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"Glee" (2009)
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Getting Worse With Every Season. Plus Clichés and Even More Clichés!, 4 May 2012

The show is OK. It's not great nor is it awful. There's a lot of pandering going on with certain issues that truthfully, have been repeated to death. Funny dialogue aside, the story line itself is redundant and all over the place. Not to mention that they portray every damn cliché in the book. Overachieving nerd, idiot jock, bitchy cheerleaders, bullied gay guys, pregnant teens and etc.

It's just another "high-school" show. Nothing new here besides the fact that people randomly burst into song. Take the singing out of the equation and this show would just be completely UNBEARABLE. Plus Slushies? Really? When does ever happen? And who in reality actually bullies the Glee Club? No one cares about them. People might make fun of the marching band because well, that's just tradition.

But what bothers me the most about this show are the characters, who besides a few look WAY TOO OLD to even be in college much less high- school. It's extremely unrealistic. The public isn't blind, most the characters look like they're pushing 30.

Also, the show seems to be getting worse and worse with every season. Ryan Murphy needs to get his act together because the advent of "Smash" has made it clear how much Glee is lacking. It's like comparing diamonds with cubic zirconia. You're not fooling anyone.

"Girls" (2012)
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Just Enjoy It For What It Is, 4 May 2012

I personally LOVE this show. It's incredibly funny and extremely refreshing. It's quirky and almost every dialogue makes me smile like an idiot. The sex is also a lot more realistic than in other shows (Since most of the time sex can awful and unsatisfying, not earth-shattering like they portray on romantic movies and also, not everyone is built like a model.)

I think people need to stop over analyzing the show and enjoy it for what it is; a heartfelt comedy about young women who traverse a complicated world filled with heartbreak and uncertainty with no one to lean on but each other. It's a unique take on an old idea and I will definitely stay tuned for more.