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An Amazing Movie! The BEST Performances of the Year., 6 July 2012

This has to be under everyone's radar and that's a true shame. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking for a truly moving film about fractured families and fractured souls.

I was completely blown away by this movie and by every single performance. If I were an Academy member and I saw this film I would immediately place the names Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Michelle Pfeiffer at the very top of my Oscar nominations lists. Honestly, everyone is just that good in these roles especially Banks. Hers is the best performance I've seen this year bar none. The movie itself is so wonderfully written and packs true emotional resonance. The plot may sound cliché but nothing is handled in a predictable or unreal fashion. Secrets are revealed and it sheds new life on family and the meaning of love. To paraphrase: what seems important now really isn't and what's may seem not important now really is… there's a lot to digest about this film. One thing's for sure, if you "lean in to it" and give this movie your time and undivided attention you will not be sorry that you saw it.

Lockout (2012)
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Guy Pearce Good. Plot Awful., 19 April 2012

I don't know why I expected more but this movie delivered nothing above a bad Sci-Fi Channel made for TV movie. Guy Pearce elevates it from complete crap levels but it's so badly written that it's hard to take anything that hits the screen seriously. The plot and the logic make no sense whatsoever. I did like the concept and the cast. It's too bad that they fumbled this badly and delivered something this shallow and unimpressive. I also hate the way they resolved the whole situation. It was genuinely unsatisfying how the bad guys met their fate.

Like many have said, Guy Pearce is incredibly good in this despite the bad writing and I think he could have a really nice career as an action hero, but this movie is incredibly silly, idiotic, and derivative. What a waste of a cool concept.

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They balanced everything masterfully. As Good As It Gets!!!, 19 April 2012

If you're a fan of epic adventure movies, then this is your dream come true. This is the type of film you fantasized about growing up! It really is the ultimate superhero mash-up and it's done perfectly. The makers of this film certainly understand spectacle but they also get the intricacies and depth these type of characters can provide. That right there assures this instant classic will be thought of as the best as well as the biggest film of 2012. The depth of this movie really did surprise me. Even though the high quality of the actors involved and there previous work as these very same characters seemed to indicate otherwise, I was expecting a wild popcorn movie. I was wrong in thinking it was too much to convey in one film. I couldn't be more pleased because they balanced everything masterfully. Sure, there's the popcorn fun we were all expecting but there's also a definite soul to the film and a smart plot as well. It's truly a stupendous movie regardless of genre.

Marvel did it, they pulled off the culmination of a master plan that's been taking shape for years. They deliver a movie the likes of which we've never seen before and as good of a film that's ever been made in its genre.

There's a reason this grand of a movie has never been attempted before now. How do you fully flesh out, care about and establish this vast group and still deliver a fun, crisp and coherent story? It's extremely difficult to navigate that edge-of-your-seat excitement while at the same time caring about each one of the characters and their struggles. One of the most impressive aspects of The Avengers is that they managed to get each hero their time in the spotlight and their own character arc. Every single main lead steps up and is treated with remarkable intelligence and given room to shine.

I loved that the stakes in this film are ridiculously high and the threat so impressive that there really is a need for these diverse characters to come together. That could have been a stumbling block in terms of story but it's treated just right. It's also a great idea that they chose to introduce all the characters to the audience as if you've never seen them before. Sure, the other films set up and give depth to each character but even if you missed their solo films, you'll still know and care about them in this movie.

It's also wonderful that everything is as big as it should be. This truly is the comic book epic of our lifetime (the fanboy version of Gone With The Wind circa 1939 if you will) and it all shows up on screen. Everything looks GREAT and feels epic. The equipment (love that Helicarrier), the relationships, the stars, the characters themselves and the battles are all huge and as fully mesmerizing as they should be. There are scenes that are emotional and there are scenes that are going to make any audience member scream "BADASS!" and mean it.

I'm serious when I say that the big, explosive moments are as grand as they should be but it's the smaller character moments in this film that really take it to another level. At this point, we've all seen how good some CG action can get but grounding it with a great story and with meaningful quieter moments is what makes a movie good. That's the ace up the Avengers sleeve. This is NOT some CGI video game movie. Cut out the action and I'd still want to see this movie. So, it's safe to say that they are replicating the comic book experience on the big screen. Years of depth coupled with spectacle and advanced fiction is a treat for non-comic book and comic book fans alike. That's is The Avengers greatest power... the ability to entertain all comers!

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Just A Bad Film - I Feel Bad For The Talent, 31 July 2011

Oh, I just came back from a screening of Cowboys and Aliens and all my worst fears came to light. Yes, this film is as bad as everyone is saying. Now, I really liked most of the directors films (The Iron Man films are awesome). So, I defended this team and this film saying it would be good but they made a liar out of me. I'm all out of praise for them. I just went off on my friends about how much this movie sucks, so I probably won't have much left to say. I wanted to like this film; I was going to cut it all the slack that I could manage. I'm sorry but even given that factor, this movie falls so flat. Even trying to fool myself, it is bad. I literally could sit here all day ripping apart the poor dialogue, the multiple tones, the dumb concept, etc. It's such a shame that a director that maybe was on his way to being called one of the best working today seems to have stubbed his toe big-time here. Hopefully, Cowboys & Aliens marks the bottom of the barrel and we can all forget this thing ever happened at all. I kind of feel sorry for Harrison Ford. He's too great of an actor and too much of a legend to be staring in a movie that's this bad.

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A fun and truly stupendous movie regardless of genre!, 31 July 2011

The depth of this movie really did surprise me. Even though the high quality of the actors involved seemed to indicate otherwise, I was expecting a lower level movie. I was wrong and I couldn't be more pleased. It's truly a stupendous movie regardless of genre.

Most Superhero comic book movies seem to share a problem in tone. Most films try to cope with wild concepts by emphasizing darkness, even over-emphasizing it. Troubled, brooding characters, black leather and anger rule the day. Here, Cap's creators mix everything so well. It leans away from dark but touches on it just enough. Maybe it's the character or maybe it's because they wanted genuinely real dialogue but the movie feels real and believable. It's truly better than most comic-book movies have ever delivered. So much of the humor works because of this and all the dramatic beats really click. Steve Rogers is so well written and displays true character establishment and development over the course of the film. Even the longing and then flirtation between Steve and Peggy has the undertow of lonely romantic longing and implications. What's also rare for any popcorn movie is that just about every scene packs real emotional weight. This is what you get when you mix fine acting talent with outstanding material. They make it shine and give you a remarkable summer movie. Oh yeah, did I mention that Cap kicks butt and is loads of fun too? That you could tell from the flood of action clips seen leading up to the movie. What was a pleasant surprise was that Captain America is a complete and very well done movie.

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Star Wars Cantina Meet Catwoman... a near incoherent mess of a film., 14 June 2011

This entire movie looks like a spin off of the Star Wars Cantina scene... much like the Ewoks "movie," a generally bad idea. General audiences loved Star Wars because of the heart and story. Cutting that but focusing on the wild video game quality of the Green Lantern characters and crazy universe is as bad of an idea as possible for a summer film. General Audiences are going to ignore this film in droves. The ones that do take a flyer will savage it and word of mouth will be awful from the non-fanboy non-super sci-fi crowd. Trust me, it's a bad and near incoherent mess of a film.

What's really sad is the fact that the movie itself seems to be one big parody of the sci-fi genre. The film's laughably bad because the dialog is one long joke and the live action cartoonish stuff never rings true. They try to inject humor and even sentimentality where there's really no place for it at all. Even as a live action cartoon, this film just doesn't work.

Super 8 (2011)
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Unremarkable Movie In Every Way.... Blah., 14 June 2011

This is a rather unremarkable movie in every way. The pacing was poor and the effects far below average but what really hurts this film is the fact that everything feels forced. You can actually feel the creators of the film try to inject humor or sentimentality where there's no room or where such things aren't earned or warranted. Even the drama feels forced and the danger not very palpable. Trying to tie the loss of a mother or the guilt of an alcoholic to a creature feature may seem like it adds emotional depth but when it's done wrong, it just comes across as shallow. Toss in an evil military presence and dumb as dirt town folk and I'm not sure even the creators of the film knew what they wanted this movie to be about. I was somewhat interested as to the outcome as a viewer so, I guess the movie did it's job but, again, does so in a completely unremarkable way.

Thor (2011)
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Agree With the Critics... GREAT Film!, 14 June 2011

Now everyone can see why they cast Hemsworth. He's perfect because he certainly fits the part physically but, more importantly, he's able to play Thor both as a mighty pompous loose canon as well as being a big lovable "god out of water" unable to adjust to human ways. Both are absolutely crucial to the character winning audiences over, especially those who may not be familiar with the character from comics. Hemsworth and the script does this with style. I also love the texture of this film. Example: The power struggle within Asgard between Thor and his brother and Thor and his father, Odin. It feels very relatable and very passionate. Their passion and rivalry was something anyone can absolutely relate to in their own lives.

No wonder all the big time critics love this movie (Travers, Roeper, Joyce, Maltese, etc) It's amazing! I can't wait to see it again! Thor is a magnificent thrill ride that even the most cynical viewer or critic will realize delivers a fantastic and fantastical reason to make the trip to the cinema. That's why even the jaded or cynical critics wanting to hate on yet "another comic book film" can't bring themselves to hate it. Those watching with an open mind will absolutely adore this film. Once seen, it's easy to see why critics are basically in agreement regardless of their previous dispossession. As good of a summer movie that's been released in years.

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The tone is breathtakingly perfect.. GREAT Film!, 14 June 2011

After seeing this wonderful film I have to ask one question... can certain fanboys please shut up now about how this thing differs from their comic books? Apparently, a few fans couldn't leave their own expectations, cartoons and comic books at home. Too bad they assume "they're doing it wrong" by judging the film they see versus the one that's running in their fanboy head. Maybe that matters to a few but when the people involved deliver such an outstanding movie, does it really matter?

Bring on Scott, Jean and Ororo in the sequel and in Xavier's true solo "first class." A movie this good is guaranteed at least a few sequels. Personally, I love this movie. It rivals X2 as the best of the bunch. The tone was breathtakingly perfect. Setting it in the early 60's was brilliant. This gives the film something no one really has seen before in these type of films and certainly elevates it from the X-Trilogy. As a fan of that trilogy, it is everything I was hoping for and maybe a bit more. This is the Xavier and Magneto story everyone has wanted to see since X1 and it's done remarkably well. There's no question that this film is going to surprise the doubters and frustrate the haters. There's no way anyone could hate anything about this movie unless they went in to view it wanted to hate on it. Wonderful in every way.

RED (2010)
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Pure FUN!, 15 October 2010

This movie may define the term popcorn film for me. It's pure fun... pure DUMB fun but fun nonetheless. How can anyone not absolutely love the entire cast??? I'm glad I didn't see or know much about the film prior to seeing it because when actors like Brian Cox and Richard Dreyfuss started to come out of the woodwork, I just loved it. (Yes, Ernest Borgnine as well!) The ads claiming this is the best cast in light action history may be right on the mark. John Malkovich steals the show! Bruce Willis is the perfect lead and Morgan Freeman is, well, Morgan Freeman. The story flows well and the fun never stops. For the most part, check your brain at the door, sit back and have a riot.

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