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Jerry Springer in Your Cinema, 12 June 2004

This is a must see for all Americans! It follows the lives of two specific socio-economic classes in a documentary styled presentation of the "Upper Class" in parts of the East coast and the lives of the "Lower Class" in the mid west. If you are studying sociology, or are just somewhat curious about how the rich vs the poor in your country live, this will open your eyes.

This film deals specifically with how rich people see themselves, and how they see the poor in the US, at times you struggle to comprehend what is coming out of some of these peoples mouths, and struggle to understand what has society come too?

This is a brilliant piece of work, hopefully it can change at least a few mindsets out there.


Troy (2004)
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First there was Braveheart, then Gladiator, now there is Troy!, 14 May 2004

This is a movie of epic proportions, with a star studed cast of the likes of Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, and Eric Bana, accompanied by a multi million dollar production, and you have what is set to be an enthralling three hours of entertainment.

Nothing has been spared on this film, costume, location, and casting was exemplary, as Brad Pitt astonishingly played a role (Achilles) that has been unseen of his character since Legends of the Fall. But be warned ladies he is back on the big screens and looking as cut as ever before.

Amazing this film tends to stay relatively close to Greek mythology, with a few additions and retractions that are expected whilst making a blockbuster Hollywoood movie. The film has been grouped with the likes of Braveheart, and Gladiator, and rightfully so, this is the tale of a warrior, first there was William Wallace, then there was, Maximus, and now you have Achilles. Amazingly similar in plot "revenge" always a big factor in warrior films, as are the large scale war scenes.

With such a great cast, and simply excellent cinematography, this is one of the films that you must, must, must see on the largest screen possible, to fathom the events that happened during this time. So it leaves you asking what will be the next Epic of our time to be shown, there are already 3, possibly a remake of Ben Hur??