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Three different man who was chosen by ring of three deceased warrior to fight an evil army lead by a evil emperor


Robert Downey Jr have been starred previous Batman and Spider-Man actor, Val Kilmer and Tobey Maguire

Nicolas Cage, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Josh Hutcherson were supposed to play the three warrior but dropped out
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Group of wealthy richman whose money who was stolen by the one criminal who is happen to be clumsy but smart. To order get their money back, they have to team up with Ex-CIA agent to make an ultimate payback
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A Romantic Action-Comedy Ensemble film directed by Brett Ratner Story about Old people who are love but will wage war with younger one
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A failed movie director who team up with a movie expect to make an action movie with big star but to order to get them to star in their movie, they must be have to be a movie character and stalking them and blackmail them to star their film
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A group of police officer must take down a most powerful Spanish crime lord and his men because the judge, police captain, and other don't arrest him.
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Barry and Ian are now famous again and be engage to Jane and Penny. But they will forced their parent to met their engagement wife's parent to approve their wedding, while an A-list Mexican movie star is determine to make a scandal and possibly ruined the friendship of Barry and Ian by ruined the wedding
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Instead putting a popular comedian like Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, or any comedian. I decide to put a two classic comedian star, the concept is what if Bill Murray and Michael Keaton play as a longtime rival (Due for Bill Murray steal Michael Keaton's role in Ghostbusters, and Michael Keaton's also steal Bill Murray's role in Batman) are reluctant to make a movie comeback for them, but they get along and must face their competitors who is happen to be a more popular than them.
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A group of Bank Robber are determinated to rob a bank without being caught by a ruthless F.B.I. Agent and F.B.I.
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If they decline or dropped out, I have other choice
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John Porush, an ex-cop who just found out that William Myers, John's friend is dead, but he will find out a 10 disturbed secret about William when he find a record message from William telling him that if he don't find a 10 secret about him, his hired hitmen will kill his family if he don't, John must find a 10 people who knew about William before he met him.
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A story about a three businessman who are in verge of become bankrupt unless they will make a movie that will blow them away.

Jack McMurphy, A businessman who once in mental institution due for trying commuted suicide 20 time, and have problem with his wife.

Clark Webb, A businessman who is obsessed with golf and never care with women, and have problem with his son

Peter Harris, A businessman who is alcoholic and keep getting himself fired all time, and have problem with his daughter.

A Comedy-Drama film

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Rated R

Sex and Nudity: 8/10
Violence and Gore: 4/10
Profanity: 10/10
Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking: 5/10
Frightening/Intense Scene: 8/10
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Story about 2 couple who are finally married but was forced to invited their 2 estranged family after the year of not talking them.

The First will be Bottoms and The Second will be Shorts but i give Ryan Gosling and Anne Hathaway first since they are main couple

Rated: PG
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Here a cast of a funny men that from an old time and new time, they are determinated to become a funniest men ever
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TUPE is about a movie director, producer, and his girlfriend/writer are determinate to make an expensive and summer blockbuster movie of all time, as it process they actually make their project make them a biggest celebrity ever

Distributed by Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Silver

Rated R for Crude and sexual content throughout, Nudity, Drugs, Drinking, Pervasive Language, Reckless Behavior, and Mayhem-all involving Film people
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If this remake did better thagt old one, here a good choice for 4 character
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In 2002, a comedian, Barry Hawke become washed up and forgotten after newcomer comedian, Marty Wilson become a new face of comedic world, 10 years later, Barry get a second chance when his biggest fan, Wiley Short a director ask him to host an Oscar, Barry refused because he washed up, but Barry change his mind when Marty is dating a girl that Barry once taking care of her, and falls in love with her, Marty is determined to ruin Barry's chance, Barry enlist a group of experience Oscar trainers. Distributed by Dreamworks
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The film about a computer geek son of a billionaire, Jack Kimble who finally inherit his fortune after his father died, but when his father says that he must find his true love to get the inherit, Jack find his true love, Roxanne Samson who is happen to get married by a man, Kelvin Stone whose Jack did research on him, and find out that man have rape and murdered his wifes, To order prevent him from married Roxanne, he enlist a group of criminal to mess up Kelvin's plan

Will Distributed by Warner Bros.
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A Walt Disney Film