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Jarhead (2005)
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Not all it could be, 6 November 2005

Not a particularly interesting war movie. Fails to show the interesting aspects of training, like "Full Metal Jacket" or "An Officer and a Gentelman" the building of a bond inside a unit, like "Saving Private Ryan" the loneliness of fighting a war a world away "Like Full Metal Jacket" or "Platoon" or "Blackhawk Down", or good battle scenes like "Saving Private Ryan" or "Blackhawk Down", or any WWII movie. Not really a movie about the problems of the military like "Buffalo Soldiers" or "Catch 22" or "M*A*S*H". It nominally tries to do all of these things, but really does not do much at all. Just keeps on going for two hours. Not particularly interesting. Save your hard earned money and TIVO it off HBO so you can fast forward past the slow parts (will make it about 45 minutes).

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Is this available, 23 April 2004

I saw this movie in college in the late 80's and loved it.

I also became a great Marker fan as a result thereof, but cannot find this movie anywhere. Does anyone know if it is available anywhere in any format?

This movie is a great spoof on the documentary process.

There are several websites that discuss this movie. One great scene wherein the same footage is played three times once with a pro soviet voice over once with a neutral one and again with an anti-soviet voice over. It skips from documentary into cartoon with a song in the background. Great film.