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The men on this list are talented first but gosh are they pretty!
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In no particular order, these are some of my favorite actors. I believe acting requires more than just good looks and even though some of these men are attractive, I admire them for their talent, charisma and portrayal of emotion on screen.
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Here's a list of my favorite characters from numerous films and TV shows. I love everyone on this list for different reasons, be it because they're righteously badass, super hilarious or just plain awesome :)
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Horror is my favorite genre of film and has been since I was a kid. One of the first movies I saw was Child's Play and I was hooked so, here's a list of more films to see :)
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Here's a list of my favorite actresses. I find these women stunning in more than just a physical way. They have talent, character range, and charisma among other things :)
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These are women that I find very attractive in more ways then one be it their talent, beauty or charisma.
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The movies on this list are ones that I have and will forever love for many different reasons, a few of those being the emotions they made me feel, the superb (and sometimes terrible) acting, stories and visuals.