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RE: Retribution is the best for me., 28 December 2012

I rated this 10 because I loved it. I don't care about what the others are saying. I loved the visuals, the acting, the actresses, everything! I personally like Ada Wong. She is gorgeous. The other actors and actresses are fine too. I really loved the story. I guess critics are really hard to please. But myself, I really enjoyed this film i don't know why. The acting is pretty good to. I regret not watching this in the cinema. I will definitely watch the succeeding movies in the cinema. I don't get it why people hate this movie so much. I'm pretty sure I will watch the next film after this. I'll keep supporting the Resident Evil series for sure. Bingbing Li, Marry me!

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I still believe in heroes., 25 April 2012

The best superhero movie! nuff said. highly recommended movie for everyone! go watch it! you will not regret it. The action, the jokes, the script, the special effects, the story, the characters, the actors/actresses (especially scarlett johansson!!! she's so hot and gorgeous!!!!) are perfect. One of the best movies of 2012! My expectations for this movie was exceeded. i will certainly watch the sequel of this movie to see black widow again! :) i can't believe 2 hrs and 20 mins passed do fast. I did not get bored on this movie at all cause i was so into this movie cause it's so fantastic. i will see this movie again!

perfect for me, 10/10