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Curfew (2012/I)
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Amazing!, 5 March 2013

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You can't say no to this. It's less than 20 minutes long and it's absolutely beautiful.

Richie has problems of his own, it's really obvious given that beginning. His sister calls him asking to take care of her daughter, whom he never sees. We learn that it's not because he doesn't want to, but because of something that happened years ago.

It's an incredible story about family. How Richie bonded with the little girl and, later on, re-bonded with his sister.

Lovely story and amazing acting from everyone. More often, we see kids overacting or trying too hard. So, it always amaze me when I see a child giving this kind of performance. Fatima Ptacek acts and she does it brilliantly.

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The concept is good; the movie, not so much., 21 December 2012

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This movie gave me nothing. For me, it's was about a girl (or three girls) who just walks and has meaningless conversations about alcohol, "those Korean men" or just basically what you talk with a stranger to keep him that way. She talks, but nothing she says is truly important. And the conversations she has are incredibly awkward. Now, I know it's suppose to be difficult to try to communicate with people in a language neither of the parts know well. But, even with the man she says she loves is truly awkward.

I think the casting could have been better. I'm not familiar with Isabelle Huppert's work, but everyone seems to love her. At least in this movie, I didn't. I mention her because she portrays the main character, but this goes for the rest of the cast as well (with some exceptions, of course). The way they talk with another one, face to face, looks planned. Sometimes, there's a weird pause in between lines, as if the person with the next line forgets it's their turn. I'd like to point an specific moment, when she is kissing a man and she suddenly stops and slaps him. OK, I don't care if she has to slaps him, but she shows no emotion while doing it nor while saying she's sorry.

To finish this, I have to say that I do admire the story line and the whole idea of the movie. They way it is presented is different than what you usually see.