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Casino (1995)
Best Scorsese Film?
9 January 2008
In typical gangster films what is the common theme and emotion that you get from them? the answer is you tend to not feel to much emotion towards the gangsters actions however Casino is much different I Felt so angry, upset and so sorry for Bob Deniro in this as his role played to perfection as always. Did anyone else wanna go into the film and beat the s*** out of Sharon Stone ha ha. Thats exactly what i am trying to get at. The acting is on another level, so amazing that These emotions were brought out by the audience watching! Sharon Stone's Excellent performance as Ginger i thought stole the show. A straight up lovable hustler turned drug addict. Stone not only en captivates the role and fits the image, she also nails what i think, is the best performance of her career.

Robert Deniro as Sam Rothstein once again consistency is the true mark of a great actor and Deniro nails this role to a tee as always. I see Sam as the Good guy of the movie! A good man who just wants a quiet life we as the audience feel compassion towards him throughout and i sense of sorriness as he loses all of his riches Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro amazing as always in this film i see him as the Lovable character, the moments of comedy, the vicious streak all together make such a great personality This film could be Scorsese's best however many opinions will fly around and at the end of the day it becomes hard to say which is his best Casino 10/10
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City of God (2002)
City of Goodfellas!!
1 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was sceptical when i first sat down and watched this film for the first time. Basically because i have never really been into foreign films, with all the western films being thrown into our faces with English as the main language. However i sat down and watched it, after hearing that this was similar to Goodfellas and many people saying that it is actually a better film!! i thought no way!!.

However after watching the first 10 minutes i quickly forgot about the subtitles and i was hooked on this film, it is so well made, so well acted by actors that were acting for the first time!! that is incredible for example Lil'Ze, which probably was the best performance of the film. This film has now become one of my favourite films ever! and is better than my former favourite Goodfellas. The structure is complicated at first but after say two viewings of the film you pick up on everything. The messages it conveys and leaves you as the audience with are memorable and have a great impact, A powerful Film! 10/10
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Cast Away (2000)
Powerful !!!!!!!!
29 May 2005
This film has so many key messages such as to take everything for granted in your life its so powerful The package the key iconography of the film symbolise Chucks hope and keeps him going i think there is a message on it and the wings symbol also gives chuck hope The final scene is the best scene for me where he stands at the crossroads the lady who symbolise the package giving him hope giving him directions it all relates to when he was stranded, in fact the package has just been delivered to her house so this is easy to spot But the whole point of this film is to hit the ignorant people in this world, people tend to forget that they are lucky to have what they have and it just conveys so many messages and it has a big effect on the audience. I think the film is highly underrated in every sense 9/10
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Once again Ben does it again!!
1 May 2005
I really believe if they had kept the original ending the rating of this film would have been a lot higher, because its true you get these underdog films like Cool Runnings etc and they always come out on top.. this is the harsh reality and it would have been better to have the original ending where the Cobras remain the winners and you get the funny classic shot of the freeze frame and the glory!! music kicks in. Even director Thurber wished this but they tried it on a test audience and they didn't conform to it so it was scrapped Anyway Ben Stiller saves this film from being a total disaster he was so funny and i have to say his best performance since ZOOLANDER!! and i have to say i thought the end quote by Christine Taylor was funny and just totally random " bisexual" just out of the blue and completely random overall 7/10 star: BEN STILLER!!
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Along came the amateur
9 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Jennifer Aniston is one of the worst actors i have ever seen and this film proved it. Firstly she was not believable, you felt sorry for her making a fool out of herself, shes not funny, she should stick to friends...

Apart from her Ben Stiller was OK he cracked up a few good witty jokes, Hank Azaria was the funniest actor in the film and Stiller's gay boss in the funni toilet scene, Stillers friend was also funny in the basketball scene "raindrops" good technique for a basketball shot hahaha very funny though cos its just stupid.

The story was a little weak needed more depth in order for it to be taken seriously by an audience come to think of it what was the point of this film???? was it for J.A. to finally show how she can really act well she has totally proved how much of a crappy actor she really is and made a fool out of herself in the process.

5/10 average film, average acting, weak plot, not really entertaining
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Kiss Symphony (2003 Video)
Who says they still cant Rock???
4 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I really had my doubts when i first saw this back in 2003 but as i watched it i was gradually pleased and i have to say it is one of the best concerts i have ever seen watching the DVD and seeing LET ME GO ROCK AND ROLL and the awesome TOMMY THAYER he puts ACE in the shade that song is without a doubt the highlight of the concert. I was disappointed with genes whole "amazing" bass solo on god of thunder maybe they should have scraped the whole green lighting effect and the solo and the blood and just played the song for what it is.

Brilliant structure though i mean 3 acts you don't see something that original at a concert but it worked. A GRADE act 2 especially all of the songs acoustically were amazing including FOREVER brilliantly sung by the underrated PAUL STANLEY.

Overall great concert GREAT DVD also PAUL STANLEY IS THE MAN!!! 10/10
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Election (1999)
Original and surprisingly good
31 October 2004
I was surprised when i saw this film i thought it was going to be another American Pie rip off as it looked like one from the cover and the back of the DVD but in fact it was better than all of those teen movies put together. I was meant to watch this film in September when it was on ITV but as it came on a still had this prejudice view that it wouldn't be any good and it would be yet another teen movie. However i never realized that it was made before the highly accalimed American Pie, anyway a few days later my mates were talking about it and saying that it was a good film and was original so i thought... and thought and i bought the DVD, i watched it the other night and i was totally surprised this film is very good very original plot line which reminds me of a certain 2000 election in the USA.

I don't see why people discredit the film because it has too much sex OK i agree that some of it wasn't needed, but when you watch the film you don't really care that there was too much of it because the storyline is so unique. I thought that Reese Witherspoon as Tracy Flick was an outstanding performance she is definitely i special actress one for the future. Chris Klien once again put in an A grade performance as he did in Pie 1 very funny and realistic. I really liked the whole voice over theme it keeps the audience's attention and is very effective. Overall an underatted film that deserved more credit. 8/10
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Brill Documentary, the hard truth!!
21 October 2004
Farenheit 9/11 is one excellent documentary from Michael Moore, i also enjoyed Bowling for Columbine but this is much better as it doesn't cover up anything its an uncensored view of the cold hard truth of the whole 9/11 Afganistan/Iraq, 2000 election fixing. Yes it may be a little biased and may not show one good point of approval of Bush's actions from Moore but it is so factual and every minor detail is covered in this to give you an idea of the point that the majority of people and in particular Moore is getting across.

I really think it was a bold decision from Moore to include horrific scenes but it works in this documentary it is scenes such as that, that are being covered up and only no in this documentary do the public get to see this. There are many touching scenes such as the lady who lost her son in Iraq, these scenes really do show the hard truth of war and the after effects and Moore covers all of this adequately.

Great Documentary 9/10
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Classic Family Film
18 October 2004
Why does this film have such a low rating?. OK i know most sequels never live up to the original but this film was different it was much better than 3 men and a little baby. Better storyline that kept you interested mainly the fact that half of the film is set in South England which gave the film a different angle and made it more interesting. Now on to the actors definitely Ted Danson was the best actor as Jack Holden closely followed by Tom Selleck as Peter Mitchell. I have seen this film since i was 3 years old when it first came out and it remains as a classic comedy alongside Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains and Automobiles etc its classed alongside those kind of films i think and overall it gets a 7/10
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Maverick (1994)
Excellent Script, Excellent Acting, Excellent comedy
7 October 2004
This film is one that i can watch over and over it is so good and relaxing to watch. Mel Gibson plays the character of Brett Maverick very good and i have to say its one of the best performances from Gibson if not the best!!

It is one of the funniest films i have ever seen also Gibson, Foster and the excellent James Garner show this especially Garner who plays Mavericks dad very well. I really like the way the film is structured it starts off from actually mid way through the film which is unique and normally i find that it makes a great film,.... the soundtrack is also very good and accompanies the film well!

Films like this are just not being made anymore!!!!!!

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Duel (1971 TV Movie)
Psychological Thriller
7 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
When i watch this film i get so involved that i actually think Is Dennis Weaver just imagining the truck or is it real? a few reasons for this are that when the bus driver stops him and asks him for a push he tells him about the truck but the bus driver doesn't know what he is on about, he says "no i didn't see any truck" is this all in the mind, is he going insane, is he already insane, is it a dream?? this is why it is such a great film, it leaves you asking questions. Endless dessert road that he is driving on it just adds to the chilly creepy theme of the film and the narrating throughout also keeps your attention and keeps you thinking and this is where i had this theory of David actually maybe he is already insane or is going insane, i mean why in the hell would a truck driver want to chase and kill a man only because he overtook him on a road also i truck going as fast as that i mean it wouldn't happen.. This is definitely a classic, one of those films that are not being made anymore, this film has influence in other films such as Jeepers Creepers etc..

The best scene in the film is the cafe scene, overall watch this classic if you have not already!!

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Classic Film Noir Movie
1 October 2004
This is a good film noir movie that is compelling to watch and leaves you thinking. I watched this film first in my film studies class at college and i thought when it came on "oh no" black and white its going to be boring but the fact is that it wasn't, the incredible storyline alone is so interesting the actors especially Fred Mac Murray are excellent picking Mac Murray out in particular a slick cool insurance salesman who is a bit of a womanizer!!.

I did however think that they would have got away with that kind of murder, i really think it would have been hard to find out the exact details of that case and then find the murderer or murderers. The film on a whole reminds me of The Godfather or an old classic murder drama, the dark rooms the fast New York accent talk and the fascinating dress sense (not to mention the way Neff can light a match like that so slick)!!

Overall a very enjoyable film for anyone of any age, it will not offend anyone and is one classic that must be seen

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Effective 3rd film, but still not excellent
26 September 2004
OK, This film is just like part 2 but it isn't as "cheesy" and again there is better acting than the 1st part but same as 2nd. Pamela Springsteen is better in this one her acting is better and the murders look more realistic. The best actor in the film is the Bobby character who gets his arms pulled off??. Good opening scene with the truck hitting that girl Maria, good effects used when the truck actually impacts.

I still feel as if the murder spree was still a bit unrealistic but better than the 2nd. This film could have been longer but the fact that it was just a really simple storyline made it a short film like parts 1 and 2. You will like this film if you have enjoyed parts 1 and 2, or you are just interested in blood and gore in films and interesting murders such as a lawnmower to the head (never seen that b4) haha, and if you don't like this film i don't blame you at all as it has poor acting, and a lot of mistakes!!

5/10 cya
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23 September 2004
This DVD is truly one of the best DVD's i have bought for a while, 10 videos from CKY'S IDR album plus 2 otheres from volume one Disengage the simulator and 96 Quite bitter beings. Full commentary for every video on the DVD plus making of each video. What other band has a DVD where they create a video for every song and the answer is that there are not many bands, i truly recommend this DVD to every CKY fan and even well anyone who is anyone should check out this.

10/10 - great buy for the price - Great Videos - Commentary on every video - Making of every single video on there!! - BUY IT NOW AND ALSO BUY IDR
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Jackass (2000–2002)
Jackass provided good entertainment
23 September 2004
What can i say about the programme Jackass, .. its like it started a cult that worshiped the stupid and no point stunts that made people addicted to this programme such as me!!. Johnny Knoxville the ring leader, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Ryan "almost" Dunn, Brandon Dicamillo etc the characters in the programme made the show a complete success.

I do not think that this programme was as good as the CKY series in which BAM stared in but it was really a great programme. I don't have much else to say realli cant think of anything at this time but a rating must be given for the show

9/10 cya
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only good for entertainment value
22 September 2004
OK, this film has better acting than the first but still comes off as "cheesy" and the feeling that they could have put more effort into the acting. You will like this film if you enjoy slashers because this has it. Great Makeup artists for scenes such as the slit throat scenes, and the blood splattering parts good effect on the viewer it makes you cringe just watching the blood splatter on Pamela Springsteens and then the camera looks away !!good effects!!

Still though it overexagerates as far as the killing theme goes because i really don't think that she could kill nearly everyone in that camp, even T.C. the best actor in the film, but she does show towards the end a real good psychopathic nature that we don't see throughout the whole film. Good use of the characters in the female camp house thing!! great shots of womens chests, always good to see in a teenage flick hahaha. Still this isn't as good as the first even though there is better acting and camera work

I'm really pushing myself to give this film a 5/10 so ill stick with a 4/10 but entertainment its a 9/10
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Became a comedy after 5 minutes
20 September 2004
This film is strange, very strange, i watch the first 5 minutes its got a good opening which was creepy with the excellent score in the background, but then it goes all downhill as far as the "horror" theme is concerned, the acting is poor very poor, it was funny just watching the actors trying to be serious about killing people, some actors just seemed as if they weren't bothered that someone had just died such as the camp owner which in my opinion was funny the way he thought that phoning a parent to tell them that there child had been murdered was just an every day thing, truly hilairious, Felissa Rose was poor hardly any lines to say apart from "OK" "HI" "NO" and the disturbing "ahhhhhh" at the end which probably wasn't her anyway, a strange and unpredictable ending which again was leftfield completely, never followed the plot of the film!! it was boring also but the comedy made up for it sometimes AKA poor acting, poor camera angles and tonnes of mistakes!! This film has become one of my great comedy films but overall 5/10
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Goodfellas (1990)
Best Gangster film ever made
13 June 2004
Goodfellas is the best gangster film ever made and that is quite a statement with other class gangster films such as The Godfather 1 and 2 not 3 as it is terrible, Casino, Once upon a time in America etc but it is true the film isn't just about gangsters killing other people because they didnt get there money, it has it all, Love, Life etc.

What makes the film all that even better is Ray Liotta i think he is a underated actor and is in this film also because people expect Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci to be the main characters but Liotta turns out to be the main character and the best actor in the film as he fits the part of a gangster he even sounds like one i mean his narrating throughout the film keeps you listening and watching the film. The way in which the film goes through the years also is good as you see the different clothes worn at the time and the music played at the particular time

9.9999999/10 superb movie See also City of God, Donnie Brasco
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one earful of a film
11 June 2004
Reservoir dogs is in my opinion the best Quentin Tarentino film, simply because of the unique story line and the excellent acting in every scene. To me it looks like when they were filming each scene they put so much effort into them because the acting is that good the best actor in the film Steve Buscemi shows this.

What makes it so good though is the fact that the the scenes although set mostly in the warehouse the scenes keep you watching the film there is no dip in the entertainment factor an A star quality film that never gets boring. 9.9999999/10

See this if you liked Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown or any other Tarentino film
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Donnie Darko (2001)
Best film for a long while quite FRANKly
2 June 2004
Donnie Darko is one of those strange films that are not made enough. When u watch it ure thinking at the start what is this film about what a strange film as u gradually get into though u suddenly change ure perceptions on it, this film reminds me of fight club starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as the storyline is twisted and leaves you at the end of the film having to watch it again to fully understand the plot.

This is a great film Jake Gyllenhaal's role as the troubled teenager is played by him fantastically the acting is great not only from him but from every actor in the film. There are still parts that i really do not understand such as Franks role but overall because it leaves you thinking it makes the film the best in years.

9/10 see this film if u liked Fight Club, American Beauty,

Blue Velvet, The Twilight Zone
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Zoolander (2001)
A film with no point but hilarious
2 June 2004
This film contains a lot of different comedy that would make some people laugh and some not, u either think this film is funny or u do not there is no middle. the funniest moment in my opinion is when the fashion awards is taking place and a video comes on for both hansel and derek and hansels 'i wasn't like every otha kid that dreamed about being an astronaut i was more interested about what kinda bark was made out of on a tree' stupid quote but somehow Owen Wilson makes it sound funny and there are many occasions in the film when this type of comedy happens. Also Will Ferell as Mugatu steals the show with the best comedy performance by him in a while and his stupid haircut.

I do not think this film was better than Meet the Parents or the Cable guy that Stiller directed but it does have its moments 7/10 see this if you liked Meet the Parents, Cable guy (any other Ben Stiller film) cya
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Friends (1994–2004)
94-04 end of an era
2 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER I have watched Friends since 94' from the first series to the end i have to say the older series episodes were a lot funnier than the later series, but the last series was the funniest for a while. The best character in the whole of Friends in my opinion was definitely Ross, a likable funny character played by the best actor on the programme

Best episode has got to be when they played American football what an episode, it had it all, Ross and Monica 'the gellar cup' Joey and Chandler 'That was my fav jersey' and battling over that women. The 6 of them just seemed to have a great connection throughout the programme

Now onto the last episode, to be honest i was disappointed so predictable oh Rachels going to Paris yeh but u just knew that she would get off the plane and go back to Ross it got boring and predictable, the only highlight of that episode was Pheobe excellent comedy from Lisa Kudrow. Also why was the episode totally dominated by Rachel just little parts showing Joey another great actor and the destruction of the football table, and Monica and Chandler moving to a house Overall the whole of Friends has been a success and should win some sort of an award

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Innerspace (1987)
Excellent comedy, great performances
2 June 2004
This film is one of the all time classic comedy films that just are not being created anymore. I was born when this film came out and i first watched it when i was 5 since then i have seen it every so weeks and it never gets boring. The cast itself is truly amazing, but the best actor in the film Martin Short is the best character and makes the film funny especially the scene when he is in tucks apartment and he is dancing truly priceless.

I do not see why people criticize the special effects, at that period of time in 87' these effects displayed in the body scenes would have been the most advanced in any film of that time. In my opinion when people say there should have been a sequel why?? there is no need this film should stand out as a true classic.

check it out if u haven't already 7/10
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