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Distraction (2004– )
The funniest thing I ever saw were nudist distracting contestants
16 November 2005
This is one of the best game shows there has ever been. Jimmy Carr hosts this amazing show. Four contestants are brought in to the studio and we get to learn silly, weird or sometimes gross things about them or their life. What is revealed to the public should embarrass them for life.

Then we get to the good part. They go through four elimination rounds where they answer trivia questions about a simple topic. The only thing is they are getting "distracted". There is always something sick or hilarious to distract them from answering the questions. These include chug-a-lugging hot sauce shots to buzz in, pressing their tongue into a turning fan, having to wrap rubber band around their heads, being zapped with electric cattle prods, or having to do their pranks with some very funny naked people.

The last round is the chance to win fabulous prizes or a brand new car. If they answer a question incorrectly, they have something done to their prize, e.g. smashed, sprayed on, burned, smashed, etc. Jimmy Carr is one of the best comedian hosts I know. Outstanding comedy entertainment!
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A comic/serious exploration of revenge and dark magic
14 September 2005
A movie where more people die than in the first Halloween, "Skeletons In The Closet" (2005) follows a 140 year old mystery into the modern day, as the wrongs done in the past come back to seek retribution in the present. The original blues soundtrack by the director himself is exceptional. Police Chief Norm Riley (Michael Q. Schmidt) plays dupe to the machinations of evil land developer (Dave Romero) and a shifty Mayor (Kirk Bowman). The developer's son (Chris Mammarelli) returns to the town of Redwater after several years away at school. Together with his old girlfriend (Kelly Sullivan), he discovers the cause of the curse that has overtaken the town. Trying to warn everyone of the impending danger, the body count continues to grow.
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