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Although most of the adjacent photos do not do their beauty justice, these men are still magnetic specimens either physically, facially or even intellectually in themselves. Most are even widely known, desirable sex symbols, particularly the top five who defy human possiblities of attractiveness. Sorry to sound objective...
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They aren't quite household names, but soon enough with their careers going so well, it won't be long before they become the next generation of Brangelinas and George Clooneys.
Not always is the formula of box-office hits and public persona the reason people enter the stratosphere of glittering stardom based on power, success and image.
However, as of yet, these stars are all known for their on-screen qualities rather than their personal lives. Nevertheless, I forsee that many of these actors/actresses will go onto stardom or even legendary status if they have many great films and mainstream success to boast over the space of several continually mid-pitched roles either notable or generally watchable. Nowadays as careers such as George Clooney's prove, even a TV star can become the next big thing if the right films come along all in the same year and win over audiences. Oscar recognition is particularly essential in gaining awareness for future performances and possible reputation, but not always crucial at first, as Brad Pitt's career has proven, he was always the sex symbol until recently his acting truly proved his Oscar worth. Stars such as Matt Damon prove that you can even manage a few flops and misfires but still remain at the top of the list with your back catalogue alone. Only time will tell if these current newbies and even oldies can make it big; usually it takes around ten years on average for any star to be given A-list status, but in Angelina Jolie's case it was around five years after her first screen appearance once she appeared as Lara Croft. Of course, she already received her first Oscar by then and had her own recognition as another star's daughter, but she wasn't all that famous starting out in music videos and TV movies, she had to work for the reputation she has now. It's all down to being cast in the right moneymaker: George Clooney in Ocean's Eleven, Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. So although this bunch are all relatively noticed by Hollywood for their recent or continuing success in both or either independent/mainstream projects, they have a while to go before they become the next generation. But all have the star potential and clout to get them there...
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The individual perception of great acting is somewhat the crux of deciding whether or not one such starlet or unknown is simply good or groundbreaking in their delivery. For me, any dramatic performance worthy of its salt has to be truly convincing and at the very least affecting. These actresses have achieved such greatness through their variety of brilliant portrayals upon the big screen over the last century.
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Although these are all my own personal preference, I'm assured of my selective appreciation of chiselled facial features and bodies. Usually everyone else agrees with me that at least the majority of the men I like are in the very higher ranks of attractiveness. You can tell me otherwise if I'm wrong.