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This is my list of favorite musicals or movies with musicians in them. Don't worry there's no high school musical or Glee or anything.
a list of 24 characters
List of coolest characters from Dreamworks movies.
a list of 22 characters
List of witches and spellcasters.
a list of 25 characters
Ghoulish females in movies or tv shows.
a list of 16 characters
List of green skinned characters.
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A list of hefty male celebrities.
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List of shows and movies i don't like
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My faovrite comedians and comedianne's list.
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Horror and comedy combinations either horror with comedic elements or comedy with a horror theme.
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A list of my favorite cartoons.
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My list of strangest entertainers in showbuisness.
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My dream Power Rangers cast
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A list of werecat related movies or tv show.
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This is a list of how would be the live-action human versions of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
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My dream casting for my very own My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic movie.