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Movies with the most beautiful cinematography, art-direction and over-all use of colors and camera composition. Also the most unique looking films. All the movies are good, so there isn't a film I thought looked good, but didn't like. But there isn't something like The Extermintaing Angel, while I think it's one of the best movies ever made, it's nothing special in it's cinematography department. So the movie has to be good, but mainly here's the movie that are visually beautiful. Not beautiful by their story-telling or characters, only visually.
Personal preference, in some kind of order.

Before commenting, please read:
If there is a film that should be on this list in your opinion, chances are I haven't seen that film or it's in the honorable mentions below. So no more "Why isn't this and this movie here?" comments, maybe I haven't seen it, or maybe I don't think it's one of the most beautiful movies ever. But *beep* it, you can suggest films for me, just check the honorable mentions before doing that. Remember, this is a subjective list, not a objective. Oh yeah, also I don't have a Facebook account, so I can't reply. Sorry about that.

Honorable mentions:
I Killed My Mother
The Treasure of Sierra Madre
Leaving Las Vegas
The Maltese Falcon
The 400 Blow
Blue Velvet
Red Shoes
La Grande Illusion
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
Fantasia (I'm not a huge Disney fan, but this is a beautiful film)
12 Years a Slave
Naked Lunch
Frances Ha
Inside Llewyn Davis
After Hours (the Scorsese film)
Inherent Vice
La Notte
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Blade Runner
Mommy (Xavier Dolan)
It Follows
The Revenant
Double Life of Veronique
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First 15, or so, of these are in order, then there are some film-makers I have only seen couple film, but I'm interested in them as well. I ranked all of the films I have seen from them. Enjoy.

Criteria: 2 films minimum, only 2 films if I gave either a 10 or a 9 to both films.
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These are my personal favorite movies, not especially the best, but the movies I enjoyed the most. And yes, I put a lot of descriptions in some of these (I'm trying my best to cut them shorter or remove completely) and "reviewed" some of them, but keep in mind, I'm not a critic or a film historian, I do not mean that my opinion is right and that my facts are accurate. And don't feel obligated to read my reviews.
I will try to watch more films and update this (and other) list(s) more, but it's kind of difficult since school just started and I can only really watch films on weekends. But, I'm trying my best to watch more.

While I will always be true on these lists, I don't pretend to like a film because people have said it's a masterpiece or something. But, I will try to put more "interesting" films on here. Hopefully, films that you haven't seen. And will kinda avoid the "mainstream" films.
And if you think I'm a "hipster" for liking so many "art" films, I will assure you, I'm not a hipster. And I don't get why people hate "art" films. Why is art a bad word nowadays? Art film only means it's deeper than your avarage mainstream action blockbuster. And a maybe a bit slower paced.

I'm sorry but I decide to put some films together, like with Annie Hall and Manhattan and Coppola's '70s movies, I put one film representing a few films. I hope you don't feel angry, but I just can't put Coppola's '70s movies in order, because they are so equally brilliant.


Recently added:
Mommy (nr. 95)
Amour (nr. 58)
Cache (nr. 77)
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (nr. 90)
The Great Beauty (nr. 30)

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So here it is, part deux, part dos or what ever.
My other 100 favorite films ever. I love these films as well, but not as much as I do love the first 100. And I prefer my list not to have 2 pages or so. So anyway here you go, some of my other favorites. These are not in order of preference.
Whenever I add a new film, I will put it as number 1 spot.

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I hate some of these movies, but some I don't mind that much, just that I was disappointed by them. Maybe I was expecting too much or just simply don't understand why people like/love these movies. These aren't great movies that I didn't like, some of these are recognized as bad, but I was still disappointed when I saw them. I would say, none of these movies are the worst ever made and probably none of them deserve 1/10 rating, but I just couldn't like these. I will put a description on the ones I think deserve one and this is not done yet!
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Comment, and by the way I cant reply, but I will read every comment.

I would put something like "Avatar" in here, but people would just hate me and besides their more overrated then actually bad.

Why I made this list is because I love ranting. I love being in that "zone" where I get so angry about a film, so think of this list as a writing practice. I'm trying to improve my writing (I'm an amateur writer), so I thought ranting angrily about bad films might help. I trying to be funny as well on this list, so if you do like some of these films (God help you) remember that this list is mostly comedic. So don't feel too bad if you masturbated to 1# Cheerleader Camp.

I have decided to expand this list, since I love ranting so much.
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My top 30 favorite characters ever. By performance and by character.
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Very basic list, nothing to say..
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The films that define the word cool by atmosphere, characters, story or just how entertaining they are. These are the film you should be watching in the evening, smoking and drinking some whiskey. Also the most badass films..

And I know this list mostly has film-noirs and crime films, but those are just so cool!
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These are movies everybody always mentions or recomends to me, but I haven't seen. I will try to watch these movies in the near future.

I'm very ashamed of this list. A lot of these movies are classics, but for some reason I haven't seen them.

Recomend the next movie I should watch. Or recomend more movies to the list.

Btw, Solaris was on this list and I did not watch it fully. I watched around 50 minutes and I found it quite boring, not bad at all, just not for me..
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In pretty random order. An ever-growing list, I hope.
Most of these should be on Youtube..
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I'm not saying that these are good movies, not even decent (some of them are OK), but I have seen these movies many times and every time I'm very entertained. These are the kind of movies, you shouldn't like, but for some reason, you do. These are the movies, I personally, am embarrassed to admit that I like these movies (purely for entertainment) and I even own some of these.
Silly list, but these are silly movies, enjoy.
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I think action is the most entertaining genre over-all (not my favorite genre). I enjoyed all of these films, even though I may not think they are masterpieces or anything like that.
I'm not going to rate these, but I'm going to rate the action scenes.