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Double the trouble, double the fun., 14 April 2004

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Lindsay Lohan is very impressive in her duel role, playing Hallie and Annie, twins who meet at Summer camp and realise that they are, in fact, twins. The girls come up with a plan to trick their parents, Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson into getting together.

Charasmatic butlers, American nannies, an evil gold-digger and an intuitive dog are amongst the players in this delightful comedy which sports a show-stealing performance from the talented Miss Lohan.

Enjoyable, silly, sweet and fun. Go see it!

My rating: 8.5/10

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A surprisingly good teen flick., 14 April 2004

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Okay, so Elijah Wood's just finished being Frodo and Josh Hartnett has made a bunch of movies with Harrison Ford. Ever wondered how these teens all got started? Let me tell you about The Faculty...

A bunch of aliens come to a high school, and start to lure the teachers, then move onto the the students. Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster witness a teacher being transformed/changed, but nobody will believe them when they tell them. Cue sci-fi reader Clea DuVall, who poses as a lesbian (I don't know why, she just does), a random kid who's good at sports, Josh Hartnett the drug dealer and this sweet (seemingly innocent) new girl. It's just them against the school, what do you expect?

The Faculty is a surprisingly good film from Robert Rodriguez. Packed with an all-star cast including those people I mentioned, as well as Salma Hayek, Piper Laurie, Bebe Neuwirth, Christopher McDonald, Usher, and, get this, Summer Phoenix, this film was a lot better than I was expecting. The acting talent, directing, and all that weren't amazing, but they'll do, the film's entertaining.

Just a shame that I was never really scared...

My rating: 9/10

The most underrated of all the Coen brothers' films., 14 April 2004

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The Coen brothers are back on form in the form of this romantic comedy starring George Clooney as Miles Massey, a legal eagle defence lawyer and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marylin Rexroth (trust the Coens to come up with these names, eh?) who go up against each other and also fall for each other, though they'll never admit it.

Clooney and Zeta-Jones just ooze class, character and confidence as they sustain amazing star chemistry. There's brilliantly comedic support from Geoffrey Rush, Cedric the Entertainer, and Billy Bob Thorton, making this one of the funniest films of the year and one of my top 5 favourites.

The jokes are hilarious and despite being a romantic comedy, there are the odd twists. Of course, it's obvious that George and Catherine get together, but in this film it worked out for everyone. Brilliant.

My rating: 9.25/10

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Think: Lost in Translation meets 101 Dalmatians, 14 April 2004

Frankie Muniz should stick to roles like these, they're truly brilliant. He plays Willie Morris, a lonely boy who gets given a dog named Skipper for his birthday, and together they have amazing adventures together. Sounds corny, no? Well, the whole thing is so beautifully handled that it's a truly moving piece of drama.

Frankie Muniz really surprised me in his role. He went through, something which I would describe as what Adam Sandler went through for Punch-Drunk Love, an absolute revelation. His portrayal of Willie Morris is convincing, accurate, funny, moving, all those words and more. His performance here beats his other film work anyday, and is even better than what he did in his TV show Malcolm in the Middle. His co-stars Diane Lane, Luke Wilson and Kevin Bacon (big names, huh?) are reliably good but it's really Frankie who steals the show here.

My Dog Skip is an underrated, moving masterpiece which 100% shows the importance of having a friend. It's so touching, it made me cry. The dramatic score and lovely cinematography add to the wonder. Simply fantastic.

My rating: 9.5/10

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Predictable but completely enjoyable., 14 April 2004

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Two years before that tragic accident called Signs, Mel Gibson played Nick, a womanizing advertiser, who is bitter that Helen Hunt got his job in advertising just because she's a woman, and well, he's not.

Ironically, Nick gets the ability to hear what women think (after being electrocuted by a hairdryer, no less) but that magic of being able to do so turns out to be more responsibility than he can handle, and crazy events (such as Marisa Tomei believing him to be gay) ensue.

This is probably one of the most predictable films I've ever seen. Most romantic comedies are. That said, it's also a funny, interesting and sometimes cute romantic comedy with Mel Gibson Marisa Tomei giving good, comedic performances. Worth checking out.

My rating: 7.75/10

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An impressive cast in an otherwise quite boring historical drama., 14 April 2004

Albert Finney won a BAFTA TV award for his portrayal of Winston Churchill, months before he became Prime Minister. Linus Roache brings him some theories about Germans being prepared for World War 1.

Along with Finney's excellent performance, Vanessa Redgrave also shines as his long suffering wife. Linus Roache is good with the amount of screen time he gets, and there are some interesting cameos from the likes of Jim Broadbent and Tom Wilkinson (the two best and most versatile British actors around).

So, really, it's the impressive cast which saves this otherwise quite boring historical drama. But then again, I like History so maybe it's not so bad. Points to consider: my second favourite director of all time Ridley Scott and his brother Tony exec produced this.

My rating: 7/10

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You don't need a big cast for a good by-product., 14 April 2004

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An impressive impressionist cast of just 3 people act as a whole range from film people from Al Pacino to Jack Nicholson to Davie Bowie, as the rich money-infested actors who get conned out of all their gold.

Although there are just two men covering the actors, they get it almost spot on and you won't get impressions like this anywhere.

Although it got a little boring at times and I didn't understand some of it, when it was good, it was great. So the badness can be forgiven. One of the most enjoyable films of 2004.

My rating: 7.25/10

Even better than the first., 14 April 2004

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*Slight Spoilers*

Some people hated the first, I could see why. All fighting and no real content, right? Yet I still loved it. Well, I can so no reason why anybody would hate this part.

I'm not going to give any good bits away, but be prepared for some twists. More interesting characters are introduced, Bud, the Organ player, etc., and Quentin calls in more of his favourites to make this truly unforgettable.

The cinematography in here is brilliant, stunning, all those words. This means, no doubt, that it won't receive an Oscar nomination. What's even better is the music, from The RZA, which is absolutely amazing to listen to and I couldn't get it out of my head. Quentin Tarantino does a very good job directing this second installment.

But the real star of Kill Bill Volume 2 is the real star of Kill Bill Volume 1, Uma Thurman. Her performance is truly convincing and moving. Even better than her work in, dare I say it, Pulp Fiction. It's amazing.

The main thing I love about Kill Bill Volume 2 is the element of love in it. Okay, so Bill tried to get the Bride killed, but they once did love each other, and it's just so... overwhelming. The final fight scene is almost symbolic of their love in a way.

Oh yes, then of course there's the ending.

Kill Bill Volume 2 is one of those films which has to be viewed to understand what the big fuss is about. Definitely my favourite of 2004. Check it out.

My rating: 9.75/10