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a list of 170 titles
A list (not in any specific order) of films that make me laugh the most.
a list of 210 titles
Terrible, depressing, horrible, idiotic, moronic films.
a list of 50 titles
My favorite Thrillers (in no particular order)
a list of 376 titles
Not in any specific order. Just my all time fav's.
a list of 57 titles
List of my fav Giant Monster Movies of all time! No specific order except the #1 spot.
a list of 22 titles
As always, a list of War films (in no specific order) that are my all time favorite!
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List of Family/Children movies (in no particular order) that I love.
a list of 32 titles
Besides the #1 spot, they aren't in any particular order.
a list of 129 titles
Not in any specific order.
a list of 115 titles
Shows I love and hold dear to my heart. Most are not in order.
a list of 52 titles
My favorite Dramas (in no particular order)