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Movies Ive Watched In My 32 Years On This Planet....There Are Probably More But Im Going To Try And List As Many As Possible
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List in order of the actresses I find cute, sexy, gorgeous, etc (You are welcome to disagree with me or make suggestions)
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Just my view of the top movie villains of all time.
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Just a list of movies I reckon you need to see before you kick the provebial bucket. Nothing earlier than the 70s as i was only born in 1980 so I dont have any inclination to see really really old movies.......just dont appeal to me. Obviously my preference will be different to a lot of people and not everyone will agree with a lot of my choices but im sure there will be a lot you agree with as well. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions
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For all you Horus Heresy Fans
List of Actors who I think could play each Primarch
My opinion so feel free to disagree
Only one missing is Magnus.....dont know who could play him
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Please be kind with comments....

Not In Any Order

There will be a few I havent included that will cause some controversy but this is just my opinion