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The Divide (2011)
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The worst movie in decades, 26 April 2012

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Although I use regularly, as a useful source of information about the film industry, I haven't written a movie review so far. But, this so-called movie disappointed me so badly, and I was so angry for wasting two precious hours of my life watching it, that I specially created this account to let people know how inept this movie is. It's hard to imagine how stupid and unrealistic the plot, the characters and screenplay of this movie are. They have nothing to do with a real-case scenario of the eventuality of an actual nuclear attack. It seems that the producers of the movie used the nuclear theme only as a justification for displaying on screen a series of totally inept torture porn scenes. No one on Earth would ever react, before a nuclear threat, like the characters of this movie do. The acting is not necessarily bad, but this doesn't save the movie from being total crap. Without saying anything more about this worthless, silly, illogical so-called film, if you really are into post-apocalyptic movies, I recommend you Threads (1984), The Day After (1983), or The Road (2009), instead of wasting your time with this garbage.