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These are all the romantic/chick flic movies that I have seen that I can remember, I loved some and others - not so much.

"To be fat like me", "Labor pains", "Trust", and movies like that aren't exactly Lovey-dovey movies, but some of them are still great chick flicks :)

Recommendations are very much appreciated!

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I decided to make another list. Let me be clear now,
This is a list of series that I have watched, this doesn't mean I LIKED them all....
Recommendations are welcomed!
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Okay guys, after making a romance and Tv Series list I'd like to make a list of all the horror movies I have ever seen in my life, (that I can remember) So, some of these were great and others not so great. And if you have a recommendation I'd love to hear it of course! But only under one condition, IT HAS TO BE SCARY AS HELL. I want to jump, hide under the covers and sleep with the lights on after watching your recommendations!