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Better than the original??
3 January 2005
It been more than a year since i saw Love Undercover 1. The movie i remember was not that great at all. I didn't like Daniel Wu at that time because his Cantonese sucks and the storyline didn't interest me. Though i did though all the supporting cast was good. Back than i probably watch all the good thing and i had high expectation for this movie which disappoint me. Well now i watch a lot of romantic comedy and am ready to see this with low expectation. I must say this movie was very funny, funnier than the first. Except Raymond Wong's role, he got wasted in this movie. I gotta admit the storyline is kind of stupid, but it set itself well at the end, when everything connected. The part of the movie that i hate the most is what are those police doing all day? All i see them doing is helping Daniel Wu's dad out, i don't think they are even on duty. Though i have to admit, Daniel Wu dad three old school buddies who just gotten out of jail, they were hilarious. Better than the main plot line it seen. The bad guy in this movie seem very serious in the beginning but at the end they look pretty goofy. Especially his band of thieves. You can tell in this movie Daniel Wu Cantonese has gotten a lot better between the two movie. I think i might watch the first one again, since everyone say it better than the second one. But there still a lot of movie i want to rewatch. From the ending, there might be a third sequel to this, if Joe Ma ran out of idea on other new romantic comedy.
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Coming of age film
22 December 2004
The movie star many young faces that i don't know, except for the head of the family play by Eric Tsang. He open a noodle store, in a bad location with everything falling apart. Soon they renovated and now they have to make the noodle taste better. After that the movie contain a love story, between Lawrence Chou, the son of ERic tsang, and a girl who used to work in that place before they open. They seem to be in love and happy at the beginning but soon Lawrence Chou start to fall for her sister a little bit. Another sideline plot revolve around ERic Tsang smaller daughter, who like to hang around with a poor kid who was the first real customer to the shop. That little kid think because he is poor that she doesn't want to be with him.

The movie is not bad, and provide some neat plot development. The movie outline doesn't provide any big conflict/twist, though this wasn't really a setback. The acting was done marvelous, Eric Tsang play a optimistic guy who even though he know the business not going to be successful he still have a fun time doing it. Lawrence Chou Chun-Wai, his first major role, was nominated for best new actors. What should be noted is Kelly Chen cameo, she is hilarious has the girl who really like Lawrence Chou, she is known has ugly ducking. She sang a couple of song in the movie which was beautiful.

The main romance, is kind of similar from those formulaic script (that can be seen in those Joe Ma directed film), but the level of seriousness is more realistic than those movie.
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Lung fung dau (2004)
Okay film
17 December 2004
It been 3 years since they were pair up again by Johnnie To, before that they were a couple (though not leading couple) in Infernal Affair and Magic Kitchen. Well since Johnnie To is directing i had high expectation for this movie, since Love on a Diet and Needing You is one of my favorite romantics film.

Plot: Sammi and Andy is a couple and are thieves, which they recently sold 170 million in diamond. Suddenly, Andy Lau call for a divorce because "they can't split the money evenly". Of course that not the official reason, and you wouldn't find out why until the end. 2 years later, and we see Sammi Cheng dating a rich kid, but she's not really in it for love has she still in love with his ex-husband (andy Lau). She here because she wanted the guy family jewel, a necklace. So, she planned to stealing it, but somehow Andy Lau stole it before she did. Now we see Sammi Cheng desperately begging Andy Lau on where the necklace.

The movie was surprising because it wasn't really a romantic comedy, which i seriously was hoping for. The movie wasn't has good has the 2 previous movie they made together (probably because Wai Ka Fai is not co-directing), but it was still above average HK romantic films. Sammi Cheng is a gold digger, who rather has jewellery than love. Andy Lau is a character who is smarter than Sammi Cheng and always wins in the games they played. They really have good chemistry together, which really made this film more enjoyable. The plot is pretty good with some nice interesting twist and character involvement.

The movie is worth watching because Johnnie To doesn't make bad film, though this year he didn't make any spectacular film. The really down side is they didn't play the song that Andy Lau sang, which I really like!
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Best Jackie chan Film in a long time!
4 December 2004
Benny Chan who directed this film, is a very successful commercial director, who has made many great big budget HK movie (like last year Heroic Duo). Benny Chan, also made a movie with Jackie call WHo Am I and that was also a very entertaining movie.

This movie, has many new star and young star like Charlene Choi, Nic Tse, Daniel Wu, Andy On and so on (rich and powerful parent). I wish his son should be in this movie to play one of the bad guy.

The baddie here are rich bored people with nothing to do, except Daniel Wu the leader of the bandit who rob the major bank for fun. In this movie i actually wanted them to win because those bad guy were so smart (has you will see in the beginning). Jackie Chan acted marvelous and i won't be surprise if he getting a nomination for that. By far his best acting in a long time, like the part where his girlfriend was strap in bomb and they were talking about their dying romance. Daniel Wu play another marvelous job and his acting is for sure getting better. This guy going to make many great film has time goes. The action in this movie is amazing considering Jackie Chan age, and it seem like Nic Tse wanted to be the next JC, cuz he done some of the stunt himself. Charlie Young who play JC girlfriend return after 7 years of no acting. She still look pretty, exactly too young for JC i might add, in this movie her brother was under Jackie Chan team, but of course the bandit (call themself x-games) kill all his team including her brother. Therefore JC feel ashame for that and sour their relationship. Charlene Choi (one of the twins) is also in this movie but she play a very minor role but still a funny character like at the ending. She suppose to play Nic Tse character.

Right from the beginning to the end, this film was superb and by far the first film HK film this year i would give it 9 out of ten (One nite in Mangkok come close with 8.5/10). Watching these kind of film make me wonder why he, Jet Li and CYF don't come back to HK and make those kind of amazing films.
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Worse than the first one!
15 November 2004
The CGI effect and the costume and production value is certainly better than the first one thanks to the success of Vampire Effects. Though what this movie lack is some good male acting (except Daniel Wu) and the whole idea of the battle of sexes was lame. In the first movie i thought Jackie Chan cameo was hilarious in this one he was cool. The fight scene between him and Donnie Yen was awesome, i don't recall them fighting before. But wish they did. Experience actors like Ekin Cheng and Edisen Chen for sure did a whole better job than newcomer JC Chan and Wilson Chen. Those people lack emotion and very one dimensional at this point.

This movie was boring thank largely to the twins acting and their cuteness. It was entertaining but the fight scene weren't has good has the first one (too much CGI). I have to say the first one edge out the second one in term of plot and more better actors. BTW Tony Leung Ka Fai (who particularly in half of the movies this years) did a terrific job in this movie, he's sooo funny. He need more of those roles like back in the 90s.
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Xanda (2004)
Rocky type film
16 October 2004
This is like a Rocky clone.

What i like: the film character is very realistic and the situation is on par with the real world and not the fake Hollywood crap. For one thing, the main character is very influence by western and not that kind of hero we see. He like an ordinary person with a dream of getting a car, cellphone etc. Some Tsui Hark filming which is solely missing since he's stop acting. The fighting was awesome and entertaining and very realistic too.

What i hate: The acting was pretty bad, the over the top fighting, they should make it more like Rocky camera angle and not keep moving around. The cantonese dubbing was pretty horrible. Also the acting (which i heard they are real life xanda fighter and not actors) was pretty bad, but i can't blame them. The film look low budget, has a Tsui Hark film it should look something glamorous and not like those Fruit Chan film (not that his movie are boring, in fact i love Fruit Chan movie).

Of course Rocky was a much better film, but this movie was at least not boring.
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Heat Team (2004)
Somewhat typical cop film
4 October 2004
Plot: Eason Chan is K.C, Chan and Y.T. Lee is Aaron Kwok, both are very smart cop, who both were assign to interpol. The only thing that make them different is woman. K.C Chan is known for courting with a lot of woman and Y.T. Lee get nervous around woman. The case for this movie is about a international thief who come to Hong Kong to steal, a diamond necklace worth over 10 million US. Anyway, Yumiko Cheng who is engage with a fertilizer mogul, soon for in love with KC Chan.

The movie is occasionally funny (though nothing laugh out loud, more like giggles) and the action with pretty good. Both person act their role pretty good, though their chemistry were that good. I don't feel like they trust each other even at the end. There were also some bad supporting actor, like Danny Lee and the kingpin of triad. The movie was entertaining, but not engaging. There wasn't really anything wrong with this movie, but it seem like it lack the goodness when watching this movie. Maybe it is the acting or not to engage into the cop story (they spend more time arguing and their personal issue than on the case).

BTW The movie is call heat team, cuz Hong Kong is having a very high temperature and the interpol office air conditioner is broken.
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Unusual Actors in Johnnie To film
22 September 2004
For some reason this year, Johnnie To has hired actor that rarely or even be seen in his dark artistic movie. Just like Breaking News, this movie start Louis Koo (who work with him in Love FOr All Season, great movie BTW), Aaron Kwok, Cherrie Ying and Tony Leung Ka Fai.

In this movie he prove he can make a bad actor act good in this, has for the case of Aaron Kwok. Louis Koo unlike most of his film, rarely smile, has he portray a dark character he done a decent job. The movie contain the same moody feeling of late his other night hong kong like The Mission, PTU etc. The film revovle around the character, like those film and the judo was a prop. The judo fighting was film pretty impressive and enjoyable. Cherrie Ying for some reason, does not look hot in this movie, but her appearance scene (where she eating noodles and the owner keep throwing her stuff out the house) was special. I believe Louis Koo doesn't want to fight because he lost his passion. Nothing satisfy him anymore, not even money or booze.

I have to say this movie was better acted and the ending is better than breaking News.
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Exciting ending
5 September 2004
This storyline somewhat mimics A Better Tomorrow 2, with an awesome ending, and a north American angle (except this one take place in Vancouver). Except this one doesn't have the better actor nor is the storyline any good. Plot: A head of the Chinese mafia in Canada kills some Itialian Mafia Boss in front of the police, therefore he went to jail for more than a decade (doesn't say). He left his daughter in Hong Kong, so after he was released from jail he wants to reunited with his daughter. He soon finds out that her daughter escaped the orphan home and his only clue is the other girl who escaped with her. But that girl has her own problem.

Andy Lau is in like 10 mins of the film... this wasn't that bad of a movie, with a excellent gun-fu ending, just up right there with ABT 2 (but less realistic). The storyline is not that good, it was mediocre, and wasn't as touching has ABT 2. Though the baddie is more unrealistic in this movie but he is very evil (played by Simon Yam). He is a character that not man of his word. The acting is not that good compared to ABT either, with everyone acting unrealistic (well maybe except the main character). There wasn't anything brilliant in this movie, but i do like the location in Canada. In the beginning, in the Canada warfare between Itailian and Chinese, that was just hilarious. It soooooooo stupid, and the interview from the mafia boss from reporter is stupid too.
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Sam dung (1999)
A boring love story
6 August 2004
Plot: A bunch of screenwriter (William So, Jo Koo and Sylvia Chang) want to make a movie about young romance. It was a semi-autobiography of Sylvia Chang love life. Who is play by the beautiful Gigi Leung, her best friend is Karen Mok. At the beginning we find out both of them fall in love with Ho-Jun (Play by the also handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro) in High School. Well Gigi Leung win the heart of Ho-Jun who plays the guitar, talked very little and hang out in parties together. Has time past a couple of things is reveal (which i don't want to spoil you guys).

I didn't like this movie at all, i found it to be boring and very slow. The plot didn't interested me at all (probably because i'm not into romance movie). Nothing there in the movie that really grab me and let me eagerly wanting to see the next scene. The only thing i find it appealing is the ending and the screenwriter scene that analysis the current love romance. I think the stars in this movie acted wonderful and convincing on their role respectively.

I can image people liking this movie because some part of the movie (like the threesome you thought it was but instead it is reverse), but i don't like the storytelling the directing and especially the plot.
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