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Grandma's Boy (2006)
Every Adam Sandler film is better
17 June 2012
Meh. It wasn't the best of comedies out there. It had its moments, very few I might add, but still had them none the less and they were funny. They just weren't consistent or funny enough to make me love this movie. I can not believe it got 6.9 and every Adam Sandler film got less than this.

You can defiantly tell that this is a Happy Madison production because in the first 10-15 minutes, most of Sandler's regulars show up - Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson, Buck who's here to f*ck (KILL BILL) and Allen Covert who plays the main man in this. Also, David Spade comes into this down along the line.

Allen Covert isn't very good at acting and you can tell in this. He doesn't do a great job and some of the jokes he delivers aren't what they could've been. The storyline was good but the script didn't utilize it. They could've done so much better with this with that cast and plus their was Jonah Hill, who is just a legend.

Overall, far from what it could've been. Provided funny moments, but too few and not very consistent. And also, bad acting from Allen Covert with kind of threw me off this a bit. He should just stick to being the regular of Sandler.
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Kick-Ass (2010)
Way too overrated
17 June 2012
It was OK. I don't normally enjoy action films and this can be included. It is a very good action film but not a good film. The acting was good, the directing was really good, everything was good. I just didn't like the script and I just didn't enjoy it. I wanted to enjoy it but I just couldn't.

I like films when the action scenes are well directed like 300 but I just felt it was all over the top. And the jet pack, Jesus Christ the jet pack. The premise was good and the cast was good, I just didn't feel like they went anywhere with it. They could've, but didn't. It tried to be funny and it wasn't as funny as it thought too which just annoyed me.

Fans of action films will love this because, as I said, the action is very good. I mean, visually, it is great but logically, it just isn't. And I don't think it can compete with other action films, especially any film based off a graphic novel like 300 or Sin City.
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Drive (I) (2011)
Not the masterpiece it has claimed to be, but still an enjoyable watch
17 June 2012
The film is good. Defiantly not 8.0 or as good as everybody says but still enjoyable. There are a few plot holes and inconsistencies but I still enjoyed watching it. As I said before it had a few plot holes and inconsistencies it was also riddled with very obvious dialog and scenarios which doesn't really make it a masterpiece as everyone is calling it.

I don't normally like Ryan Gosling but he was good in this, and he suited the character, although the character didn't really have much depth I still enjoyed watching his life as it went up and down and spiraled out of control. The character just felt flat, he felt lazily written. And with a film like this you need to connect to the character, much like Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange.

Overall, I enjoyed it and I would recommend it. But the praise is undeserved and it is overrated. Although, as I said, it is a nice little watch if you have 100 minutes or so to spare.
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Nothing scares gays and black folks like Irish crap
16 June 2012
I love it. I absolutely love it. Any time I watch one episode I say, "OK, just one more," and three episodes later I'm saying "one more." All the characters are very well played by each actor, especially Frank who is played by Danny Devito and Charlie who is played by Charlie Day.

The show is consistently funny and very smart. Every episode is a good episode and provide, at least, about 2 laugh out load moments and it's trickled with titters and "that was cool," moments.

I thoroughly enjoy it and is my favorite comedy TV show in a long time and is probably the funniest viewing pleasure I've had in terms of TV shows AND movies. I'd highly recommend it, although Season 7 is very, very comedy of the black nature and you'll cringe. Although I prefer Season 7 to all the rest of them.
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Did you ever see the movie Signs?
16 June 2012
I thought it was good. I enjoyed watching it and I was intrigued about the character's climax. I was hoping for the relationship to work, the secret admirer to be true and Jeff to find his destiny. I thought the acting was solid, nothing over or under. Their was a few funny moments too, I have to admit I did laugh a bit. But I respected it wasn't comedy and it was better that way. Although, initially, I thought it was going to be comedy because of Jason Siegel and Ed Helms appearances.

As the story progressed I was intrigued. I was genuinely worried about the characters and I connected with them. Mostly because how well each actor plays them and how much they suited them.

The ending was a bit melodramatic, it could have done removing maybe one or two things and it tried to be a little too smart for its own good and maybe that was a good thing, but not in my opinion. The film is no masterpiece, but it is an enjoyable little film if you like these types of films.
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I just wanna sit around and have a nice game of charades
16 June 2012
It was decent. I thought Paul Rudd was good in it, actually most of them were. I don't think it's as bad as people say, but it isn't too good either. Although I did enjoy the 90 minutes or so of it. There were a few funny bits in it but I don't think it was supposed to be an all-out comedy.

I like Paul Rudd is most things and when he went angry at the charades game I thought he was very good. The film was defiantly no masterpiece and I probably wouldn't watch it again. I didn't particularly like the ending because I'm not fond of lovey-dovey scenarios as it is not very realistic but I didn't mind it as much as I usually do.

I wouldn't recommend it unless you like those types of movies or if you want to see Paul Rudd as, I thought, he was very good in it. I'm not sure whether it could've been better. Maybe if it had went a different way in terms of what genre is was in but I think this one suited the film.
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Red Lights (2012)
Are you questioning my powers?
16 June 2012
I liked it. I really liked it. Everyone was very good in it, especially Sigourney Weaver. The storyline was very good and it kept my interest throughout, I really wanted to know what happened to both Cillian Murphy's character (Dr. Buckley) and Robert Di Niro's character (Silver).

Sigourney Weaver gives a a very good monologue about Silver, saying how dangerous he is and talking about her son. I thought the script was very well written and I just really, really liked it. It should be more praised and more watched than it is but I guess Di Niro isn't as big anymore.

The ending. There's been much talk about the ending, the majority being not good. I'm with the majority. I liked it, to a point. The thing about Silver was kind of stupid, but thing about Dr. Buckley was alright, it just wasn't executed properly.

The first 5-10 minutes, or the intro has nothing to do with the film. When I saw it I was thinking, "not another one of these films," but it wasn't and that pleased me. I'd recommend it.
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Rampart (2011)
I'd only recommend it to people who have doubts about Woody Harelson.
15 June 2012
I gave it 5 but it could have gotten a 6 if the ending was better. The film was OK. I couldn't connect with the character, although Woody Harelson played him very well. The camera-work was well done including a scene in an office where it's spinning around and moving to the side of people as they talk.

It could've been a lot better. I was getting into it then it kind of went downhill, then it shot back up and went back down again. It wasn't consistent in keeping me interested about what was happening to the character and it came to a point where I didn't really care. But it shot back up and I became interested again.

The ending was lazy. I didn't particularly like it. It built up this whole character and shows him being cast out by his family and then ....POOF.... just, gone. Finished.

It was decent but I wouldn't really recommend it to people. Although, if people have doubts about Woody Harelson they should defiantly see it. He's very good in it, as he is in everything.
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Wanderlust (2012)
I'm gonna get it all up in you.
15 June 2012
The film is mediocre at best. It does try a little too hard and jokes come out flat. Granted, there are a few very funny bits in it. I enjoyed it to a point, I probably wouldn't watch it again and upon viewing, the novelty of it all wears off.

The one saving grace this film had was Paul Rudd. Anything he's in I personally think he's brilliant in and I can include this film into a long list.

Overall, there are a few funny parts but there are too many unfunny parts which drag it all down and quite frankly, could've been a lot better. Especially with such an interesting plot.
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Prometheus (I) (2012)
Because we can
14 June 2012
I really enjoyed it. I like Ridley Scott's work - Alien, Blade Runner, American Gangster - and this can be added to one of his best. It's very good, the acting was superb, especially Michael Fassbender who I assume will be getting into more major roles in the future. The film, overall, was visually amazing. The sets and the universe in which it creates looks and feels amazing.

Of course, there are a few obvious scenes but my hunger was satisfied for this film because of how much I hyped it up in my head. There theories, although trying to be smart, come off as aesthetic. Although the film is enjoyable, just don't expect a masterpiece or anything better than the first two Alien films.
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