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The Game (2006–2015)
Don't waste your time watching this...
25 April 2012
The game is probably the most boring comedy/drama I have ever seen. Don't waste your time with this. The jokes are either dull or childish and I don't see why they keep on playing the laughter tracks/soundboard even when something's clearly not funny. Matter of fact, without the laughter recordings, you'd probably never tell that it's comedy; and it really doesn't fit the description of a drama either. It used to be good some years back when I first watched it(although I only saw two or three episodes), but now it's just poor work from the writers , directors etc. It's at the point where 'How I met Your Mother' is heading. Boring as hell Some of the actors are good as I have seen them in other shows but this show is just a waste of time.
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