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"The Game" (2006)
First three seasons were really good, 10 May 2012

The first three seasons of this show were really good. It's a pity CW dropped it i've seen much less funny shows which less talent go on for longer. Networks stick to shows that might not start out well but end up as classics. Case in point is Sienfeld, in this case the ratings were good so i don't see the justification for it. And with no due respect to the previous poster, really "Holly Berry"!!! that's just plain ignorance and it says everything i need to know about you. And oh, it is a race issue. PS:BET you need to keep the Jason Pitts character as a principle he was/is funnier than any of the character, plus Coby Bell's delivery of the lines is spot on. I should add that the Kelly character was a nice compliment to the Pitt's character, it just needs better writing (AND directing).