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A ambitious, and endearing story, but a flawed one. Martian is a one time watch., 3 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay I am going to be in the very small majority that didn't love Martian, and believe me after reading the rave reviews etc, I really tried to love it but maybe it the sky high exceptions, made the film a okay/good watch at best .My theory for not loving the film is exactly what Matt Damon's character says in the film "we got to science the heck out of this", meaning for me the film had too much science, numbers, etc, I didn't find that kind of stuff that interesting this time around in Martian, but its surprising because, I thought Interstellar was amazing, maybe that was the Nolan affect, I don't know. But the film was still fairly good in my eyes, because,just think how hard it would be to be survive on earth if you very left with almost nothing and stranded on a deserted island.Now forget about earth, and think about the same conditions but on mars. Yeah its like a million times worst. So Martain does make for an endearing story, and the VFX in the film is simply amazing. The films starcast is also something to marvel over with the likes of Matt Damon,Jessica Chastain,Jeff Daniels, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. But as I stated above I had problems with the film that muddled my experience, but more on that later.

Story wise the film is about NASA astronaut Mark Watney, and how after a storm hit Mars, his team has to leave back for earth, but Mark gets hit by a metal object in the wind storm, and is left on Mars, after his team thinks he is dead. Mark however survives, and soon figures out through the help of his botany expertise how to survive on Mars for a long time. Soon NASA realizes that Mark has survived also, and they try in which ever way to help Mark, but it will take at least 400 days before they can send someone back to Mars to get him back home.The rest of the story is about if Mark can survive on Mars, and make it back to earth safely.

Acting wise the whole ensemble was pitch perfect. Matt Damon leads the way in one of his career best roles, his character is very endearing, and one feels like routing for him. Jeff Daniels has become the every so dependable actor and proves it again in this film. Chiwetel Ejofor is great, and his reaction in the rescue mission is priceless. Out all the NASA team members Jessica Chastain gets the meatiest role and is good.

See I believe and this is just my opinion so beware, that if your not into science or a science geek at many junctures your going to be left dis interested while watching Martain. The film gets too much into the nitty gritty science facts numbers etc , and at times it feels like the film is not moving or nothing interesting is happening. For example you felt bad for Damon's character, and when he grew crops etc you were amazed but after a point you feel as Damon's character has adjusted to Mars and has no desperation. Also a lot things happen in the film really easily like when Mark finds the camera etc.The film has so much dialogue at one point you feel like the film is moving at snails pace,the film definitely needs a shorter length. But Martain also has many amazing features. Like the VFX for example is outstanding, Mars, and space never seemed so real, and beautiful. The films beginning, and especially climax are great, and the whole Damon, and Chastain scene in the climax will get your heart pounding. There are many scenes that evoke some laugher, and many scenes where you feel like clapping when Mark comes through with a break through on mars. And films is very detailed in all its research, the films crew definitely did its homework.

Overall all negatives withstanding, watch Martian because one can see the kind of ambition that went into this Ridely Scott directorial, and there are enough good things in the film like the VFX, acting, climax etc to warrant one viewing, just don't go in the cinema hall with huge expectations.

3.25/5* or 6.5/10

Puli (2015)
Puli is strictly only for Vijay fans, rest wait for the DVD of this amateurish fantasy film. The film did have some OK VFX, and good comedy., 3 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Expectations for Puli where humongous, some where in peoples minds especially after watching the trailer they where excepting Puli to be on Baahubali's level, but such expectations in most cases end up disappointing the viewers. And sadly this is the case with Puli. However Puli isn't a bad film, both if you look at the film in accordance to the fantasy genre then, Puli is a very amateurish film. I know not many Indian films have ventured into the fantasy genre before, but thats not a excuse Puli can use , the film had a budget of 100cr+ , and the best Indian technicians worked on the VFX. Puli also boasts of a star cast which includes Superstar Vijay, but even he wasn't utilized to his full potential, he could of at least pleased his fans. Even the big stars likes of Sri Devi and Sudeep have been wasted. But don't get me completely wrong I enjoyed parts of the film, like the comedy etc, but on the whole the film is ambitious, but its also very clichéd, and backed by a poor script, and a slow pace,but more on that later.

Story wise the film is set in a fantasy world where demonic people named Vedhalams rule the land that once normal humans had in there control. They rule 50+ villiages, and one of those villages is where Marudheeran is born, he was found by the village chief Vembunathan in the river as a newborn.When Marudheeran grows up he has a lot of vengeance towards the Vedhalams who killed his foster sister at a young age, and he sees how the Demons rule the land by forcing the villagers to pay tax or face death. But he hides pain in his comedy and laughter. Until one day the Vedhalams kidnap his wife, and kill his father. Marudheeran then swears to finish the Vedhalams reign. But for that to happen he has to face up against the witch queen Vedhalapuram and her strong commander in chief Jalatharangan. How Marudheeran combats the queen and her evil reign is what makes up the rest of the plot.

Acting wise Vijay is at his comic best for the most of the film, but in the climax he pulls up his socks and performs some kick ass action. Sri Devi was good,but she only appears in the film after the intermission, and her role could have been better written. Sudeep play the typical villain with elan. Shruti Hassan and Hansika Motwani add the glamour quotient.

The first half of Puli acts as a comedy, and while its effective in getting laughs, it not what you except from a film which is supposed to be a Magnus opus. In the second half the fantasy element kicks in, and there are a couple of good VFX scenes like the turtle scene, the panther fight sequence, and the intro to Sri Devi. But most of the VFX was very unimpressive,like the one eyed monster etc looked very amateurish.And the story was that of any regular masala entertainer, clichéd, predictable, and not good enough for a film of this magnitude.The films length also needs to be chopped.

Overall Puli is a amateurish attempt. at making a good Indian fantasy film, the film had nothing special about it all. But the Director Chimbu Devan's ambition needs to be applaud because he tried something different, and a couple of sequences were okay, and I also had some good laughs in the film too. However Puli is a film that will please Vijay fans mostly, the rest wait for the DVD to release.

2.5/5* or 5/10

Guilty (2015)
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A brilliant investigation drama, gets into every small detail of the Arushi murder case. One of the years best films., 3 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The "Arushi murder case" has become a legendary story in India now, everyone you meet has there own theory, on who is the murder and why they did it. But as things stand today Arushi's parents rot in a jail cell for her murder. Like many others I have also used Wiki too look up the case details way before Talvar was made, so I went into the film thinking I know everything about the Arushi Murder.Well all I can say is that,"you know nothing John Snow" well jokes aside what I meant is that this film just blew my mind, with its new facts, its detailing, and almost complete unbiased approach. Rarely do you see Hindi films that are made like Talvar, a investigation drama, that doesn't leave out any detail what so ever. Therefore by the end of the film we know everything about the case, and can make our own judgment. And I must say even though we knew what the films ending was,Talvar still has so many suspenseful and thrilling moments. However a lot of things you see in the film leave you totally disgusted, especially the way cops handled the case but more on that later.

Story wise the film is about the Arushi Murder case but the girls name is changed to Shruti in the film. The film deals with the double murder of 14 year old Arushi and her 50 year old servant Kempal, who was the first accused of the murder of Shruti until his body was found by the family a couple of days after Shruti's body was found. The film shows a detailed investigation of the murder case and how the local police first accused the parents of murder, but after there botched up rushed case is brought to the forefront the CDI (aka CBI) is brought in.CDI investigator Ashwini Kumar takes over the case and starts to unravel his own truth of how he thinks, two servants Rajpal and Kanniya murdered Shruti. His investigation makes up the crux of the plot.

Rarely do you see so many superb performances all in one film but Talvar is a great expectation. Irfan Khan is excellent.Neeraj Kabi and Konkana Sen Sharma are superb.Sohum Shah is great. Gajraj Rao and Sumit Gulati are hilarious. The films ensemble cast is just amazing, everyone acted brilliantly even the smallest actor.

A film like Talvar gets me thinking that how can India have such, out right dumb, and stupid cops. For example in the Arushi case as shown in the film cops ruined the whole investigation, the didn't collect any forensic evidence, they let people trample all over the murder scene, and they rushed through the case and blamed the parents for honor killing(like come on seriously). Seriously I have only scratched the surface when it comes to the case atrocities, and the media deserves a lot of blame too for the trial by media, and there sensualizing of every small detail. The CDI was also not be left behind with some dumb investigation of there own, and whats with the cops, and CID trying to look out for each others reputations etc in young girls murder trail. Have some heart no and give a fair judgment.

But all these misjudgments in real life made from the amazing stuff in the reel life in Talvar. I must add that the film has some amazing dark comedy too, i found myself laughing aloud many times. But works for the film foremost is the way the Director Meghna Gulzar gets into every detail of the case, and the way the investigation proceeding go on it feels like the audience is a part of the case. And by the end of the film you are not only forced to think, but you cringe thinking of the outcome of the parents. I must add though the film is a little biased towards the parents in the case, and thats the only negative.

Overall rarely have I enjoyed myself as much as I have while I watching Talvar, its a film that challenged me while I watching it, and thats something I cherish in a great film.Therefore Talvar is a truly thought provoking film. And its easily one of the best Hindi films of the year. Its just sad that the film might get a niche audience in India, because this film is a must watch,its some damn brilliant work that deserves global recognition.

4.5/5* or 9/10

Sicario (2015)
This US vs the Mexican cartel action thriller, is one of the best films of the year., 2 October 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have you ever wondered how people like Osama Bin Laden or El Chapo come to power, and become gang lords, and then are killed/arrested at a timely convince. Well Sicario has a theory of all things mentioned above, one may say its a conspiracy theory etc but like they say there is no smoke without a fire.But all withstanding, what I saw on screen felt like a true story, and it was thought provoking. Sicario is a dark, and eerie tale about what happens just a couple miles away from the American border in Mexico. Daily many innocents Mexicans die due to the cartel drug war. And Sicario highlights the cruel killings, and how one needs to combat the drug lords.

Rarely do you see a film that from the first frame not only does it engage you but it takes you into the nail biting action which is happening on screen.Numerous times I had my heart pounding, and jaw on the ground from action and suspense unfolding on the screen. Simply put Sicario has the best performances, and dialogues I have seen in a film this year. Film of the year? Well its in contention for sure.

Story wise the film talks about the escalating drug war the Cartel are engaging in on American soil. After FBI agent Kate Macer invades a house in Arizona and finds about 40 dead bodies which are collateral from the Cartel drug war, she is recruited by the a government agency to take down the real players of the drug war. This agency is lead by two men Matt Graver, and Alejandro a columbian man. These two men target Manuel Diaz because he can lead them to the kingpin of the cartel because he is right hand man of the kingpin( Diaz lives in the USA, and fronts as a business man). After arresting Diaz's brother Guillermo on Mexico soil in a operation, he leads them to a tunnel used to transport drugs from Mexico to the US.How this tunnel leads to Manuel, and his boss is what forms the rest of the plot.

Acting wise Benicio Del Toro is just mindblowing good, I thought Johnny Depp for Black Mass was the best performance of the year, but Del Toro gives him a good match. A Oscar worthy performance for sure. Josh Brolin is superb. And Emily Blunt is fantastic, she shoulders the film at many junctions.

Its difficult to find any negatives in Sicario, because even the smallest details have been dealt with beautifully. The films pacing is a bit slow, but the concluding 30-45 are adrenal pumping no stop thrill and action, so that makes up for any pacing issues. Sicario being such a great film has many positives them being the dialouges, especially the ones mouthes by Del Toro,two dialogues in particular where "time to meet god", and "the wolves are taking over, and you wont be able to live with wolves so leave"(in the context of the film, there are mind blowing). Secondly the films acting which i mentioned above. Finally the film is the definition of what a perfect action thriller must be, the film is extremely detailed, its has a dark atmosphere, the way the film highlights the cartel violence, and how the Americans have a hand in the drug trade, is also handled perfectly. In short in Sicario content is king, and the script and screenplay are amazing. A special mention for the absolute amazing pre-climax sequence, i got my tickets worth in just those final minutes.

Overall over the years Denis Villenue has become one of my favourite directors, and with Sicario he only solidifies his title. The film is a must watch, because if you don't watch it now, you will after seeing its Oscar nomination list because its just that good.

4.5/5* or 9/10

Umrika (2015)
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A heartwarming tale about how a brother looks for his America bound brother. A very raw and realistic film on India., 30 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watching Umrika at the VIFF this year has made up for the disastrous Beeba Boys. After getting a lot of critical acclaim in the festival circuits I was very intrigued to watch Umrika, but at the same time I was a little wary that the film might end up being a very indie artsy pseudo intellectual film. But thankful Umrika stayed very faithful to its subject, and showing a very realistic India. Umrika highlighted how poverty is in India,how people struggle to make ends meet, and how parents invest heavily in there children for a better future in a very realistic manner.Umrika's main crux is of how Indians, and especially those of the lower/middle population look up to America as place where lives are made, and how if one makes it to America its a dream come true for a working Indian. Dealt in a very simplistic, but detailed manner, Umrika tugs ones heart strings, and makes people realize how privileged we are. It also must be said that Umrika is film were the main protagonist is not on selfish mission but he is just trying to make his mother happy(like his father) but more on that later.

Story wise the film is a about a boy named Udai who in the beginning of the film is leaving for Umrika( aka America) his parents are very proud especially his mom who's dream is coming true, he has young brother named Ramakant who is too young to realize what is going on. Udai's family is a very poor one, and they live off what they make daily. Udai's moms only solace was in the letters he would send from the US, and whenever he would forget to send a letter she would trouble the household. Eventually years pass Rama is in his late teens, and after his father dies in a accident, he finds out while inspecting his fathers belonging that his dad was sending letter on the behalf of his brother. Dumbfounded Rama, starts wondering what happened to his brothers all these years, he then making some excuse to his newly widowed mothers goes to the city to find out the truth of Udai. What happened to Udai, and where he is now forms the rest of the plot.

Acting wise the film boasts of many good performances, but Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi fame steals the show the with a great mature and restraint performance. Smitha Tambe leaves a heavy impact in her mother act and Rajesh Tailang is also very good. It was also nice to see Prateik Babbar in special appearance.

Umrika doesn't really have any major negatives bogging down the film. But the minor issues I had with the film is that I found the film pretty predictable, whatever twists or surprises the film had I could guess them miles away, so the film lost a bit of its novelty for me.I also found that at times I was missing a emotional connect with the characters, therefore even in the saddest scene I was left dull at times.But all minor blemishes aside the film works for many more reasons. The film is set in 70-80s India, and everything around the setting is pitch perfect. Whether it be the clothes, the dialect, the houses etc everything felt very real and raw. The films screenplay is very engaging, and Umrika is probably one of the most realistic films when it comes to portraying India, in thought, and in setting. And I'd like to highlight that the mother characters,and the way she is towards her children, and family etc is spot on.

Overall I have seen many films on similar subjects like Umrika, but this film is a very different take, on the obsession to go to America. I found the film high enjoyable and real, but for the right audience, aka a western audience the film can open there horizons, and enlighten them about a true part of India.

3.5/5* or 7/10

Beeba Boys (2015)
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Beeba Boys is just plain bad, a film Indo-Canadian's wish was never made., 27 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1.5/5* or 2.5/10

Beeba Boys was my first viewing experience at VIFF this year, and what a disastrous start.I was actually happy thinking I would see a film 3 weeks before its theatrical release, but little did I know. First let me just say as an Indo Canadian who was born and raised in Surrey B.C. a film like Beeba Boys is a complete sham, and disgrace at all levels. I beg the makers of the film to please show me one so called "Indo-Canadian gangster" who sells drugs in a classy three piece suit, like what the heck was that, we are not in the 1950s, and were not Italians.Being a fan of director Deepa Mehta a film like Beeba Boys was very hard to digest, I mean where is the film maker that made films like Water,Fire,Earth, and even Mid-Nights Children. Beeba Boys to put it nicely is a out right horrible film. The film has no coherent story, there is no script, no screenplay at all. What we see is a bunch of Punjab men running around in suits, disgracing the Sikh community, by selling drugs( doing drugs) and shooting people for no apparent reason. The film is so faulty I just don't know where to start. But more on that later.

Story wise the film is about Jeet Johar and his Beeba boys, that consists of about 5 other men. The Beeba boys are Indo-Canadian drug dealers based out of Vancouver B.C. These so called gangsters are regarded as "Messiahs" in the lower mainland Sikh community, kids think there are cool, and make these boys there idols because they are still fighting some type of oppression against the dominant European descent community( Like come on seriously, its 2015). The films main crux is about a war between two drug lords Jeet Johar, and Robbie Grewal.As both groups start killing key members of there crew, Grewal Ji sends in his man to infiltrate Johar's Beeba Boys and become a member.The man Grewal sent was named Depu, and what happens once he becomes a Beeba Boy is what forms the main plot of the film.

Acting wise there was definitely no outstanding performances, but I mean without a coherent script and characters three actors still did well without any backing. Those being Randeep Hooda, Gulshan Grover, and Warris Ahuwalia.

Beeba Boys is a rare film, where there are so many negatives in the film I can't possibly highlight them all but let me get to the main points. First the film has no clear story, and no character development at all. We don't know the reason why these boys are gangsters, why they sell drugs, and we don't know what the reason of the gang war is, people are just shooting each other without reason.The film solely mounts itself on a couple of set pieces, and some dark comedy. BB at one point has so many characters running around without any intro that you just get plain confused and there so many dumb sub plots like the johar white girlfriend scenes.And don't get me started with the films inaccuracies from the clothing, the way the Indo-Canadian's talked etc, like did the director do any proper research. I mean the films ending and climax twists are another level of garbage all together. The film was so torturous at times that during the end reels the film felt like it was going at snails pace.The only minor things I liked about the film was the stereo typical jokes about the Sikh community ( dads a alcoholic,son lives at home, etc) and the film was shot well,with some stylish props, like nice cars etc.

Overall Beeba Boys is a film that you should not watch at any cost and believe me you will thank me later. The films so bad it turns into comedy by the end.Its a film Indo-Canadians especially those born and raised in BC wish was never made because its a disgrace. I really wonder what happened to director Deepa Mehta, has she lost her groove, well hopefully not, and Beeba Boys is just a bad nightmare for her.

I am going with a extremely nice (most of those stars are for the actors) 1.5/5* or 2.5/10

Everest (2015)
A visually stunning film, but Everest has it's flaws.What could have been a epic film is still a great watch., 25 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The first thing that struck me in Everest was the films huge grandeur which was evident when one watches the trailer, and having a star cast which consists of Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin,Keira Knightley, is also a huge plus. However what the film ends up being in the end is what I call a "spectacular mess". Spectacular because the film has some of the best visuals I have ever seen on screen, whether it be the 3D or not, Mount Everest just looks so beautiful, at times one feels like that there actually at Everest. The films sound quality is also superb, I watching the film in a normal theatre, but it felt like I was seating in a IMAX theatre. However I call the film a mess because Everest being a human drama, at times has almost no emotional connect with the chrarcters,we hardly know anything about them excluding one or two characters, and the film has way too many characters to follow which gets confusing at times, but more on the positives and negatives later.

Story wise the film is about climbing the most deadly (read hardest)mountain ever created,Mount Everest. Many have climbed and succeed but 1 in 4 people who climb Mount Everest end up dying on the way. Everest was just not made to conquer. Everest therefore narrates the true story of how a man named Rob Hall, and Scott Fischer together tried to take there two groups of climbers to the top of Mount Everest and back. Rob we know had a wife, and a baby girl on the way. This expedition took place in 1996. Many groups from different countries tried to climb Mount Everest around the same time, but the film follows these two groups, because they were the only ones to make to the top successful. However when the groups starting coming down, a horrible storm hit them, how they handle the storm is what makes up the rest of the plot.

Acting wise from the whole plethora of actors only a couple make a impact in there act.The first being Jason Clarke who is in fine form,he wins your heart in the films 2nd half when he wouldn't leave Doug by himself, an amazing job.Josh Brolin is superb as Beck, and ones feels like clapping when he wakes up in the pre climax. Jake Gyllenhaal has a smaller role compared too the others actors, but he leaves a major impact, and performs well.

With a film like Everest one needs to feel for the characters, and for the most part thats not there, and with so many characters running around the film can get a little confusing at times. Also at the same time when Everest turns into a suspenseful film in the 2nd hour, one isn't clutching his seat enough, or feeling enough tension for a film of this calibre. But let me be brutally honest even though Everest is plagued with issues the film still succeeds in being a good film, I say this because I was cheering whenever a person made it safely to base camp from Everest. One feels like there watching hero's on screen. And like i mentioned earlier the film is made on lavish scale, the visuals, the sound, is some of the best I have seen in a film ever. You will be in awe of Mount Everest's beauty.

Overall all blemishes withstanding, I highly recommend you watch Everest because you have probably never seen a film so visually beautifully before, and most importantly the film talks about a true story of real life hero's who lost there lives while climbing Mount Everest, watch it for them to know there story.

I going with a very very nice 3.5/5* or 7/10

The Intern (2015/I)
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A classy mature, feel good film, full of laughs and heart warming moments. D'Niro and Hathaway have amazing chemistry., 25 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a gentleman, having true class, women empowerment, how life doesn't end after a certain age and how to deal with real life relationships are all things a film like The Intern deals with. The Intern is the definition of feel good cinema, I can guarantee you that throughout the film you will be smiling, and there so many instances the film is just so heart touching.But what really works for the film is the lead cast of Robert D'Niro who is only getting better with age, and Anne Hathaway who is epitome of really beauty. There chemistry is just perfect.

Story wise the film talks about a 70 year old man named Ben, he is officially retired, and is a widower. After traveling the globe for awhile, he is back home and hates thinking about living at home all day,so he keeps himself busy all the time, sometimes he goes to visit his kids, or goes to starbucks etc. Until one day he learns of a opportunity to become a senior Intern at a online fashion company, and he pounces at the opportunity. He eventually gets the job, and meets the owner of the company Jules. Jules is a young but busy women running a company by herself, and she has a family which her stay at home husband runs. How the not so tech savy senior intern Ben comes into Jules's life and helps her in her journey is what the film is about.

Acting wise, I must say Robert D'Niro steals the show, his character is so well written, and he embodies the traits of being a classy gentleman wonderfully. Anne Hathaway looks so beautiful, but more importantly gives a superb,mature act.The rest of supporting cast has done a great job, and is casted perfectly.

The Intern is a movie made for a mature audience, and while the film has many laughs, the films undertone meanings are what really win your heart. I truly loved how the film dealt with the message of women empowerment in such a fresh but beautiful way. And one of the films major assets was how the character of Robert D'Niro was written, how even after being 70 he is still enjoying his life to the fullest, and how he is a true gentleman. I mean for me the film really didn't have any negatives other than the place slackened a bit towards the end

Overall The Intern is not a pathbreaking film, but the film truly lived up to its amazing trailer.Its nice to see a film deal with real life situations, in a beautiful, light manner and not be so serious and sad. Its a film I throughly enjoyed without any hiccups, and its a film I highly recommend, you get your tickets worth in just seeing the chemistry between D'Niro and Hathaway.

3.5/5* or 7.5/10

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A crazy comic caper that reminds you of the 90s Govinda and David Dhawan films., 25 September 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Govinda and David Dhawan are probably smiling sitting at home right now knowing that there brand of comedy is still alive, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is a blast from the past, a comedy of errors that is reminiscent of the 90s. Well we all know that Kapil Sharma is a well know TV personality with his show being a huge hit on the small screen, and with his debut film he has got the ace directing duo Abbas-Mustan who are know to direct thrillers to helm this comedy . But the really question is that do Kapil Sharma, and Abbas-Mustan make a worthy comedy, when both are venturing into new terrain.Well if the beginning of my review was not a big enough of a hint, then i'll spelt is out, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is a well made crazy comic caper. The film has many laugh out loud scenes.And I must say, he is obviously not even close to being as good as Govinda but Kapil Sharma could be a apt replacement of the former.

Story wise the film is about Shivram Kishan a business man who was forced to marry three different women. He marries his first wife because he was forced to by her dying father. He marries his second wife after his friend traps him into a marriage after taking 50 lakhs from the brides family after showing his picture, and when he says he cant marry the bride threatens him by saying she will commit suicide. His third marriage happens after he tries to help a girl who is running away from her marriage to run away with her boyfriend, but the boyfriend dupes her after he finds out she is a gangster's sister, she also attempts suicide, but he saves her, and by then her Don brother shows up who is deaf and forces Shivram Kisan to marry his sister. On top of that Shiv has a girlfriend who is a dancer, and his actual first love. The rest of the film is about how Shiv tries to hide his wives from each other, and how his life turns upside down after he moves all three wives to one apartment complex.

Acting wise Kapil Sharma is a laugh riot, and he has made a smart debut in a comedy film which is his forte. It was nice to see him handle emotional scenes well too. Varun Sharma is at par with Kapil in the film and with his Newton law jokes, he makes burst into laughter. Arbaaz Khan as the deaf bhai is also hilarious.The girls (all 4 of them)add great glamour.

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is what we call, leave your brains at home type of comedy, its completely logic less, but if you have been a fan of the Govinda, and David Dhawan type of comedies of the 90s, you should lap this film, because its almost a ape of those films. The film is also very fast paced and you don't ever feel bored,but the film doesn't really have a proper story,there are comic set pieces instead.If your looking for something else in this film you should stand clear because there is nothing novel or new age here.One glaring negative for me in Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon is at times its hard for me to digest that Kapil Sharma who looks extremely below average has three beautiful wives and a hot girlfriend, I mean when Govinda did this in films it had some grace, but Kapil needs to lose some weight or get a new look or something.

Overall if your a fan of Kapil Sharma and his show this film is a must watch for you, but if your like me who came into the watch the film as a regular cinegoer, the film doesn't really have nothing new but its still a very enjoyable watch because it reminds of some of my favourite David Dhawan comedies.

3.25/5* or 6.5/10

Black Mass (2015/I)
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Black Mass is a gritty, dark, biopic on one of the most notorious gangster to ever live,James "Whitey" Bulger. Depp is back with a Oscar worthy act!, 18 September 2015

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I would lie if I said I didn't have huge expectations from a film like Black Mass, the trailer was outstanding, the films cast boasts of actors like Johnny Depp,Joel Edgerton,Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kevin Bacon.The film had everything going for it, it was a masterpiece in the making. And did Black Mass ever meet those expectations,I mean don't get me wrong the film probably is not a masterpiece, but its easily one of the finest films, you will see this year. From the word go a dark eerie atmosphere is created in the film, and its maintained throughout. James "Whitey" Bulger easily becomes that one character you hate to love, and its all thanks to Johnny Depp's Oscar worthy performance, he has made a comeback like never before after many flop films, his performance alone is worth the ticket price of the film. I mean Black Mass is not as good but can easily be compared too gangster flicks like the Departed,Goodfellas made by Ace filmmaker Martin Scorsese, and thats saying a lot because those films are masterpieces, decade defining films. Black Mass is a gritty, dark, biopic on one of the most notorious gangster to ever live,James "Whitey" Bulger.

Story wise the film is a biopic on the rise and fall of the Irish mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger, better know as Jimmy.Jimmy was involved in almost any criminal activity a person could name, from money laundering, to racketeering,murder, extortion,trafficking drugs, terrorism,etc you name it. The film starts off with members of his Irish mob, the main members turning informants and telling the story of how Jimmy became such a big gangster when at one point he was a nobody. The film talks about how Jimmy's younger brother Billy was a state Senator, a very affluent person in the southern Boston area. An area which Jimmy wanted under his control but the Italian mob was in his way. After a series of events Jimmy is introduced to James Connolly a former childhood friend, now turned FBI agent. He makes a deal with Jimmy that he can continue doing whatever he does, if he provides info on how to arrest the Italian mob, Jimmy looks at this to his advantage, and doesn't consider this snitching because he would not be ratting out anybody he is associated with. This deal somehow leads to James "Whitey" Bulger becoming the biggest gangster in America in the 70s, and 80s, and it also lead to him being on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list, how this happened is what forms the rest of the films story.

Acting wise, as I stated before Johnny Depp has given a Oscar worthy performance in Black Mass, as James "Whitey" Bulger. He plays the dark character so menacingly, that at times you feel that Johnny is actual Whitey, and thats the highest praise any actor can get. Depp has hit it out of the ball park. On the other hand Joel Edgerton is on a roll with great performances, after the Gift, he has given another amazing act. Benedict Cumberbatch is good in his brief appearance. The rest of the ensemble cast is apt.

Black Mass is a film that doesn't have any huge negatives,I mean you could look at the films pace and say that its slow, but for this type of film you need that type of pace, the screenplay could have been a little more novel, because at times, it does feel like the film is taking the route most gangster films do, but I mean as I mentioned on the onset the film is no masterpiece. However the director Scott Copper needs to applauded for getting the atmosphere right in the film, and never wavering away from the films true story. Nothing is glamorized in the film,Black Mass feels like a real, gritty drama.

Overall I won't say much more other than if you want to see one of the years best films,head to a theater near you because Johnny Depp's performance alone is worth the ticket price the rest is a bonus in Black Mass. A must watch for people who enjoy films about the Mob and gangster flicks.

4/5* or 8.5/10

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