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A Carol Christmas (2003) (TV)
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Tori Spelling in a Christmas Movie, 23 December 2006

Just finished watching this on The Hallmark Channel. Thought it was a unusual twist on the "Ebenezer Scrooge" thing. I have always liked Tori Spelling and her movies! Tori, of course, stars in another version of A Christmas Carol. Most of the time, you see men as the Ebenezer. This time they make a female do it. I like how they switched between the different ghosts/spirits. I also liked seeing William Shatner, from Star Trek fame, and Gary Coleman, from Different Strokes, as a couple of the spirits! If you haven't caught this older movie, definitely go out and rent it! I liked this movie from beginning to end! Way to go on this one!

9/11 (2002) (TV)
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Excellent movie to rent, 8 November 2006

I rented this for my son who is recently found interest in 9/11. He was a Kindergartener at the time and had no idea what was unfolding. I liked the way it was told as a "documentary." If there was one movie that I would recommend to see concerning 9/11, this would be THE one! Normally you see a movie it has actors that are well known. This movie had nobody known. Also, you see a movie concerning 9/11, you hear about a fire-fighter or two losing their lives saving people. I didn't feel this had any of that! I only rented this movie and would definitely consider adding it to my collection! Very well done indeed! My heart goes out to the survivors and families of victims of 9/11!

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Charlize Theron movie you shouldn't miss!, 8 March 2006

I thought this was a great movie from beginning to end! It's about a woman that goes to work in a mine in Minnesota and is sexually harassed. I liked Theron's character that she played in the movie. What I didn't like about it was in the early part of it, we kept jumping back forth from some sort of trial to the present. I thought they could have expanded a little bit further as to what happened with Josie and why she and her kids left to go and stay with Mom. The kids that played Josie's kids were really good I thought. Woody Harrelson was good as a Josie's lawyer she hires to take on the big company. For a little while, I thought the two of them would've had some feelings for each other.

Lies and Deception (2005) (TV)
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Excellent 'made-for-tv' movie, 2 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Caught this one on cable the other night. I actually thought it was enjoyable. It's about a couple who are separated after a tragic event years ago and reunited years later. The lady finds out he didn't die until recently. She goes to Detroit with a former cop-turned P.I., to investigate further as to what happened. She gets to know the investigator quite well and ends up falling in love with him. This was a good movie with some lesser known actors who keep the movie going! It stars Madchen Amick as Jean the widow and Andrew Walker as the investigator that accompanies her to Detroit. Definitely worth checking it out if you're into a drama or a good thriller!!

Murder in My Mind (1997) (TV)
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Thriller with a good cast to boot!!, 18 August 2005

Caught this one on cable the other night. Saw that it Nicollette Sherridan (Desperate Housewives) in it. Figured I'd check it out! It was a good, suspenseful movie! Sheridan plays a FBI agent, even though they don't actually call them FBI agents, that's on the trail of a serial killer. She gets injected with what's believed to be a victim's brain things. I really liked her part in the movie. Peter Coyote plays the Dr. that helps her try and find out who is killing all these women. There's a "taste" of romance in this one. I liked how they didn't really go into that much. They just kept with the story line! If you could catch it, it's definitely worth it!

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Awesome Science Fiction Movie!!, 1 August 2005

I rented this one the other night. I've heard a lot about it and was wanting to see it! The movie was about a story that supposedly happened around WWII. I thought the acting was good, the story was good, and the plot was really one to follow! Angelina Jolie only had a couple scenes in this one. You would think she would've had a bigger part in it because she was billed up along with co-stars Paltrow and Jude Law. Paltrow played a newspaper who re-kindles a relationship with Law. That kind of added a hint of romance to this one! I like the cameos by Sir Laurence Olivier! I think this movie is a good one to watch and to keep in your collection!

Ladder 49 (2004)
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Good action/drama movie!!!, 21 July 2005

This was an excellent movie! It's about a firefighter named Jack Morrison played by Joaqin Phoenix. He is in a burning building in the beginning of the movie. I liked the flashback scenes in this movie. They were well-written and well-scripted! His boss, played by John Travolta, comes to the scene only a few minutes later. I like Jacinda Barretts character named Linda. There's chemistry between Jack and Linda. I like the way that they show how he was on the firefighters for his career. This movie keeps you glued to it from beginning to end! This is a one-of-a kind movie! I thought the ending wasn't quite what you expected out of an "action/drama" movie.

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Halle Barry movie that you shouldn't miss out on!, 20 July 2005

Caught this one on cable the other night. It's an older movie that has quite a few stars in it. Halle Barry plays a crack addict-turned mommy that, like a lot of crack people, abandons her baby in a pile of trash in an ally. The baby is found and the story goes off in two different directions. Jessica Lange plays the richer white lady that adopts the baby after nobody claims him. This film also stars Samuel L. Jackson as an attorney later on in the movie. Cuba Gooding Jr. is also in this one playing Barry's boyfriend. I liked this movie. It was on cable and it seemed like it took forever! The ending is well worth the wait though! You don't want to miss this one!!

Closer (2004/I)
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Really good film worth going out of your way for!, 16 June 2005

I thought this was an excellent film! It really had a lot of twists and turns that were unexpected! Everybody's character was really good. The cast stars Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law , and Clive Owen. This movie had some good scenes with plot to it and drama rally filled the viewers mind as to the story. I really thought they could've cast a different person to play Julia Robert's character. The story takes place in London, England but Julia Roberts is an American. I didn't understand why they cast her! The movie really takes off from the beginning and doesn't let up until the final credits! I was really on my edge of my seat!

Odd Girl Out (2005) (TV)
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High school troubles, think you've got them?, 5 April 2005

I saw this movie on Lifetime T.V. It was really hyped up so I figured it had to be somewhat decent. It's the story of Alexa Vega (Spykids) as a teenage girl trying to fit in with some popular girls in her high school. The girls she tries to be friends with end up turning on her and make her feel miserable. I didn't care too much for the lighting job. I mean how many schools and classrooms do you see that are almost pitch black? Vanessa and her mom, played by the lovely and talented Lisa Vidal, have that relationship we see too much of these days. The father of the family, who we never see, is divorced and living somewhere else so the mom is left to deal with all of Vanessa's problems. This is one to watch if you have a teen age girl at home! 7/10!

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