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Decent Effort, 23 April 2005

I caught this on VHI awhile ago and was mildly impressed. They had good guest stars(like Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Colin Quinn, Usher, Bill Maher ,Gene Simmons ,Dick Clark ,Hugh Hefner ,Henry Winkler, William Shatner ,etc.)and they had enough clips from shows ,movies, and concerts. The quotes that they show at the beginning were alittle too random. I also think people like Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and JFK Jr. were ranked way to high. 200 is a long way to go ,but it's length never really does show because you could just end up watching and not even thinking.

Overall a decent effort.

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Donnie Darko is an interesting film,but still has it's problems, 1 April 2005

First off I think this was one of the better films I have seen in my life(and I have seen some bad ones). What I really liked about the movie was Jake Gyllenhaal's performance. Jake really nails his performance by not being too subtle, but not chewing the scenery at the same time. Patrick Swayze also did a good job as the very lame Jim Cunninghan(who is made real because there are really people who put on bad shows like that). Frank(James Duval),the bunny, was a very weird ,mysterious, and creepy character. Always when Frank left I anticipated his return. The rest of the cast was good.

There are still some problems with the film. One is there are too many 'symbols' and 'meanings' to keep track off. Richard Kelly just puts in a lot of people and events to try and make the movie more philosophical but just ends creating problems with the flow of the story. Like having it being about an alienated teen, time travel, and having faith in God. Jolene Purdy's character(Cherita Chen) was almost completely pointless and if she was taken out of the movie out it would not have made a difference(I think Jolene Purdy is a capable actress, just underused). It just makes the story overblown with ideas that Richard Kelly should save for another movie. Another is that some scenes just end too quickly. Yes, I know it is used to create suspense,but it just ends up being pointless. Also the ending didn't make much sense. So it is a flawed but good film.

Recommended films that make you think:


Citizen Cane

2001: A Space Odyssey(my personal favorite ever)

Apocalypse Now

Die Hard (1988)
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One Word Too Say, 7 July 2004


I saw this on FX and was amazed! This may be one of the greatest action movies ever! The action is very fast- paced and realistic. Bruce Willis gives his best performance ever as the tough NY cop John McClane. Alan Rickman is just as good as the evil Hans Gruber. Also a great supporting cast. The dialogue is superb. It gives the characters so much life. The ending is a satisfying one and is not too drawn out. One thing that I love about this movie is that it is set in Christmas! Once you finished watching all the non-violent Christmas classics(you know the kind), get out the egg nog and watch some nice Christmas action!

I could be completely critical, but I'll rate it for what it is: 10/10(Pure Entertainment)