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Been compiling this list on napkins and pizza boxes. So nice to have a way to track them. Thanks IMDB. This is my favorite list. Not claiming they are "the best" ever. But they are mine. Critique away. Criteria was tough, but in short I basically asked myself, if these two movies were on simultaneously, which one would I watch. Just a college basketball coach with long layovers in airports and bus rides. Surprising how quickly you get to 1000. The middle of the list is in flux as I am reminded of movies not listed and also as I take in new one. The bottom of the list will hopefully rarely change as I don't think I can stand another Mama Mia or The American. Enjoy!!
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Just like with my Top 1000 Movies, these are MY favorites. These are series I have seen all (or almost all episodes of). The list is obviously heavily influenced by being 40-something. There are some notables exclusions of series i have seen but just couldn't rank in Top 100... I am not a M.A.S.H or Star Trek fan. Just a basketball coach with too many long travel days, so enjoy it for what it's worth.