girlfriend, Jazz. She was sexy and right on target, just like in the comic book. Maddie Corman as Zuzu Petals' did a okay job. I just thought her name was very interesting and what it means for movie fans: it's a a reference to It's a Wonderful Life (1946). In that movie, George Bailey's daughter, Zuzu, had brought home a flower she had got at school. She show's it to her father and complains that some of the petals are falling off. He puts these in his pocket. Later, when he "has never been born", he reaches into his pocket and Clarence the Angel, says, "They're not there." "What?" asks George. "Zuzu's petals." Gilbert Gottfried was another perfect casting as DJ Johnny Crunch. He looks just like in the comic book. To bad he had a small part in the film because in the comic book he was more in the story. David Patrick Kelly was wasted a minor bad guy named Sam. He was just around for Ford to kick around. Towards the end he turns 'good' by helping Holly's Jazz but by then , you don't care. Brandon Call as The Kid was perfect casting. He and Clay had very good chemistry together. Robert Englund was miscast as Newton's number one hood named 'Smiley'. He had a weird British accent and weird wardrobe. but it made sense when I read that Robert Englund replaced singer Billy Idol who had been cast as Smiley but had to pull out of the role after a near fatal motorcycle accident. Englund, who had previously worked with Renny Harlin on A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988), was personally asked by the director to take over the role after Idol's accident. Also wasted somewhat was Ed O'Neill as , once again, a cop who butts heads with Ford. You get somewhat a laugh seeing O'Neill do a Disco Booty dance however. Music stars Sheila E. , Tone Loc and Vince Neil make brief appearances but not that memorable at all . William Shockley had a cool part as one of Wayne's killers. Got his butt kick by Holly's Jazz. Kari Wuhrer, Delia Sheppard and Pamela Adlon (Seagall) wasted also in very brief bit parts. Tall Jordan Lund has a brief funny bit as a tourist with his family who runs into a very rude Fairlane. and Cindyana Santangelo (in her film debut) as a uncredited bit as a corpse named Lydia who Fairlane bobbles around in the hearse he stole and trying to fight off Englund's bad guy. She has one line which is funny because Ford thought her dead and it turns out she was just passed out from all the drinking she had done with the morticians she was partying with and Ford freaks out when she wakes and he runs away scared.

All in all , if you can , read the 1990 DC comic book mini-series first and then watch this film. It will make way more sense and the film will be a better viewing experience. Other wise beware!

Sea of Loneliness..., 16 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a great little "comeback" for Pacino. He had not done a movie in four years! (1985's Revolution)I had seen that "Revolution" and it was bad beyond belief. But here in this one, Al finds redemption.

His character doesn't really evoke a hero, because he is a cop who drinks and just goes thru the motions since he is on a 20 years on the force and planning to retire. He is somewhat of a washed-up drunk and you really can't feel sorry for him and no wonder his wife (a deleted Lorraine Bracco) left him for a more stable man(Richard Jenkins) a fellow cop that works at the same station Pacino does. But there in lies the magnificent performance of this fine actor of Pacino as he is. He makes you despise the guy but at the same time root for him to catch the killer.

Ellen Barkin just oozes sexiness like never before seen in her performances. She stole the movie for me. She was just that great and real. She and Pacino had great chemistry. To bad they didn't work together more. It would be close to 20 years when they would work together again in the same film.

John Goodman as a fellow cop and sidekick of Pacino was just excellent. They both had a real chemistry. Too bad they didn't do way more work together.

Michael Rooker as always plays a very good mean, racist and not to friendly guy. They cast him because of his performance in "Henry:the Portrait of a Serial Killer" William Hickey had a great cameo as Al's dad. He has a great line in which he recites a poem his wife, Al's mom, wrote for him. Al uses that same poem and it attracts the woman on the dating service.

John Spencer had but a small role and all he did was basically smile at Al's requests and small talk. Christine Estabrook had a nice small role as a innocent girl looking for love on the dating site and being used in more ways than one. Still looking beautiful at her age and at the time, Patricia Barry had a also a small but sad part as a older woman still looking for love. Luis Antonio Ramos, Samuel L. Jackson and Damien Leake all had bit small parts and were memorable in a scene where they are being busted at a sting operation. Leake was spared because Pacino let him go when Leake brought his little son and Pacino didn't have in his heart to bust him at the moment but will later. Tom Wagner has a nice little bit as ,once again, a bartender. And Angel Ramirez has a uncredited bit part but it wasted in the scene.

All in all a nice little sexy thriller but very predictable film. But still worth watching for the nice cast involved.

"A Perfect Murder", 20 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A straight-to-video Police drama story. That has Mexican Icon Mario Alamada in a supporting role even though he is giving top-billed star credit.

It starts off like another run-of-the-mill Narcos Drug dealing bust, but then turns into a a nice little soap opera like thriller/drama. Alamada plays a retired police detective who is now a successful crime writer. He discovers that a recent murder, which is hitting on a personal level, is ironically mimicking one of his best selling novels called "A Perfect Murder". So he feels he has to get involved since the killer is basically following the book on every level.

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