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Movies that are about ghosts, psychic abilities, PSI or ESP, witches, life after death, reincarnation, time travel, telekinesis, mysteries, secrets, etc. Some of these movies might be classified as horror, some might be scary, but... I won't have nightmares after watching these :-D
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In no specific order.
I try to keep them in the Disney style, that is Classic Animation.
Many of these movies are mistaken as Disney movies.
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Charles Dickens' most notable works plus "our mutual friend" as mentioned being one of top 5 best Dickens adaptations.
A crash course in Dickens :-D
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I'm trying to create family traditions. I want a watch list of Halloween movies we are going to watch every year.
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People who are more known for their writing than other skills in Hollywood.
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People who won the Oscar for best original screenplay since 1958.
What makes me very sad is that people don't bother adding photos of screenwriters... even though there would be no movies without screenwriters, the screenwriters are the most unappreciated species in Hollywood.
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Oscar winning screenwriters; before 1940 "Best Story", after that "Writing: Original story"