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Love Comes Softly (2003) (TV)
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A Western Delivered for Today, 9 May 2004

The only reason this film did not get a "10" is that if you miss or do not pay close attention to the beginning, you will miss the whole substance of the film. Otherwise, Hallmark has put on another above average movie for an audience who expects great movies without the words and sex. I can, however, understand why the "start is finished" so fast; they need to get on into the movie. The cast is excellent. The emotions are delivered as if they are "their" emotions. They bring quality to the screen. Thumbs up for the director. This could actually be turned into a mini series or an actual series. Overall, I would see it on the screen for at least 3 or 4 seasons.

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Finally, Another Family Movie, 9 May 2004

If ever you wanted to watch a movie without the words and scenes that make it a "better film," Life on Liberty Street is one. Not only does it have a start, middle and end, the actors play their parts fully and in tune with each other. Beyond these comments, Life on Liberty Street presents a meaningful accounts of relationships, love, and interaction between those who may not be fully accepted by society, let alone their own family friends. While it also shows how a few people, and sometimes just one person, can change a person's life, the film also shows boundaries that must be seen and acted upon within a relationship. The movie can be seen by the whole family.

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What you see may not be what you think, 23 April 2004

Without reading Dicken's novel and stoping to watch Nicholas Nickleby purely by accident on the Sundance Cable Channel, I can say that I could not for a moment want to leave and miss any part. The actors choosen, the scenes, costumes and the whole lot deserves whatever prize it got or can get. I will now read the book. For others who have not read the book, what you may think will be the outcome will not be. However, reading the book afterwards will not cause any less excitement. It is refreshing to see Anne Hathaway play in this movie. All of the cast, as well as director Douglas McGraft can take pride in this production. Very good choice to add to the DVD collection. May offer an insight to the book for school or just personal experience.