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In this list, I will rank all of the movies meant to make the audience laugh. This will not include movies that revisionist history has deemed comedies but only those whose initial purpose was hilarity. It's by far the greatest genre in cinema because, after all, if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad.
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If it's animated, it's here. While Disney will surely end up dominating the list with its excellent work in the 80s and 90s, the list is not exclusive to them and features the work of artists from all over the world.
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Dramatic movies are those focused around the life of an individual or pair of individuals as they deal with circumstances beyond what the average person knows. Not necessarily action- or romance-based, these movies usually end up grabbing all the awards.
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In this list, I rank the movies of cinema's favorite spy as I watch them in the order in which they were produced. This includes every movie based on James Bond, including the comedy that utilized his namesake. While there may be no perfect Bond film, there are some very excellent ones.
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Action movies are about heroes kicking ass. Almost every movie that fits under this genre has a household name known for blowing away the bad guys, from Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sean Connery and the many other faces of James Bond.
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The movies I rank in this list contain an element of science, whether it be life on other worlds or man learning to manipulate his own world through technological advances. Fiction plays a bigger role in this genre than in any other as plots can bend space and time to produce a variety of otherwise unbelievable scenarios and alien life forms.
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Probably the most difficult to define, the thriller genre as I label it generally pertains to a story of suspense and usually mystery. You might think of it as the detective genre since that is what most of the movies under this heading involve. The protagonist is usually trying to solve a case and encountering danger along the way.
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Unlike the fantasy genre, I am considering the adventure genre to not feature otherworldly elements. It's swords without the sorcery and large-scale journeys.
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The horror genre is one of the most difficult to appreciate as it relies on the viewer to suspend disbelief in almost every film. This list contains my favorite movies that were made to scare the viewer and generally involve a supernatural element, excluding aliens but including everything from slashers who defy death to men who turn into werewolves.
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Romantic comedies are, simply put, comedies built around romance. They can be quite funny but usually aim to bring a tear to your eye after all the laughs have died down.
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All things super hero find their way into this list. More than that, I will rank any movie whose source material was originally a comic strip of some sort, as well as original movies meant to inspire a new comic series.
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Romance movies are those where you know from the first moment that two people are going to fall in love, but that it might take the whole movie to get there. Whatever else comes in between, the ultimate goal of the movie is to make the viewer feel and root for the love between the protagonists.
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This list is reserved for movies that take place primarily at wartime. Generally, the characters in the film are taking part in the war as well.
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A genre that is largely dead today, the western film obviously takes place in the west and involves cowboys, horses, small towns and, of course, gunslingers. It's the stuff of legend, but, at times, can be terrifyingly visceral. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood dominate the genre and produced the only legitimately classic films to come from it.
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A sports movie obviously revolves around a game of some type, whether the protagonist is a player, coach, agent, owner or spectator. Because sports are, by nature, so hilarious, this genre more often than not overlaps with the comedy genre.
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Here we have probably the weakest genre of movies there is: movies built around songs. The movies in this list rely on the songs in them to tell the story, or, perhaps were made simply to promote the music further.
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Any franchise as advanced as Star Trek deserves its own list of movie rankings. This one will contain all things Trekkie as I watch and rate them in the order in which they were produced.