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Actually based on a true story., 5 February 2013

This episode was loosely based on a real trial in Las Vegas where two former lovers were found not guilty of murdering a millionaire casino owner in 1998 but found them guilty of conspiring to steal more than $6 million of the dead man's silver from a vault in the desert. Sandy Murphy, 32, and Rick Tabish, 39, had been found guilty of murdering the casino baron, Ted Binion, a verdict that was overturned on a technicality. The Nevada Supreme Court ordered a new trial, which lasted six weeks. After deliberating for about 18 hours, the jury found the defendants not guilty of murder but convicted them of conspiring to commit 'burglary and/or larceny' as well as burglary and grand larceny. They were charged after sheriff's deputies discovered Mr. Tabish, less than two days after Mr. Binion's death on Sept. 17, 1998, digging the casino owner's fortune in silver bars and coins out of a vault sunk in the sand near the desert town of Pahrump. While he was in the desert, cellphone records showed, Mr. Tabish spoke at least three times with Ms. Murphy, a former stripper who lived with Mr. Binion until his death and with whom Mr. Tabish had been having an affair. The two were accused of murdering Mr. Binion, 55, in his Las Vegas home by forcing him to ingest a large quantity of drugs and then suffocating him.

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Not the only one!, 17 December 2012

As others have said the theme song has stuck with me for over forty years now. I was seven and loved this show when it came out. When I've said something about the show to others they usually say I'm confused and thinking of the Time Tunnel but I remember the Time Tunnel as well. Then I'll sing the theme song and they really think I'm confused. And the Time Tunnel was totally different. A serious Sci-Fi drama not a comedy. Not on netflix or anywhere else that I can find but I would love to see it again. If anyone knows where this title can be found please post on this site. I know that file share sites have lots of old programs on them but they are dangerous. I downloaded The Invaders with Roy Thinnes (another Sci-Fi Favorite of mine and got a virus for my trouble.

Fun Show, 24 October 2012

This was a very cute, fun show that my daughter and I really liked. It may not be very realistic but the stories are very good. There's not enough family programming available on TV these days. This one was a lot of fun and we hate that it wasn't picked up for a second season. I love the premise of the story, which is of course just a vehicle used to tell the stories of the various characters. It was much like "On the Beach" a novel and movie I really enjoyed when I was a teenager. The end of the world has always been a great premise for science fiction writers to tell great stories and this show is in that vein but with out much of the violence and bloodshed associated with apocalypse.