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Programmes I feel were cancelled too soon. (Not in order, as the order changey thing doesn't seem to work)

EDIT: 2015-05-28 Sadly added 'Forever'.
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(alphabetical order)

My opinion, that is all, and nothing to do with character or acting ability - or attractiveness. Though some of their photos are atrocious, haha, bad luck guys.

24-02-2015: Added Charles Michael Davis.
16-01-2015: Added Mahesh Jadu.
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I have my opinion, here it is, because I like lists and beautiful things! All are beautiful to me, some moreso than others, but I've gone with alphabetical listing.
Under constant edit, as I find new beauties and others change.

22-01-15: Added Vikki Blows, but damn, no image!
16-01-15: Added Lotte Verbeek.
14-01-15: Added Zhu Zhu.
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Each incarnation of the Doctor!
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Well, played one, anyway - I don't know what they do in their spare time - in productions that I have seen.

(I'm afraid I have comments disabled, as I cannot answer them.)
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There may be spoilers.
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There may be spoilers!
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Films I've rated 0-2 on IMDB.

EDIT: Refined list
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Favourite films, rated 8.5-10 out of 10 (that I've remembered to rate).

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To balance out my negative accent list, here are a few who got it right.
You may disagree with those accents from countries I'm not familiar with, as in I've never lived there to find out what's real, and I'm sure you're right - but it goes on the list because it's good for me ;)

EDIT: Added Marsha Thomason.
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Beware spoilers if you're not up to date with the series!
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I like lists! :D

EDIT: Added The West Wing. Removed Friends and Downton Abbey.
EDIT: Added The Mentalist and Lie to Me. Removed Fawlty Towers, CSI, The X Files, Being Human, and Big Bang Theory.
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Shame so many are missing photos!
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Another shame that so many photos are missing.
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I originally did this list using the characters, but there were hardly any pics for them so I'm doing it this way.

EDIT: j_w_pepper pointed out my mistake with Shirley Eaton which I've now rectified. Also reminded me of Tsai Chin's second Bond appearance. Cheers!
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Alphabetical (first name).

EDIT: Added Samuel L. Jackson and Mark Strong.
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In no special order, apart from the first as my favourite.

EDIT: Added Nichole Hiltz.
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I have come across many films whose producers/casting/whatever feel the need to cast someone despite the character having a totally different accent. The diligent actor goes off to language schooling lessons and problem solved! Err, no. Very rarely can someone convincingly pull off a foreign accent. My list shows the ones I have come across, albeit mostly attempts at British accents as I am English and they're the ones I know best. Any others are for believability rather than accuracy - I can't comment properly on what I don't know!

EDIT: Added Famke Janssen.
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EDIT: Added Emily Deschanel and Angie Harmon.

There are celebrities out there, good or bad at their job, who have many people (and in-universe characters) touting their beauty and attraction, and I get confused. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying these people are ugly, but definitely not the stunners they're made out to be. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you can usually tell whether a person might be found truly beautiful or not, and these people... I just don't see it, these are people under normal circumstances you wouldn't look twice at on the street, and it makes me curious. People seem blinded by celebrity, and not just the lighting/make-up.

Something new that has come to light for me is in-universe perception. When you need to have almost every other character state outright that someone is beautiful/stunning, something isn't right.