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"Hello, Dad!", 26 September 2012

Of course the Doctor's daughter is something everyone looked forward to! I mean it's his daughter!!!!! But, this episode was slightly disappointing. The acting was so-so, and the plot was very fast paced! So it did keep my attention. But for some reason the episode didn't give me everything I wanted. You sort of know how it's gonna end at the beginning, but don't jump to conclusions! There are a few twists in the story to keep things interesting. But somehow this story fell a little flat. Maybe it was the way the writers tried to bring the daughter in so quickly and not really give us any reason to like her. Or perhaps the ending that makes you think: "wait...what? so....what?" Or maybe it's just creepy if you know that Tennant and the Dr's daughter are real life husband and wife. Or were at some time. Anyway, high hopes for next week, when it comes to story!

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"Sontar-HA!", 26 September 2012

This isn't my favorite episode of season 4 so far. The Sontaran, though being a classic monster of Dr.Who, don't really do much for me. Though being creatures of war and not really having much mercy they don't deliver the same umph that the Daleks and Cybermen do. But the episode wasn't a complete failure! Having two companions in this episode was very interesting and funny at times. It also helped to keep the story along because the Sontarans could not hold my attention for two whole episodes. It's also really suspenseful when you know something that none of the other characters know, but you can't warn them. I won't spoil what it is but it keeps the story moving along. Also this story would've been much better if it woudn't have neen for the American teenager who constantly whined over everything under the sun. Maybe if they would've cut him out and crammed it in to one episode it would've been better!

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"The Circle must be broken!!", 26 September 2012

This is a very old fashioned episode of Dr.Who. Why? I'm not really sure. It just had that feel of an old fashioned episode! Like returning to it's old ways. And I loved it! I've been loving the new stories! But it's nice to go back to the good stuff! The storyline isn't very deep or mysterious. Just an action story featuring the Ood. Who we last saw in the Impossible planet where they were possessed. Now they have a master plan! Though quite quiet and not used very often, these "villains" if you can even call them that gave a nice feel to the episode. Making this for me an instant classic! Tennant and Tate still deliver that classic duo that we sort of missed with Martha and the Dr. So I'm glad that these two really hit it off! They're bond gets really stronger as the season goes on!

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"Some things are fixed, some things are in a flux. Pompeii is fixed.", 26 September 2012

Now we're getting somewhere! The last episode lacked plot, and this one got back into the swing of things. When the Doctor and Donna go to Pompeii you know things won't end well. And of course they don't. There are aliens and of course the famous Valcano! Unlike last weeks adipose these aliens were frightening! And this week brought the question question of write and wrong in to the picture. Something that has happened many times in Doctor Who (Father's day, Waters of Mars, etc.) Should they shouldn't they save any of the inhabitants of Pompeii? Well, I won't spoil the ending. But to make a long story short this episode doesn't disappoint! It brings back everything we want in Who. Scary monsters, interesting plot, and the spectacular tenth doctor!

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"I'm waving at fat!", 26 September 2012

Ahh! The return of Donna Noble. I love this character and the comedy she brought to the show! So, obviously I'm excited when I hear she's returned to who! Sadly, this episode wasn't a great restart for Miss Tate. The plot seemed to be just thrown in there. An idea that the writers said about: "wouldn't it be funny if..." But eventually they had to use it. So, though the plot was just plain silly, the acting was top notch. Though the villain didn't really have a huge role, her acting made her slightly villain like. At least compared to chunks of baby fat! But Tate and Tennat really showed the comedy in this episode. In their first encounter in PIC they really had me rolling! So, while this episodes plot is quite sickening, watch just for a laugh! Because Tennant and Tate are quite the duo!

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"Information: You are all going to die!", 26 September 2012

In this Christmas special of doctor who, the always spectacular tenth doctor is traveling alone when he arrives on a luxurious space cruise called the Titanic named after...well, the titanic. The Doctor meets and interesting crew of characters who have to fight for survival, which ends tragically for some. This episode is by far my favorite Christmas special. With all the extra time they have sometimes the writers don't know what to do with it. (The Doctor the widow the wardrobe for example) But in this one the suspense and humor kept the episode lively the whole time. There are some villainous angels (blink?!?) but slightly different in character. These ones can move when you see them. They bring some scary moments in to the episode which I highly appreciate being a fan of the scary episodes who. So long story short, VOTD is frightening, funny, and slightly sad, which is everything a good episode of doctor who needs!

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"Hey, who turned out the lights?!?", 26 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode never ceases to amaze me! I could watch it over and over again and still get goosebumps. For those who have not seen this episode...DO IT! You won't regret. Not only is all the acting beautiful, but the scenes are terrificly frightening, like Dr.Who should be! Catherine Tate, whose acting is so-so, has brought comedy to this show, but in this episode and the one that follows she really brings drama in to the episode. She really deserves awards for the scene with her children in the 2nd episode. Alex Kingston is wonderful and witty as River Song. I don't appreciate her now as much as I did when this episode came out. So go watch it! NOW! NOW!!!