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The top films I have seen (I would like to see many other classics I have not yet seen e.g The Godfather and Schindler's List which i do own. I am only 12 so the list may not seem that sophisticated)
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Some of these I have seen some I have not, I have ranked the ones I have
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The best screen performances, IN MY OPINION
Note: I do not see why Pulp Fiction is ranked so highly as a film. I do have a list on this website of the top films and this is not in the top 20, I could not find any substantial acting performances in the whole movie and that is why there are none on the list, that message was for all the massive Pulp Fiction fans who are screaming at the screen currently. Also I am a massive Robert De Niro fan, therefore there are many of his character son this list, this is obviously down to taste, I also greatly appreciate the work of Tom Hanks but as I am twelve and am a fairly inexperienced movie watcher as I only really got into films a few months ago I have not yet seen many Al Pacino or Marlon Brando films, all though I like to think that for a twelve year old I have seen some pretty good films.
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Movies that made my cry, at least the top 3 or so, this is in order of how sad they are, not how good they are is my favourite film of all time
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