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Cosmopolis (2012)
Thought provoking and intense drama
25 September 2012
Interesting and weird to say the very least. Really enjoyed the dialog and humorous commentary on the relevance today - the funeral, medical exam and end sequence make this movie rock! Pattinson carries this role with ease. The surprise performance for me though was Pattinson and Gadon together. Their sexual tension and the way she reacted to him and his sexual come-ons as a new couple were very comical... kept me on the edge of my seat really. I keep hearing comparisons to American Psycho. I think you could make some comparisons but this is a totally different movie. A true Cronensberg film, it could have used more budget on the photography and graphics for today's film work but it didn't distract me enough to change my outlook on the film. Nowadays all we have to look forward to are DC comic and Marvel movies. So, Cosmopolis was a welcome delight. An adult film on commerce and downward spiral of a neurotic millionaire.
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