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A sequel to the movie Django Unchained. A detective needs Django to help him track down John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's killer.
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Some actors and actresses I choose for the voices of the characters were the original voices of some of the characters such as Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille,Jess Harnell, Barnadette Peters, Frank Welker, John Mariano,Chick Vennera, pluse I threw in some of the Tiny Toon characters . No CGi animated characters, 2-D animated characters in a live-action world, it would attract more audience. The actors and actress i chose for the human cast are who I think would play the charcters well.

Here is the fictional plot. The Warners team up with Sherlock Holmes to find a diamond theif who stole a famous diamond, and some of the other characters are supects of the crime. The Warners, like in every Animaniacs cartoon, annoy Holmes to the point he goes insane.
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No CGi, no animatronics, hell Del Toro is the master at turning humans into cool looking creatures. Krang should be the only CGi character.
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Carter and Lee are on the verge of retiring, and allowing two goof ball rookies,Jack and Randy to take their place, however,there is a hit send out on Lee and Cater, they team up with Jack and Randy to take down the anonymous criminal.
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Here is the story. sixteen years after the metor threat on Earth, NASA finds out where the metor came from, it came from Marsions who tried to destroy Earth because their queen was killed on Earth. So A.J. Frost assmebles a team of prison inmates who will go up to Mars and stop the invasion.