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A list of my favourite actresses of all time please no hate, make your own list of you dont agree.
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This is my list of my favourite actors of all time! please no hate, it is only my opinion if you dont agree please make your own list then.
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my favourite directors
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When they are doing a remake of David Copperfield on the BBC this would be my casting. Without expecting a better tv movie of David Copperfield than the version with Daniel Radcliffe
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This is the cast I wish for the upcoming It movie remake.
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Who should play the role of some characters in the upcomming filmseries Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them? This is my opinion no hate please!
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This is a list of the Highest Grossing Film Franchises Ever/ of all time. Officially by Box Office Mojo.
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I think you should remake the last airbender but do it completely CGI. Look at what is possible than. The characters, and the environment will be featured the right way. This would my cast and crew for Book 1.
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My favourite films of all time
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My top 10 of 2013 in film!
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My dream cast and crew list for the upcoming cicero films from Warner Brothers