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"Homeland" (2011)
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Claire Danes is brilliant in her portrayal of Carrie Matthison, 11 December 2012

Never have I seen such an excellent show that has you on the edge of your seat every episode, only comparable to Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. In particular I would like to sing the praises of Claire Danes as her portrayal of bipolar Carrie. Her acting along with Damien Lewis's is absolutely top notch, I would even go as far as saying she is the female Walter White -Season 5 (Bryan Cranston) of television. I would highly recommend this show if you love to watch nail-biting dramas with brilliant actors. But I do have one small problem with the show, there is some absolutely unessential nudity or "boobage" as some would like to call it. Of course it fits in with the storyline but honestly the show would still survive if the nudity was taken out.