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What a story!, 26 July 2010

What a magnificent story that is unfolded! It is slow, but is man's ability to exploit other humans ever understood or easily told? I thought it remarkable that after an apocalypse that someone should hear a voice and travel for 30 years to fill a promise. It doesn't seem untoward in a world of believers though. Hope is gone, devastation abounds and mans cruelty rules as God's rule has been forgotten. There is no education which brings structure to society or civility. The message to many is that God's Word does abound and it is powerful. What a shock to see this movie come out of Hollywood! I thought it was an insightful story full of human drama and worth the time to watch it.

Stardust (2007)
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Really Good, 1 January 2008

I liked this movie. I liked the fantasy because it didn't stay within the walls of our thinking. The acting was really good. The scenery is spectacular and sometimes "other worldly". Claire Danes is beautiful and talented. Charlie was good and I like how his character matured both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Michele Pfeiffer - oh what a makeup job they did on her! For one who is so pretty she interpreted "ugly", old, mean and decrepit really well. If it wasn't for Peter O'Toole's voice, I wouldn't have recognized him. The special effects were good and believable. This movie was delightful and I am sure I will watch it again in a few months and every year. I think it will stand the test of time too.

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I thought this movie was thought provoking, 28 May 2007

I loved Robert Downey, Jr. and the way he moves, the way his eyes express feelings and the way his voice is quiet, assured and gentle but firm. I loved Nicole Kidman's quiet, mousy voice that was seeking to find who she was as a person and subtly challenging the boundaries that have always kept her in. The "freaks" were different and yet portray a part of society that we forget, after all we are Americans and the things that are not "normal" are to be shoved in a corner and forgotten. Obviously, I disagree with that notion. I think looking at the abnormal is alright. To accept these people as some kind of "normal" is probably all they want in their lives too. What is wrong with that? Aren't we suppose to look beyond the physical and into the spirit and soul of a person to judge how they fit in our lives? I loved the way the Lionel new what Arbus was going to do and/or think, how he was gentle with introducing her to this world he new and she didn't. He let her make her own decisions and then proceeded along the course of her decisions. I liked this movie, the set, the costumes, the audio, the make up, and the characters.

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I liked it., 28 May 2007

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I thought the story might be plausible. If it was early enough in the war, maybe Eichman and Himmler did have subtle confrontations. I certainly agreed that all that wealth would allow 2 Jews to go to the guy signing the check! I thought the photography was beautiful, the clothing and hairstyles remarkably accurate yet different from what I have seen in the past. The train and cars and guns - what authenticity. I think this film gives a different perspective in the earlier part of the war. Who knows for sure what went on? I could see the Germans in this movie and see the hatred and utter ghoulish nature that they have evoked (costumers and makeup certainly help). I thought the concern with which Kratzenburg showed each individual is what help make him successful in the past and would help him to achieve his ends now.

War Babies (1932)
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Rich in cinematic history, 31 October 2005

I love these "Diaper Baby" movies! You couldn't make a movie like this today and it is rich in cinematic history. It is goofy and the film was made to make you laugh, which it does. How they ever got these kids to "act" I'll never know. I think they are precious and the kids make me laugh but so do the others who made this movie as it shows the naiveté that existed in the early 30's. You have to remember that this is when the film industry was very young, the stock market had crashed, the world wide depression was beginning and these films were made to give a person a break from the real world. The fact that you could see movies for five cents is beyond my comprehension, but then dinner for 25 cents is too. It was a different time with a totally different mind set.

"Roots" (1977)
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A must see, 31 October 2005

I feel that Roots is a mini series that only begins to give Americans a look into the depth of slavery. The relationships, the laws, the people, the social distinctions, the injustices that are unique to the South are all glimpsed in this mini series. I feel every person should see this to have a better understanding of all Americans history. The cast is excellent, the acting is superb. Because this film is history, it has held up well over almost 30 years since it was originally televised. Racism is still rampant, and not just in the South. By being informed it helps each of us to have compassion and to inventory our beliefs and question our teachings.

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A Must SEE!, 31 October 2005

This movie has held up well over almost 30 years. To understand why it is a favorite of those of us that saw it in the theaters, you have to understand what movies were in the 70's. Movies were socially relevant and commonly the bad guy won. I was one of those people that cheered in the theater when the good guys actually win. This movie took all of us back to right winning over wrong and began to give us hope again. This is one of my favorite movies, I love the sets, the costumes, the plot, the characters, the new inventions and the genius that Lucas put forth in his "experiment". Even though the new production has added images in it, I don't think it takes away from the original or its intent. This is Lucas' story and his film.

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really good movie, 23 April 2004

I bought this movie just so I could watch Mel Gibson dance like Gene Kelly while Frank Sinatra sings. Others may say the ending is bad, but if you think about it the relationship probably continues. I liked this movie and hope that men will begin to understand that women do think about other things besides sex. The music is really good and the commentary allows you to notice things in the movie that you would otherwise skipped over. Helen Hunt plays a bright, intelligent woman in an understated way. Nice to see Alan Alda again. It was nice to see a guy begin to understand and care about someone else in a nuturing way. This movie gives me chuckles and a pause to think.