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Kameleon 2 (2005)
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Brings back memories, 13 December 2006

Now, this isn't the best movie ever. At times, the acting isn't great. At times, it feels like a comedy of errors. It contains some very unlikely scenes (hello, even a jet-powered Kameleon won't get you over a 5 meter wave).

But that all doesn't matter; watching the movie is like reading a Kameleon book: fun and entertaining. The movie captured the feeling of the Kameleon books very well. If you enjoyed reading the books, you'll enjoy the movie! Because once again Hielke and Sietse, between being busy causing trouble, always come to the rescue. Saving animals, saving lives, and in the end saving the day.

The Wild (2006)
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The Theme Park Company, 14 May 2006

I fear that soon the Walt Disney company will be known as that company from the theme parks. Because they really should stop producing movies. The story is rather thin. But there are some great movies with flimsy story lines; it is just poorly executed.

I went to the movie with my two children, 3 and 5. They didn't laugh once. My 3 year old was scared at some points; somehow Disney (or the company they use to make the movies; I can't keep track) only can build tension by loud, horror-like scenes. I wouldn't recommend the movie for anyone. For really small children there are parts that are too doomy, for the somewhat bigger children it is too boring. Something else I noticed is that Disney, despite being the family company they portrait themselves as, made this movie filled with rude behavior. I'm not talking about poop humor, kids like it, but the characters (friends) slapping each other around, is just senseless.