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Raaj Tilak (1984)
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Multi Star Movie gone all wrong, 27 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Rajkumar Kohli bringing together a huge star cast is very attracting though sometimes we question whether it's a complete waste of a star cast (JAANI DUSHMAN: EK ANOKHI KAHANI)or one of those average multi-starer movies that turns out to be good (NAGIN, JAANI DUSHMAN)

The film is just a copy of BAGHAVAT ('82) and DHARAM VEER ('77) both starring Dharmendra. IRONIC!!!

Pran has a son - Sunil Dutt. Ajit has a son - Raj Kiran. Rajmata (dont know the actress's name) has a son Kamal Hassan

Ajit and Madan Puri are the bad guys so they launch an attack on the palace. Raaj Kumar, Raza Murad and Pran do their best to save the prince aka Kamal Hassan. The sword fight is so fake and stupid in this scene but is better later

Rajmata believes her son to be dead so Pran gives his son Sunil Dutt to her. But uh-oh. Ajit swaps Sunil Dutt with Raj Kiran while Ajit goes onto adopt Sunil Dutt. Meanwhile Kamal Hassan is revealed to be alive and is adopted by Om Prakash and Raaj Kumar is portrayed as a bad guy/villain by Ajit


Sunil Dutt has grown up to be a dashing Rajput who is continually mistreated by his supposed father Ajit. He has a sister Hema Malini who was probably born after the baby swap

Raj Kiran is the Prince and is the bad guy who is about to get married to Reena Roy but dun-dun-dun who does she fall in love with - Kamal Hassan!

Kamal has grown up to be a gypsy whom Sarika likes but he likes Reena Roy so LOVE TRIANGLE!

Dharmendra and Rajeev Anand are the sons of Pran who were born after the baby swap. Rajeev Anand likes Ranjeeta Kaur but she likes Sunil Dutt so 1 MORE LOVE TRIANGLE meanwhile Dharmendra gives his heart to Hema Malini

Raaj Kumar is the guy who runs some kind of sword-fighting / martial arts club in some abandoned cave. He has trained Kamal Hassan, finishes training Sunil Dutt and is about to train Dharmendra in whatever he teaches

I won't reveal the rest of the story because apparently the more engrossing the movie starts, the more lazy and boring it becomes. However it is kind of fun seeing Raaj Kumar, Kamal Hassan, Dharmendra and Sunil Dutt together


Sunil Dutt- average but too old to be the leading man. At age 54 he tries to play some 30-35 guy. His age isn't that much visible and his role is basically an extension of Lakhan from JAANI DUSHMAN ('79)

Dharmendra- don't understand what he was doing and I don't think the movie would have much too much difference if he wasn't in the movie. However he is passable

Hema Malini- though she is 35/36 in this movie, she still looks kinda young. This movie is kinda like evidence that even at age 36, she can still live up to her Dream Girl status. Her role is like Dharmendra's and mainly appears to give brother-sister advice to Sunil Dutt or talk romantically to Dharmendra

Reena Roy- not given as much scope as she deserved. Due to the million sub plots and plots the movie tries to force in, she doesn't manage to do anything that remarkable. However she's beautiful and gives her best in all the scenes she gets

Kamal Hassan- manages to give 1 or 2 funny moments but because his character has been copied from Bhagawat ('82) he cannot impress the audience as he could have done. He is almost lost in the 2nd half which gives more scope to Dharmendra, Sunil Dutt and Raaj Kumar. Kamal was relatively new to Bollywood that time so I don't blame him being overshadowed by anyone

Ranjeeta- don't really like her as she isn't mass-appealing. Her role is small so I guess Rajkumar Kohli would just have to pick a low-key actress. She's is tolerable

Sarika- her character is copied from Bhagawat ('82) and in this movie, you will notice she has been sort of portrayed as a sex siren with her ridiculously small clothes which of course, didn't worked. As expected, she dies

Ajit- always a good character actor and shines with every role given

Pran- plays a role he has played in DHARAM VEER

Raj Kiran- intolerable. Watch the movie and you will realise it looks like he's saying the same dialogue over and over again

Raaj Kumar- you can easily tell he was born to play this role

Watch this if you like multi-starer movies (who doesn't) but the movie is enjoyable if you don't get confused who is whose son

The last song "Aagye Aagye" is great fun

This movie can be crap/entertaining depending on the way you see it, 3 November 2013

I just want to start off the review by saying that Rajkumar Kohli is a multi star specialist as he made NAGIN (76), JAANI DUSHMAN (79), RAAJ TILAK (84) so a whole host of Bollywood actors coming to work in what IMDb users call "the worst film ever" is not surprise. But the fact that the directors son Armaan Kohli is in the movie takes us back to the 90s where Rajkumar repeatedly tried to launch his son but his sons career never rose. The crazier thing was that Rajkumar had cast him opposite famous stars to get him noticed but sadly nothing worked. A revamped version of the formula is evoked in Rajkumar Kohli's recent offering JAANI DUSHMAN: EK ANOKHI KAHANI

The film is a modern day version of NAGIN (no f****** idea where the original JAANI DUSHMAN came in except the place where Manisha gets raped) with Armaan's character being Terminator 2 and an Ichadari Nag which already sounds cool

Manisha is raped by two dudes and stabs herself then blames her friends (Rajat Bedi mimics everyone's voice on the phone). Enter Armaan who he and her were lovers centuries ago but an angry sage banished Manisha and said to Armaan he could reunite with her in the 21st century. Now he has but she dead. Now her ghost and Armaan will take revenge. But how? Well Manisha is a ghost and can go inside people and control them and do stuff while Armaan has developed super powers while waiting for Manisha like blowing sandstorms out of his mouth, turning into a bike, making knives out of his hands and do matrix stuff

The reason Manisha blames her friends is just unintentionally hilarious and would have worked in a comedy movie

Because IMDb users have ridiculed this movie so much I might as well reveal what happens

Who dies??

Rajat Bedi- Manisha turns into a skeleton (people said it was a ripoff of the mummy) ane throws him off a 20 storey building

Sharad Kapoor-Armaan turns into a bike and drives onto his neck

Arshad Warsi- thrown into a pool and electrocuted

Aditya pancholi- Manisha's ghost goes into Aftab and makes Aftab kill Aditya

Aftab Shidvasabi- Manisha ghost possessed him and made him kill Aditya but law and order wont believe this so they order him to get hanged

Sunil Shetty- Manisha goes inside him and throws him off a building

Akshay Kumar- now his death was the most annoying and sad as he delivers the best performance. Its true that Akshay is very likable in the movies that he dies in. Akshay fought with Armaan and due to a huge explosion went into a coma. When Sonu is last man standing Akshay wakes up and gets stabbed by Armaan then Armaan stomps on the knife. Then Akshay gets on a jetski to save Sonu and then choked by armaan underwater. But wait Akshay faked it and is still alive but oh no. He staggers to Raj Babbar and in a very sad and emotional scene, he dies. He should not have died and this was a complete misfire. He was the main dude and it would have made an awesome ending if he survived as well.

I have not mentioned Sunny Deol yet. Of course he is shown on the movie posters but he is just a guest appearance. He is supposed to be married to Manisha but he goes to London and Armaan comes in. Ugh. Sunny has an fight scene, goes London, phoned by his stepbrother Sonu to come and in a matter of minutes Sunny travels from London to Mumbai and in the climax saves his bro and kills Armaan.

Music: Chal Kudiye and Roop Salona Tere are the type of songs that uou feel you have heard of before and are enjoyable. The Jaaneman Tu Khub Hai song is OK and has too many costume changes. The Javed Bhai So Rele Hai song is just plain stupid.

Armaan Kohli is considered one of the worst actors of Bollywood. So him being the villain makes the audience hate him even more and that's why him being the villain works in this movie.

The heroines are ordinary and are just opportunities for Armaan and Manisha to kill the goodies.

In spite of the many flaws this movie can be quite enjoyable and definitely is a pulse pounding ride.

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OK family film, 4 August 2012


The film's story is nothing new Just a son who does bad things on his parents Pran's role kind of reminds you of KASAUTI (1974)

Rishi Kapoor and Meenakshi Shedarshi steal the show as Gopal and Mala Their role kind of reminds you of GHARANA (1989) Raj Kiran, Satish Shah and Gulshan Grover are bad as the bad brothers Shoma Anand, Aruna Irani and Jayshree T excel Shammi Kapoor is good as gold Sushma Seth is passable Kader Khan has a nice role Ashok Saraf is good

Hifazat (1987)
Typical bollywood masala, 2 August 2012

HIFAZAT is the typical 80s masala with action, comedy, romance and drama Nutan is the owner of such a big property But gets inflicted tortures by Bindu (the other woman in the life of someone's husband) and her son Shakti Kapoor Anil is the missing son of Pran and Nutan and he pretends to be their missing son to save Nutan from the tortures

Anil Kapoor is fine Madhuri Dixit is lovable Gulshan Grover is funny as the comical villain Kader Khan is really funny and makes the movie enjoyable Shakti Kapoor makes a sinister villain Bindu is typecast Ashok Kumar isn't bad Nutan, the golden actress, plays her role to the hilt Pran rocks all the way Sharat Saxsena is boring

Gurudev (1993)
Fun Film, 1 August 2012

This was a great film Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Anil Kapoor, Kiran Kumar, Pran, Danny Denzongpa, Asrani, Harish Patel, Seema Deo, Satyen Kappu and Kader Khan rock The film had a storyline which would have worked in the 70s but at least it worked in the 90s Sridevi has worked as a cheeky mischief monger and a sensible dancer but in this film she plays twins and pulls it off quite nicely The hospital scene is a highlight Rishi Kapoor didn't play a lot of action roles in his career and should have Vinod Mehra was a better actor than director He would have definitely acted in the film if he was alive This is a good family film with lots of action Its worth its watch!

Nazrana (1987)
Smita Patel and Sridevi mistress and servant, 31 July 2012

Superstar Rajesh Khanna teams with two titans Smita Patel and Sridevi Mistress-Servant is probably not the best way to portray Smita Patel and Sridevi but works out well

Priti Sapru deserves special mention for the way she acts as a vamp, separates Rajat and Mukta and how she hilariously shouts at Sridevi

Rajesh Khanna and Smita Patel show a good relationship as Rajat and Mukta and beautifully portray it on screen

The lead pair perform well Sridevi is laughable of how the way she beats the goons Shafi Inamdar is funny Dalip Tahil is average Iftekhar is passable Om Shivpuri is a little impressive Pinchoo Kapoor is OK

Bairaag (1976)
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Dilip Kumar = father + son + son, 31 July 2012

Some OK songs by Kalyanji Anandji and a good performance by Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar 1 = a blind but rich guy who has lost his wife and is guilty for leaving his blind baby at a temple

Dilip Kumar 2 = a blind servant of a wealthy family in a small village adopted by the temple priest

Dilip Kumar 3 = a spoilt rich boy

This movie is only good for Dilip Kumar's performance and a few good songs The heroines aren't useful Prem Chopra is OK Madan Puri is passable Mukri is different Sujit Kumar is stupid The actress who plays Dilip Kumar 1's wife is horrible

Family film, 30 July 2012

Kader Khan doesn't do any work, is very good at speeches but never does any hard work The first half, he makes you laugh at what he does Then when his hard-working son Raj Kiran gets killed in an accident, Khan realises his mistake and starts working hard for his son's cancer operation The bad guys (Tej Sapru, Gulshan Grover) try to stop him at all means because Khan discovered their plans to steal things for the godown

The side story has the romantic plot of Kader Khan's son Govinda and Juhi Chawla. The first half the pair have the usual college campus romance and stuff like that but in the second half you can totally forget about them being in the movie

All in all a 7/10

Brahma (1994)
Good script, OK songs, good performances do the job, 27 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Govinda is an extremely skilled painter who can paint how someone looked in the past or how they will look in the future He is called by Prem Chopra to paint how his daughter Ayesha Julka will look like because he has her childhood photo

But there is a catch Ayesha Julka is not Prem Chopra's daughter and Prem Chopra needs her photo so he can find her, make her marry his son Arjun and take over her entire estate Govinda instead paints his dead wife Madhoo

Direction and music are both average

Govinda excels Madhoo has nicely done her acting Ayesha Julka is good Prem Chopra is funny with his dialogue "Main Tumhari Zindagi Bana Doonga" Laxmikant Berde is annoying at times The rest are okay

Fakira (1976)
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Good masala entertainment, 27 July 2012

Shashi Kapoor and Danny Denzongpa play long-lost brothers and were separated in a fire caused by Madan Puri

Years later the pair meet with Shashi as the modern Robin Hood Fakira and Danny as the dangerous hit man Toofan However they are both as enemies because Fakira robs Madan Puri's goons and Madan Puri hires Toofan to bring Fakira to him

The direction is OK Music is good especially "Sunke Teri Pukar" and "Tota Maina Ki Kahani"

Shashi Kapoor and Danny Denzongpa are both awesome and brilliant in their roles Shabana Azmi is OK Asrani is good Mukri is funny Madan Puri excels Aruna Irani is good Asit Sen is OK The rest of the cast are funny

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