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awful and inept amateurish film making, 8 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The back story on this was that the writer/director of this "film" was chosen by the production company and given a budget because he was Carnegie-Mellon alumni.

So basically we have a very amateurish hackneyed film made by a trust fund/ivy hipster click and it really shows.

Let me start by saying I have done a huge amount of research on MKYLTRA/MKNAOMI and the CIA/ US government's "clandestine" drug testing this is familiar ground for me. This in of itself is a very intriguing and fascinating topic that has been widely researched and documented.Furthermore I am a huge fan of Hunter S Thompson and H.P.Lovecraft,and finally have also researched and have working knowledge of what number stations are.

Please see the conet project for more info on numbers stations.

The writer/producer/director seemingly and sophomorically was naturally intrigued by the aforementioned "spook" elements and felt he needed to write a screenplay combing all of these interesting and dark cul-de-sacs of literature and black ops.

I understand the impetuous and the attraction to dark,arcane and esoteric subject matter.

What I don't understand is the execution.I felt as though my time was wasted and my intellect insulted by this film.There was no real thread tying any of these elements together, There was no attention to detail,script writing or storyline. It seems as though a bunch of film school wannabe's smoked some high grade kush and wrote a half baked screenplay based on what they thought was cool, "spooky" and "dark"

The end result is garbage.

Gaping plot holes,vapid character development,unbelievable character actions that defy the suspension of reality or belief that that any film maker has license to use....clichéd trope after hackneyed senseless cliché,poor special effects culminating with a scary guy in a monster suit and insect gloves enveloped in a weak soundtrack/sound design.

Next time hire a writer that knows his craft son.

This was such a waste of very fertile material,money,human effort and time and hard drive space.

I was really surprised to find out the production team for breaking bad was involved in this toilet clogger.I reckon their input most likely saved it from being totally un-watchable.

This is a Pathetic,abysmal and atrocious film for uninformed people that are clueless about numbers stations,Dr HST,MKULTRA/human drug experimentation by the CIA and H.P.Lovecraft.

I wanted this film to be good,I really and truly wanted it to succeed but instead I was angered and my intellect insulted.

Please watch Jacob's ladder for a REAL and ASS-KICKING film about MKULTRA and the effects of BZ gas on Vietnam vets.

Avoid Banshee chapter if you pride yourself a film buff who has a modicum of taste and standard in their horror/sci-fi viewings,as this is cheap half-assed schlock made by rich kids.

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MAD LOVE FOR THE OG 3 Shame on the Robinson Family, 1 February 2014

This is a well produced doc,that exposes the seedy underbelly of the music industry and the decimation of the Quintessential template/group for the HIP-HOP genre.

Let the truth be known,the Robinson family-Joe Sr,Sylvia now dead and their sons robbed.defrauded,and stole the identities of the original super fly talented sugarhill gang and proceeded to rob.ruin and perpetuate endless thieving fraudulent unthinkable atrocities against the main pillar of the lexicon.

This doc is an expose', and sets the record straight for once and all.


SUGARHILL IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE WONDER MIKE,CAZ AND MATER GEE PERIOD. all fraudulent suckas step aside and die with a quickness from the mighty arm of karma.

dross dreck trite cliché = garbage ;-(, 6 December 2013

Was this a tax write off?

Who green lighted and financed such a horrible film?

PLEASE let me script and write a UK gangster flick,I promise it will be 10,000 times better than this awful pile of steaming dog poop.

Whose idea was it to use those stupid signed candy nic-names for the characters every 10 minutes? The director's girlfriend? DUMB!

What a mess….poor script,weak acting,cliché after cliché,pathetic HACKNEYED gangster trope after cliché after played out trope.

The only bright spot of this abysmal mess is the cinematography. Other than that you might be more enthralled and entertained if YOU stuck you head in the toilet,as this is indeed a class "A" toilet clogging straight to DVD/dumper of a film.Honestly I couldn't finish it because I could care less about anyone or anything in this film,and that is being kind. AVOID!

Parker (2013)
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statham=cardboard Lopez=plastic, script=dumb ! made in china?, 8 September 2013

Hard to believe that a bunch of "professionals" got together and churned out this toilet clogger thinking that they were doing something"good" or creative".Who approved this script? A ten year old? Who red lighted this hackneyed garbage ? A moron? This is a prime example of why Hollywood sucks in 2013. Cliché after cliché,plot holes larger than the grand canyon,cardboard acting,plastic characters with zero depth or development. I won't bore you with the details,this film is lame,even the violence and the action or Lopez's ass couldn't save it. What an abysmal waste of my time. I was mad at myself for watching this. If you like real films made by pros such as David lynch, begman,Scorsese,bertolucci,ferrara,Fellini,even maybe Tarantino,do yourself a favor and re- watch one of their's and avoid this SCHLOCK. AVOID LIKE A TRAFFIC JAM INFESTED WITH PALUGE,

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A grind house master work, 20 April 2013

This is my first film review and I felt compelled to write it due to the low user rating.

Clearly Frankie Latina is in love with film as M.O. is laden with references to other films such as apocalypse now,north by northwest and an actual film editing scene-brilliant! Also the "film within a film" concept used several times to great effect. Furthermore this film just looks great in a grainy retro way that really works to keep the viewer interested. The director made the most of the Milwaukee locations and I think a quick foray into Japan for *hits and giggles which was super-fly! Hard to believe he did the whole film on super 8mm.

Mr Latina went very far out of his way to make this look and feel like a film from the 70's and he really nailed it-with props,locations and wardrobe/makeup. BRAVO HOMIE!

I'm not exactly sure how or what ex porn whore deluxe Sasha Grey contributed to this film other than her name in the opening credits but the sleaze factor is in full effect thru out this cinematic kitsch classic.

All of the late 60's/70's grind-house tropes are present and accounted for:

1.A bevy of Butt naked fly international bitches- 2.Gratuitous bloody violence- 3.More Hot Fly Naked Bitches-4.Torture scenes- 5.A Great Funky Ass soundtrack-6.Grainy "shot on film" appearance- 7.Plastic cardboard stiff acting and characters-8.Paper thin plot and script- 8.Dope ass sports cars - 9.Snuff porn-√10.Grainy non digital film stock/techniques - 11.Full frontal make nudity 12.CIA references

What this movie lacks in dialog and plot is compensated for with surrealistic and freaky cinematography. I really love the locations,costumes and soundtrack all of which hold this low budget grinder together. I was a bit disappointed that Danny Trejo was under utilized but I am assuming that time and budget constraints were the reason.

It was great seeing Mark Borchardt from "an American movie" in a prevalent role and I really have to give Mr Lantana props for casting him.

Mr Borchardt did a great job handling the role and I hope he gets more work in the future.

This film's only shortcoming is the weak plot and minimal,poorly written dialog. These problems are easily overcome with the cinematography and overall sleaze feel. I am looking forward to Mr Latina's future projects and would love to contribute music or act in one of his films.

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couldn't get past the vomit inducing camera work, 1 August 2012

for the first half hour the camera is upside down,sideways and inside out. I am pretty open minded and love most "art" and "foreign" films,but they should have titled this one "UNWATCHABLE"

coupled with the depressing subject matter,depraved story-line and violence I felt brain raped. Good thing I bought a 5 dollar bootleg copy of this toilet clogger. If this is representative of cutting edge cinema from France in the 21st century then I will look elsewhere for the real goods. Finally to conclude-I like violence and gore. I saw the devil ,tetsuo,,Let the right one in, Audition,Italian giallo, takashi mike's films etc are things I have enjoyed,but this film was lame.

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A great film, 2 June 2012

This well written,scripted and acted film was a nice surprise!

It's amazing how a low budget film can easily outshine most of the garbage coming out of Hollywood these days with huge budgets.

I really enjoyed the on screen chemistry between "carmo" and "marco". These characters were heartfelt and realistically portrayed. The supporting characters were quirky,funny and very entertaining with their idiosyncratic schisms. It doesn't hurt that Mariana Loureiro is a total hottie and an incredible actress. I Highly recommended this Brazilian "road film" and I bet it that will keep you laughing and feeling good right til the end. I wish it was shot on film instead of digital but i'm sure cost was a concern in this film's budget,