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The Switch (2010/I)
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Likable film with a lot of heart, 22 May 2011

I think critics have been conditioned to think that any movie with Jennifer Aniston in it these days has to suck. I happily declare that this one doesn't. It has a likable romance. The dialogue is actually funny (especially anything that comes out of Jeff Goldblum's mouth). Based on the premise - which comes off much less implausible than it probably should - I was expecting a lot more lowbrow comedy and was pleasantly surprised. And Jason Bateman is a wonderful and underrated leading man. The voice-overs are perhaps a bit insipid and probably could have been skipped entirely, but that's a minor complaint. I enjoyed the film. 7 out of 10.

Would still be bad if written by someone else, 2 May 2011

What I mean by that is that this movie is not just suffering in comparison to James L. Brooks' other films. It's pretty bad all on its own. It meanders, it thinks it's cleverer than it is, and mostly I just didn't much care what happened. The only characters I cared about were Owen Wilson's immature but endearing Matty (who, at least, was not made out to be a bad guy; I give the movie props for that), and Paul Rudd's character's pregnant assistant (more of her would have been great, as she was the only one who made him interesting). I felt absolutely no love from what was supposedly the big love story. So, yeah, not making comparisons... but I'm going to go watch As Good As It Gets and forget this wasted two hours :)

Repo Men (2010)
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Will stay with me for a while, 24 July 2010

And that's one of the best compliments I think you can give to a movie.

For whatever reason, I wasn't expecting much from Repo Men. But I was pleasantly shocked. It manages to be action-packed and thought-provoking at the same time. It also has this element of twisted humor that shows up occasionally throughout and works really well.

The very best thing about this movie has to be the use of music, which is brilliant. The way the chosen songs go with the different scenes ranges from demented to ironic to heartbreaking, and it's all amazingly effective.

The ending gave me chills.

8 out of 10... *rewatching end*... 8 1/2.

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Flawed but enjoyable, 10 July 2010

Do not pay attention to the ridiculously low rating this film has accumulated. It's hardly one of the best movies you'll ever see, but it is overall much more enjoyable than not.

The young leads are a charming, believable couple, and you do root for them.

I thought the more obvious (meaning unfunny) racial jokes were actually kept to a respectable minimum, considering that culture clash is the main premise of the movie.

Some scenes work better than others. One involving the families figuring out the "seating schematic" is quite clever and funny. One involving a bathroom is a rather shameless and unfunny ripoff of a scene from "Father of the Bride."

Carlos Mencia, I have to say, I don't think is funny or a particularly good actor. I kept finding myself imagining someone else in the part (*cough* George Lopez... or anyone else, really). But he wasn't enough to ruin the movie for me.

The best parts of the movie were the story with Forest Whitaker and Regina King, and anything with Charlie Murphy, who has a small but hilarious role. The one scene featuring him and Taye Diggs was the one time I laughed HARD. And yes, as another reviewer pointed out, the actress playing the sister was excellent.

Most of the plot points are predictable, yes, but I didn't really hold that against "Our Family Wedding." I at least had a better time than I've had at most real weddings. I give it a 6 out of 10.

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A bit less than mediocre. Pretty annoying, actually., 12 June 2010

I'm usually a fan of chick flicks (I even enjoyed the admittedly predictable Leap Year), but man, this movie sucks.

The premise of the movie was not as bad as I'd originally thought. The footage in the trailer of her taking people's coins from the fountain so "some of the magic might rub off" on her was stupid and made her instantly unlikable. I was relieved to see it different in the movie, that she was taking the coins so as to save these poor suckers from love. That was good. But it still didn't make the movie engaging or funny.

The pratfalls and/or "embarrass the heroine" moments are dealt with way too heavy a hand right from the beginning. Rather than bother developing Kristen Bell's character much at all (she works a lot, that's about it), it's like they just kept having bad things happen to her, thinking that would be enough to make us care about her. By the time her heel broke (about 5 min. in), I was already tired of that device.

The supposedly serious, tender moments are forced (the Picasso's mistress/"I'm real" scene?), and so are the comic ones. I laughed, I think, twice. Once was when Josh Duhamel's character was late being best man and "Cherry Pie" blared from his cell phone as he hurried down the aisle. That was unexpected and I giggled :) I hope to see Josh in a better romantic vehicle soon, as I do like him.

My biggest hangup (which I would have gotten past if the movie had at least made me *want* to like it)... She pulls 5 coins out of the fountain and they were all thrown by men?