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Better than the original, a triumph for matt damon, 8 August 2004

I saw the first movie "the bourne identity" and liked it alot. But i kept thinking that alot of things were left undone and i wished that they could have summed it up better. When i heard they were making a sequel i hoped to see it and now that i have i love the series. The movie brings together all of the aspects of the original with more action and more of a story. We follow Jason Bourne and witness how he transformed from a cold hearted killer to a man who only killed when it was necessary. I recommend this movie and i look forward to seeing "the bourne ultimatum" in the future. This movie is definitely one of the best of the summer. I especially liked the reuse of Moby's- Extreme ways at the end.

Collateral (2004)
Thrilling, beautiful, moving and violent. What else could you want?, 7 August 2004

This may be Tom Cruises most brilliant roll as the cool and funny evil character who becomes friends with his hostage Jamie Foxx. The movie blends outrageous comedy with a thrilling story and so many plot twists. The incredible buddy movie concept is brought to a whole new level when this relationship between the two main characters is formed because of fear. Jamie Foxx pulls of his character as a pocrastinating cab driver who plans on starting his own business some day but frankly cannot even ask a woman out. But the real movie magic is the way that the storys collide with eachother, in more events than i can name characters stand next to eachother and don't know that they are both involved in the same plot. Its hard to explain but if you see the movie you'll know what i mean. If this movie was directed by anyone else i don't think you would get that on edge feeling that Michael Mann delivers wonderfully. This movie may be one of my alltime favorite films. I recomend it to anyone who wants to see a film that is both thrilling and gets a message across about life.

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My new favorite show on nick, 2 August 2004

I have watched nickelodeon from its high days with rugrats, all that, cat dog, brothers garcia and are you afraid of the dark. I would have to say that 4 out of the 5 of these have died and even though all that continues, its just not the same as it once was. Lately I've been changing the channel from nick just because there is nothing quality on. But this show (Drake & Josh) has brought back nickelodeons oldtime magic. The show that i first expected not to be worth watching, actually turned out to be the show that i watch most on TV. If i see it on as i'm passing through channels, i'll stop and watch. This show combines funny situations with almost no corny parts in it, different from most of nick's comedys. Though it may not have total laugh out loud moments, it is funny just to watch the two totally different brothers react with all of the problems that come their way. Regardless it i definitely worth watching. Next time you see it on just take the time to stick with it, i bet you'll like it.

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Alot like kenan and kel, but it doesn't beat it, 2 August 2004

I just posted a comment but for some reason i forgot my favorite of the nickelodeon shows, kenan and kel. This show has the same type of buddy comedy as kenan and kel but just doesn't rack up to it. To be honest if kenan and kel came on a diferent channel even if it was just a rerun, i would watch it over this show. But, drake and josh is still worth watching if nothing else that tops it is on. So i think if 2 or 3 more shows like this were created on nick, then maybe i'd watch nick more often. But over all good show, but i do hope they bring back kenan and kel. So, until then Drake and Josh is an okay replacement and will keep us entertained.

P.U.N.K.S. (1999) (V)
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Alot better than i expected, 2 July 2004

When i saw the trailer for this movie i thought it looked like such a stupid film. But after seeing it i was totally suprised by the result. It may not make much sense but it was very enjoyable just like movies should be. I mean it had pretty bad acting and a pretty bad story but atleast you don't leave the movie thinking that you just wasted two hours of your life. So if you want to see a funny enjoyable movie, with the young but still hott jessica alba, johnny tsunami, and that kid from the big green, then here's a good one for you. This movie is not bad and it will suprise you if you think it is. And don't expect to be confused at any point in the movie...

Timeline (2003)
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Pretty damn bad..., 19 June 2004

This corny movie has so many flaws in logic and time travel. There are almost too many problems to name about this film and i frankly don't really feel like watching it again to find them. I rented this movie thinking that it would lack in the story but may have good action sequences. Surprisingly enough i was disapointed because the action was just too aweful. Also the cornyness of this film is incredibly heavy, ie "we made history, together" And of course paul walker at his worst. I just hated this film and if it wasn't for the fact that it was based on a good book i would give it a flat 2 out of ten, but i'll give it a 3 for effort. Nice try... losers.

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SPOILER.... Very good mini series, 3 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I grew up watching this and as if you might have guessed i'm not that old compared to other reviewers. But i am old enough to understand the moral of this film... SPOILER.... This series is about a devil type being that is dying and needs a young apprentice to have his evil legacy live on. However he cannot take a child, it must be givin to him. The only way to stop the future murders that he will commit the people must sucomb to their own deaths but in turn saving the lives of all of his future victims because he will die before then and have no one to continue with his evildoings. But this town is too caught up in their own lives that they decide to instead do as he wishes and just continue with the cycle.

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Seems like they lost the magic after season two ended., 31 May 2004

I have been obsessed with this show since it started in 2001. It seemed like it would have gotten better with age, but that all ended when season three began. I watched season three eager for another adventure with Clark, but what i got was a whole bunch of regurgitated ideas, and unrealistic plots. There were so many problems in the writing that i started to realize during the third season. It just so happened that Clark's family or friends were always involved in any event that would effect the town and it just seems stupid that nobody else would think that it was a little bit weird about the Kents, other than the Luthers. This show went into Star Trek mode, ie; adding a new character that found out about Clark but was luckily killed off at the end, by accident. I loved the first and second season and I highly recommend them to buy on DVD, but as for the third... well lets just say don't expect much.

Titanic (1997)
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I agree with: You either love this film or hate it., 24 May 2004

I personally prefer epics that move me and films with barely any love story, with the exception of Braveheart and Titanic. I like guy's films like Patton, Platoon, The Hunt for Red October, Spartagus, Saving Private Ryan, and Glory. I like to leave the theater feeling happy and speecheless and this movie did it for me. I liked James Cameron's style of a love story. I saw little to no awkward or corny lines during this movie, and i felt that it was well created and had likeable characters. It was also not overly done, every situation the characters were put into were beleivable. This movie also explains the story of a cocky crew that signed there own deaths just to make good time and good publicity. With their fatal flaw they caused the deaths of almost two thousand people. This movie consists of cowards and heros. The villain's( Cal ) feelings toward the Hero (Jack) coincide with the gradual rising destruction upon the ship. As the climax is reached so is the climax of Cal's anger, and he tries to murder Jack and Rose. I believe this movie is a definate classic. Oscar liked it, and unless you don't like Oscar, then i garauntee that you will also.

Glory (1989)
You haven't seen a good civil war movie if you haven't seen this., 24 May 2004

I loved this movie. It displayed so many important problems in ethics that still exist today. We know that the civil war was possibly the bloodiest war in American history. Of the casualties there were both Northern and Southern soldiers. The South consisted of men who were just fighting to keep what they already had. The North consisted of mostly men who didn't really have anything but keeping the union together to fight for. The only soldiers during the civil war that really had the determination to fight was the northern blacks. They fought against everything that they hated and with a passion stronger than all of the white men could gather. This movie displays a very important point: In hand to hand war, color plays no part, white men die just as blacks. In fact my favorite part was at the end when they are shoveling bodies into a ditch and the white commander lays with all of the blacks as they are piled on top of him, and the one thing that ran through my head was that all dead men lie together, because there is no prejudice or racism among the dead. If you liked movies about black people overcoming white hatred than you have to see this movie.

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